Ada Villa


Artistic statement

"Scattered thoughts"

In a society as ours where every day news and events mine the thought and they destroy the vital strengths of the spirit it is difficult to be indifferent.
The artist is the one who looks forward and perceives more than other the folly of our time: at times the disgust for what surrounds us it is so strong that annihilates us, yet we are able and we want to react, to defend us to still hope in the life and in the strength that comes the nature and from the art, to intend as place of dream and liberty.
'Meet me at sunset' it is also a metaphor of the death but it is also a hymn to the life because the two things are tightly tied and, as I have tried to explain in my poetry ‘Unpredictable details of blue’ there is always something beautiful and of good person that arrives unexpected, all it takes is knowing how to see him/it and to gather it.
I greatly appreciate the irony and the spirit of the English people and he is dedicated my work entitled 'Flies': everyone can interpret it according to its own irony and wisdom.
I apologize if the translation is not correct.

"Unforeseeable details of blue
this garden gives me
I have seeded shrubs
and certainties
there, he is here
an exaggerated hyacinth
came from who knows where
between violets wild
and narcissus
in beatiful row"

"Pensieri sparsi"

"In una società come la nostra dove ogni giorno notizie e avvenimenti minano il pensiero e distruggono le forze vitali dello spirito è difficile rimanere indifferenti.
L'artista è colui che guarda avanti e percepisce più di altri la follia del nostro tempo : a volte il disgusto per ciò che ci circonda è talmente forte che ci annichilisce, eppure possiamo e vogliamo reagire, difenderci, sperare ancora nella vita e nella forza che ci viene dalla natura e dall'arte, intesa come luogo di sogno e libertà.
' Incontrami al tramonto' è anche una metafora della morte ma è anche un inno alla vita perchè le due cose sono strettamente legate e , come ho cercato di spiegare nella mia poesia 'Imprevedibili dettagli d'azzurro', c'è sempre qualcosa di bello e di buono che arriva inaspettato, basta saperlo vedere e cogliere.
Apprezzo molto l'ironia e lo spirito del popolo inglese e a lui è dedicato questo mio lavoro dal titolo 'Mosche' : ognuno può interpretarlo secondo la propria ironia e saggezza.
Mi scuso se la traduzione non è corretta.
Ada Villa


"My paintings are for me as children; I have all generated myself and love them, everyone, without distinction. But just as it is right that children at some time take their road, I think it is necessary that my works do their path, find other homes, other people who love them.
We must detach and let them go free.

For me participating in the Liverpool Biennial as well as being a pleasure, it is an honour.
I love this city and its traditions and its people. I hope to stay long in this place.

As training and cultural experience of life I’ve always sought the meeting and dialogue, multiethnic then hope will create a true collaboration and help from both sides.

Regarding the issue “Meet me at Sunset” my position is metaphysics, where at sunset join the idea of time passing and then old age and death.
In many of my paintings is found the anguish “Pasoliniana” of the absence of knowledge linked to the future, to the uncertainty of day, while the sacred place of memory is none other than what we want it to be.
My exhibition in Florence last year was called “Cutting memory” because it was based on the sunset life and the memories tied to childhood.
Even my new series, flies, is none other than the awareness of an inevitable end, to which we can not shirk (sometimes irony helps).
Then the sunset not only died pink but also in tone of pearly grey or darker blue night in a symbolism where rather than the actual canvas landscapes are saturated by emotional situations.

Currently my paintings are exclusively oil on canvas, although in the past I experienced pigments and wax."


Ada Villa has made Abruzzo her adopted country. For many years, she travelled around the world (Europe, South America and Canada), but it was only in the Abruzzo countryside that she found the serenity that permitted her to devote herself entirely to painting.
After her graduation in the Institute of San Giuseppe in Macerate she attended the Faculty of Philosophy. She published novels and wrote poetries and stories, but it was only in 1995, in Provence, in the South of France that she started painting on the wake of emotion derived from the brightness of the landscape beloved of Van Gogh.”

Due to her husband’s job, she has travelled to Caracas where she met the artist Hidelmary Viscaya, of whom she became a pupil. Because of this cultural experience and the stimulus of her teacher, who says: “Ada has a real and authentic natural talent”, is sure that her painting acquires an ever more determining weigh in her life.
Later, she has spent a long time in Paris and Holland, where she has visited some of the most famous museums in the world, which stimulated her need to express herself and to improve her painting technique through studies and comparison with other contemporary artists.

Ada has exhibited widely through many group and solo exhibitions in countries such as: Italy (Pescara, Florence, Chieti, Ferrara, Francavilla al Mare, Lazio and Molise, Frisa, Perugia (“The 8th Award Biennial of Contemporary Art Torre Strozzi”), etc); Holland, France (Paris) and has also, participated as a poet to a variety of art and poetry related events.
She is a member of the artist group “Forms Opens Art” from Pescara,

“I have not 40 years of painting, but I can affirm with pride that my painting hang both in magnificent French houses, in the barrios in Venezuela or in the country side of Italy”.
(Ada Villa)

Since 1988 when she has published her novel “Una Luna”, Ada Villa has participated to many exhibitions and highly official poetry events in Pescara (Italy) and Paris (2007).
For her 2007 literature, “Writing Women” with the story “My job’s Mom”, she has been awarded by critics the Silver plate during the National Competition.
In 2008 she has been awarded the National Prize for Poetry “The door of Paradise” with the book “With Naturalness”.
The ‘Traces’, publishing company, has chosen some of her paintings for the covers of several published books.

At the moment, Ada Villa lives and works in Liverpool.




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