Christine O'reilly Wilson


1-4, Acrylic on canvas by Christine O'reilly Wilson

Artist’s Statement

"My starting point for creating a painting will always be to flood the blank canvas with vibrant colour. This colour is applied in thin translucent layers that build up the intensity and opaque appearance of the base layer. Contrasting colours are applied in stages. Paint is brushed, sponged, poured, and dripped down the surface. I will then soak areas of freshly applied paint, scrap into the surface to soar and reveal what is beneath thus giving a history to the construction of the image .The physical interaction with the paint on canvas is a vital method of communicating my ideas. I will become so absorbed in the creative working process that my conscious and unconscious intellect seeps into the piece of work. The whole process is an attempt to relate the human condition by means of the pure aesthetics of abstract colour." Christine O’Reilly Wilson, 2008

A Foundation Course in Art and Design led eventually to a Degree in Fine Art at John Moores University in 1996.

1998- Masters Degree in Fine Art from the University of Liverpool...

2000 – 2002 North West Arts Setting-up Scheme

Christine has exhibited widely over a number of years in various parts of the North West, throughout this country, Europe and the USA, she is involved in various local Art groups and shows with them on a regular basis.

National ‘Acrylic Painters Prize’ in 2004.

TEN exhibition during the 2004 Liverpool Biennial, in which she showed with Maurice Cockrill, John Hoyland and Terry Duffy among the ten artists.

One of the prize-winners, ‘The Alternative Turner Competition’. Liverpool 2007.

Christine has been part of various Community Art projects, working all over the
North West, she also goes into schools to work as an artist, as well as teaching Art and Design within Secondary Education.



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