Lei Liang


“Sunset over mountain and water 1, 2” by Lei Liang, acrylic on Pi paper

Lei Liang – “Sunset over mountain and water”
Art form: painting; acrylic on Pi paper


“ Creation for the majesty and splendour of the Sunset over mountain and water;
Anthem for the heroic exploits and prominence of emperor.
I will only create great painting for heroes.
Who are heroes? Those who show the utmost fortitude, always charge forward, dare sacrifice and go well up to bridle.

Art is a heavenly steed, powerful and unstrained, soaring across the skies.
Lava rolls so strongly that one can’t express oneself without pouring out. Accumulating so long time that one would not give up if no wreaking one’s thought.

The painting is quite special with my painting methods. People have never seen such kind of paintings before. The colour is that of Cezanne’s strokes while the image mode includes Chinese traditional painting spirit, unique and refresh. This experimental painting in Chinese style is a courageous testing! Keeping painting on this way, one can auspicate a new painting style.
The painting contains strong emotional billows, a tangled combination of despair and optimism, gloom and vehemence, sorrow and joy, and at the same time, there exists a permanent placid as a sangfroid feeling after big sorrow and big happiness experiences.” (Lei Liang)

"“My art is combined both from the western and Chinese spirit, and especially, reflects the eastern harmony and meditation philosophical concepts.
All the landscapes and flowers are only the symbols of harmony and the inner way to one's summit light. All audience will notice on my all paintings the Red Sun over the universe. That is the Sunset! And we all people of different nations will meet there, at the Sunset.
Hope is there!
That is the struggle of light and darkness.
There one sees the God!”

CRITICS’ ARTICLES SELECTION - referring to Lei Liang' s work
Lei Liang's painting is quite special with his painting methods. I have never seen such kind of paintings before. His colour is that of Cezanne's strokes while his image mode includes Chinese traditional painting spirit, unique and refresh. This experimentary oil painting localization is a courageous testment! Keeping on this painting way, he may auspicate a new painting style.
-- Chen Danqin (Contemporary Oil Painting Artist and Critics)

I have taught painting in the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts for dozens of years but I have never met such kind of art modes like Lei Liang's! You one man will have to carry on your shoulder 2 big mountains: Chinese traditional painting and oil painting. This is unprecedented art. If you do well, you will be marvelous!
-- Jia Youfu (Contemporary Chinese Ink and Wash Artist)

I can see from Lei Liang's artworks the possibility of avoiding China's contemporary art tragedy.
-- Wang Guangyi (Contemporary Oil Painting Artist)

1998-presenting Recluse for reading, thinking, and painting,, Beijing, China
1997 Studying at Oil Painting Materials Seminar, Oil Painting Dept., Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
1996-98 Teaching at Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
1995 Work at the Organizing Committee of China Art Expo, Ministry of Culture, Beijing, China
1992-94 Studying European arts and culture, and visit museums and galleries in Europe, Paris, Warsaw, Moscow etc
1986-92 Teaching at Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, Wuhan, China
1982-86 Work at China National Textile Import and Export Corporation, Jiangxi Branch, Nanchang, China
1982 Graduation from Western Languages and Literature Department, Peking University, Beijing, China

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Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition, Beijing Music Hall, Beijing, China, 1996
Sino-Japan Youth Exhibition, Tokyo, 1991
Asian-Pacific Contemporary Art Documentary Exhibition, sponsored by Museum of Modern Art of New York, Sidney, Australia, 1990
Lei Liang Art Exhibition, sponsored by the China National Artists Association, Wuhan, China, 1986

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Assistance and translation for the Investigation Delegation of the Foundation Charles Leopold Mayer for the Progress of the Human, Beijing, Xi-an, Nanchang, China, 1997
Organization and translation for '95 China Art Exposition, Beijing, 1995

Bachelor of Arts of Beijing University, Beijing, China, 1982
Excellence License of French Alliance College, Paris, France, 1979

Beijing Young Artists Association
China Artists Association
China National Translators Association

Assistant professor




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