Marina Moreno


"Untitled" video installation by Marina Moreno

Video installation by Marina Moreno

Artist' statement

"The title “Untitled” is coherent to this work, wanting to allow the viewer a broad margin of interpretation and feeling. I purposely avoid any suggestion in the title outlining what the work is about, but rather present to the audience an experience of the piece avoiding preconceptions.

The idea of displacement, examined in many of my latest pieces is the essence of this work. Coincidentally, another factor in this work is the use of sound, which floats within the space, beckoning the audience, and displacing them, calling and collecting them to the narrative moving within the space.

The 4 monitors are set out on the floor and the loops of the films are left to roll over and over while the sound is perceived in various parts of the building and attracts the audience, leading towards the installation.

The visual presentation with the monitors at equal distance from each other and the wires being very visible give a sense of cold and clinical work; in total contrast with the video shown which is personal, intimate and sensual, melting with the sounds of the bells (in particular the Marangona).

Bells function as a calling in many parts of the world.

The dialect, whispered by the various passers by, is reminiscent of a specific place and yet still remains universal.

Water symbolises a constant travelling, longing and change, mixing. Rhythmically, the movement of the waves has the same timing as the heart beat and the same quality of the rolling movement." (the artist)

About the artist and her work

Marina Moreno - "is an artist originally from Venice who is based in Bristol, UK.
She has exhibited both nationally and internationally.
Marina started as a photographer and a dance artist and later has worked with video, animation, film, photography, live arts, dance choreography, theatre, site-specific performance and installation. She is interested in producing innovative and experimental artwork having direct interaction and dialogue with audiences. She has both, directed many artists and collaborated with others and have produced and integrated in her work many different art forms.
She received her BA in Visual and Performing Arts (Dance) from Brighton University in 1991 and has a Masters in Art practice and Education from BCU Birmingham 2008

Among the bodies that have commissioned projects or shown works by Marina are:
South West Arts, Watershed, Electric Pavilion, Electric December, Arnolfini Live, Bristol City Council. Venice City Council, Venice/Milan Carnival, Galleria 3D Venice, University of West of England, Dance Services South West, Brighton Festival, South Bank Centre, London, Zap Club, Brighton, Glasgow Film Festival, Islington Art Factory.
Her latest works focuses on the idea of 'Home', 'Displacement' and the 'Transnational' as an ideal possibility for a fluid mind-scape. Continuing her personal research and integration with different art forms, she has recently examined further the relationship between performance, dance and the camera through her multi-screen video sculptural installations.

Marina is the co-founder and artistic director of UrbanaLaguna, works can be seen at:





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