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Lynn Jackson - My Practice

Artist Statement

"Drawing on memory, old photos and my mothers fading recollections, I have been recreating the clothing that I wore from infancy into childhood. Using textile techniques and domestic skills my mother taught me many years ago, metal wire is knit or crocheted to recreate birthday dresses nightgowns, bonnets and booties that were thought to be lost in a distant childhood. Replacing the clothing has led to replacing the toys which I played with, such as Tabatha Twitchit, Peter Rabbit, the Mopsy Bunnies and an un-named little yellow elephant that has a habit of sniffing up his dreams. Dreams being G.I. Joe, sports cars and a life of magic and fantasy. The dreams are cast in brass to become something permanent in my present recollections.
Focusing on themes centered around emotional and physical displacement, the delicate sculptures recall the loneliness that I recall of living inside these clothes. The clothing is presented in a way we don’t expect to see it. An obvious and narcissistic obsession with pleading for maternal love, the work appears fragile, expressing the loneliness and fleetingness of time. My work compels others to recall their own childhood sadness, loss, happiness and frailty. These sculptures act as delicate sketches inviting the viewer to respond. It attempts through its fragility to be vulnerable to the viewer accepting a variety of childhood backgrounds and experiences into the work.

Lynn Jackson, orriginally from Liverpool, UK, lives and works in Canada and is a member of The Canadian Sculpture Society and The Niagara Artist Centre. Since 2005 she has been awarded 3 times for her sculpture. She has been also involved in various community activities and teaching, working with adults and children.

2006 Artcast Inc Award, Sculptors Society of Canada
2005 Sculpture Award, Toronto Outdoor Art Show, Nathan Philips Square
2005 Student Award for Sculpture, Toronto Outdoor Art Show, Nathan Philips Square

Recent selected shows:
Lennox Contemporary – July 2008- Boutique
A.K. Collings ‘Walkingon Egg Shells’- July 2008
Toronto Outdoor Art Show- July, 2007
The Sculptors Society of Canada - 2006 and 2007
Spin Gallery "Hello Dolly" - July 27 to August 6th. 2006
The Sculptors Society of Canada-Emerging Sculptors Exhibition - 2006
Toronto Outdoor Art Show - July 2006

George Brown College Gemmology, 2004-2005
George Brown College Jewellery Arts, 1990-1994
Niagara College Theatre Arts, 1986-1988



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