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Artists colaborating with Acitore Z Artezione for the "Meet me at Sunset" project:

RUAIRI WATSON (working with Belfast Exposed Youth Forum, Belfast Exposed Photography

KATHY YOUNG (working with Belfast Exposed Youth Forum, Belfast Exposed Photography

NICHOLAS RYDER-MARTYN (working with Belfast Exposed Youth Forum, Belfast Exposed Photography

JOHANNA LEECH (working with Belfast Exposed Youth Forum, Belfast Exposed Photography


Acitore Z Artezione - Biography

" Acitore Z Artezione is a New Zealand born, visual arts practitioner currently based in Belfast,
Northern Ireland. As artistic director of State of Search, Artezione is currently developing and
appropriating multi player pervasive gaming as a strategy in the context of a ‘culture of resistance’. Theories and practices examining spatial and temporal interstices, hybrid realities, immersive environments, public authoring and parallel fictions are catalyzing agents.
The ‘constructed situation’ guides the parameters of play and technology acts as both language and tool.
In partnership with Belfast Exposed Photography, State of Search is currently developing a pilot programme ‘Mapping the City’. The intention is to engage new publics in researching and archiving the urban landscape; to question contemporary policies and practices of regeneration in the built environment of Belfast; and evaluate the current implications of planning and development on space designated as ‘public realm’. Through an ongoing series
of facilitated and collaborative workshops the programme will introduce individuals and shared interest groups to the research and dissemination tools of digital photography, portable locative media and web-based cartography.
Artezione exhibits internationally and works with a range of media to realize site specific installations and works of temporary intervention. Related professional engagements have included acting as a director of temporary gallery spaces, working as a facilitator on collaborative projects, a technician within museum collections and services and in positions of arts administration and project management."

Circa Online
Flow, Lagan Weir, Belfast, 28 April - 7 May 2005
Reviewed by Slavka Sverakova
Circa Issue 110 Pgs 90-91
Belfast: Perspective 2004 at Ormeau Baths Gallery
Reviewed by Cristin Leach

Course of Study Master of Arts Programme | Art in Public | University of Ulster | Belfast
Artistic Director State of Search
Studio Artist Creative Exchange Studios | East Belfast
Chair Person Creative Exchange Studios Management Committee
1993-1996 Diploma in Visual Arts | M.I.T. | Auckland, New Zealand
1986-1987 Diploma of Interior Design | W.C.A. | Auckland, New Zealand
2004 Arts Council Northern Ireland Individual Art Award
2003 Claremorris Open Submission Exhibition
2003 Arts Council Northern Ireland Travel Award

Recent selected exhibitions and arts projects
2006 - 2008
f ools gold
collaboration with Mark Gibson
Body Project Exhibition
University of Ulster Gallery
Belfast Northern Ireland
t he last supper project
site specific installation
Linenhall Works Building
Belfast Northern Ireland
t he mill
print & installation
Engine Room Gallery
Northern Ireland New
I rrational Topology I
Group Digital Print Exhibition
Youkobo Tokyo Japan
C hristopher Heaney: Resolution 1687
The Black Box - Exhibition Co-ordinator
Belfast Festival 2006 Belfast Northern Ireland
S ymposium: the desire to put things right
Belfast Festival 2006 Belfast Northern Ireland
T he Brix Project
Young Photographers Pilot Programme Facilitator – Belfast Exposed
Multi - Media Message Service MMS Imaging & Online gallery
Project Exhibition – PS2 Gallery Belfast
F rom Belfast with Love
Programme of short digital works (1hr 15min)
Curators: Acitore Z Artezione – Ruth McCullough
Dunedin Fringe Festival Dunedin New Zealand
O bservance – 100 Seconds of Silence
Video Installation
Painting Centre New York
1 000 Hours of Ambivalence
Video Installation for Samuel Beckett Centenary
Dundalk County Museum
Dundalk Republic of Ireland
T ransart Project – Project Co-ordinator
Public Intervention – 21 Artists Ride the Buses
Belfast Northern Ireland
W orking Document – Commissioned Editor
Young Photographer’s Publication
Belfast Exposed Photography
Belfast Northern Ireland


The intention of the proposed participation in ‘Meet me at Sunset’ is to open a
dialogue between the Ports of Liverpool & the Ports of Belfast, People & Place
through a series of photographic actions scheduled over 12 weeks, from the 14th
September – 30th November 2008.

Artists & photographers in Belfast will meet on 12 consecutive Sunday’s at sunset on
the banks of the Lagan River at sites, both historical and contemporary, that are
associated with the movement of goods and people between Belfast and Liverpool.
Belfast & Liverpool as port cities have a shared historical legacy of an industrial past,
the decline of the shipbuilding industry, migration and working class poverty.
Belfast Locations
Lagan River – Ports of Belfast – Belfast Harbour
Locations associated with the transportation of people and goods by sea to and from
Liverpool Locations
Mersey River – Ports of Birkenhead/Liverpool – Birkenhead/Liverpool Harbour
Locations associated with the transportation of people and goods by sea to and from

Artists/Photographers Brief
meeting with the unknown…
the immediacy of the moment in tension with the transitional time and space of sunset… the ambiguities of historical and contemporary resonances… points of departure, points of arrival… the last images, the first sightings… the journey as a space… the setting of the sun, the twilight as a zone underlined with longing…
Open for participants to engage in and submit work for one sunset photographic action or engage in and submit work for all twelve photographic actions.
Artists/Photographers to submit one digital image per photographic action. Format to be confirmed.
Open for participants to collaborate in partnerships – one participant in Liverpool & one participant in Belfast. Collaborative partners to set their own approach within the parameters of the brief. The images submitted from the collaborative partnerships will be shown in direct reference to each other. The objective of the approach is to allow a visual language of communication, specific to the project to emerge, a language that deepens and expands the
parameters of the brief, a language that may even subvert or override the parameters of the brief, a language that invokes its own narrative and metaphysical reading.

An open invitation will be extended to artists and photographers in Belfast &
Lead Artist/Project Facilitator: Acitore Z Artezione

The core group in Belfast are young artists/photographers working with Belfast Exposed Youth Forum, Belfast Exposed Photography
Five BXY Forum participants & facilitator were in Liverpool from the 18th - 23rd September 2008








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