Artistic statement

"Loosing a paradise or having it misplaced is the moment when one goes through significant change. One either turns to chasing profanity, or strives to remember who they were despite the inability to return to that stage. One finds themselves entrapped in another routine for assembling a fresh world, meant to bring happiness, only to lose it afterwards in the vicious circle of degradation and nostalgia.

My work addresses the sense of home and belonging, using as primary source the globalization phenomenon and its impact on the preservation and alteration of identity. Through photography, sound and writing, I document the articulations and transformations of intimate inner worlds at the edging of refuge and home." Crina Boros

Titles: 22; Luca; Tibet, Tibet; Pragmatics. Medium: digital SLR

Based in London, Crina Boros is a recent Art and Media graduate with strong photographic, researching and writing skills.

With degrees in “Journalism, Communication and Political Science” and "English language and literature" from West University of Timisoara (Romania), Crina has continued her postgraduate studies at the University of Westminster, London.

She has experienced work as a reporter, photo journalist, sub-editor, news reporter assistant (the Guardian) and photographer.
Has exhibited in London, UK (Nolia Gallery) and Romania.



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