Michael Meldru Medjivepjis


"Sunset and Moon in Sky" photography by Michael Meldru M.

Artistic statement

“I am an inter-disciplinary contemporary artist based in Bristol England, working primarily in music based video and film production, photography, theatre, site-specific performance / installation. I am interested in producing innovative and experimental artwork.

As a sound artist I work reflexively from my soul, my daily experiences influence me rhythmically and melodies are plucked from conversations and movement. I allow my music to flow without inhibition or self-judgement as an echo to the noises that surround me.

I am interested in producing innovative and experimental work. Improvisation is a fundamental tool in the process of producing work and is a vital part of my process.”


Michael’s work includes video, film, digital and traditional photography, theatre, site specific performance / installation, sound and music.

“I am a sound artist who trained as a musician since the age of five. All of my teachers beneficially informed me and raised my awareness of my identity as both creator of noise and as composer of music. I studied Classical Piano administered by Catholic nuns, Spanish Classical Guitar with Ben Caserta, a student of Segovia, these giving me discipline. Charlie Cooley, who toured and played guitar with Duke Ellington, smoothed me out with jazz, swing and bebop during my early teens. Russ Faith who scored many successful films guided me on composition and harmony, all very fortunate karma.”

Michael can similarly work as a photographer, and as a video artist and audio / video engineer. He began his career in New York, toured throughout the Americas in the seventies and early eighties as an A/V engineer, eventually settled in Europe in the late 1980’s.

Michael has worked with highly acclaimed international artists such as:

Marvin Gaye, Blood Sweat and Tears, Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, Patti La Belle, Jess Roden, Niominka Bi N’Diaxas Band, Pentangle, Court of Miracles, Iggy Pop, Life After Bob, The Fugitives, Uprising (Barbados), Stomo Yomashta, Bobby Colomby, Marina Moreno

He has worked across Europe and the USA in a variety of roles and projects throughout the 80’s, 90’s, and now in the new century. Michael has collaborated with many artists from all ranges of art forms, this owing to the extensive nature of his work and career.

Among the bodies that have commissioned projects or shown works with Michaels’ participation and input:

South West Arts, Watershed, Electric Pavilion, Electric December, Arnolfini Live, Bristol City Council. Venice City Council, Venice/Milan Carnival, FR3 (France), Canal+, Cartoon Network, WWF (World Wildlife Foundation), Galleria 3D Venice, University of West of England, Dance Services South West, South Bank Centre, London


“ PIANO MUSINGS VOLUMES 2 - 5” Producer / Composer


Research and Experimental Music Composition and Video Production of Improvisational Music based on subjective release. Collaboration with Barcelona based Argentine Musician and Design Artist, “TANOX”.

Volume 1 is currently under contract for distribution in Spain and Argentina.


SPLAT DANCE Set Design / Camera Op/ Composer

Composed Soundtrack for SPLAT Dance
Part of a multi-dimensional installation for Marina Moreno at
The Masters Show at BCU, Birmingham
August, 2008


Video Produced from a Performance by Marina Moreno
On the theme of Incarceration at Trinity College for the Arts,
Leamington Spa
April, 2008

THE WATER STORY Producer / Composer

Pilot Project for Aragón Water Institute Video
Highlighting the need for huge environmental
improvements for rivers and water resources
March, 2007

I WISH Co-Director / Composer

Commissioned by the Watershed as part of
Electric December,
Video for web streaming
Children, aged 9 – 10 years old and their aspirations for the future
December, 2006

THE LEN & MO SHOW Co-Director / Set Designer / Actor

Childrens films & Stories
Using puppetry, film and music to teach children awareness
of other cultures and histories.
MTV & Cartoon Network pilot USA
June, 2006

UMANALAGUNA Editor / Composer

Installation (Video & Multimedia)

Presented in Palazzo delle Prigioni,
Palazzo Ducale (Taiwan Pavilion Venice Biennale)
Venezia, Italy
March, 2006


Installation (Video & Multimedia)

Presented at the Pierian Centre
Bristol, UK Solo Show
December 2005
again as part of “Refugee Week”
June 2006


Web Installation (Video & Multimedia)

Electric Pavilion, The Watershed
Bristol, UK
November 2005

LA STANZA ROSA Engineer / Composer

Composed Original music for this performance piece:

toured South West England:

Glastonbury Dance Festival July 97
Campus 97 July 97
Moves 4, Arnolfini, Bristol August 97
Blitz 97, South Bank Centre, London August 97



Michael is an executive member of “UrbanaLaguna”, a multimedia arts production company based in Bristol.

He serves as Senior Audio & Video Engineer, and participates in the planning processes of many of the productions that this company undertakes.

Along with the technical aspects of production, Michael is also highly involved in the creative aspects of all of the undertakings of UrbanaLaguna, whether behind the camera, at the mixing console or editing DV. He has composed and performed the scores for most of the videos and installations that have been produced by UrbanaLaguna.

4Sound Advice Ltd

Michael founded 4Sound Advice Ltd. and served as technical director of this acoustic consulting firm, offering turnkey solutions for noise related and acoustic issues and problems to the building, packaging, entertainments, and leisure industries. 4SA has implemented and overseen work for many small and large companies throughout the UK, EU and Asia.

The list of clients is vast, including but not limited to: ALCAN Packaging LLP, David Lloyd Leisure, Real World Studios, Pearce Leisure, Orange UK, Caterpillar, Luminar Leisure.


The period was taken as a time for renewing and re-charging, following personal family changes and the loss of his father. During this period Michael re-located to the UK.


Michael returned to France to continue his work as a freelance engineer in both audio and video production. Following work for Radio France as an on call engineer for live broadcasts involving satellite links and liaison with production staff, he held posts during this time as a Production Manager for several independent FM radio stations in the south of France, notably RBL, CFM.

Michael also worked as Site Audio Engineer on a variety of film and television productions with FR3 Aquitaine, and FR3 Bordeaux and Canal+, and as a FOH Sound Engineer with an African Reggae band, “Niominka Bi N’Diaxas”, touring throughout the EU, and UK and engineering and producing two albums distributed by “Boucherie” Paris.


Michael worked at TEAC America on the development of circuitry and interfacing for on-board flight data digital recorders for Boeing Aircraft Co. This gave invaluable insight into the many aspects of digital data communications and control equipment, which were becoming increasingly popular in the acoustic recording industry.


A new project to design and build “Haven Recording Studios” enabled him to use all of his past experience to develop a multi-media production facility using state of the art technology, MIDI controlled recording consoles, and computer oriented video and audio production, and the implementation of an acoustic environment from the ground up. His functions included the design of the overall structure and all of the major internal acoustic rooms.

Post construction he operated this studio creating original recordings for many of the artists working in the newly developed casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Production of short marketing videos for cable television was another branch of responsibility undertaken during this period with a video editing suite incorporated within the Haven complex.


During his time with Studio de Manoir, an independent company in the USA offered Michael the chance to undertake a project to conceive, design, and realize “Outta-Town Recording Studios” in Willingboro, New Jersey. This was to be a 2-year project with a $4.5 Million budget. “Outta-Town” boasted facilities adequate for a 50-piece orchestra and in house video production.

The studio was successful, attracting many artists from as far away as Las Vegas, British Columbia, and Barbados making their way there to record.


After a short period at Ampex an opportunity to work with the team at the prestigious “Studio du Manoir” in Leon, France presented itself when Michael was approached to undertake a project there with Bernard Indeau; “Le Monde Est Un Oiseau Blessè”.

Independent work as a freelance audio engineer with television and film production companies in the south of France complemented his time during this period.


Upon returning to America, he joined Ampex, another international supplier of high quality recording and broadcast equipment. He had a significant input in the implementation of quality control of magnetic media. During his tenure at Ampex he had the opportunity to experiment with the visualization of sound fields and extend his knowledge of physics relating to the whole sound dynamic.


Michael received an invitation to build and operate a private recording studio for a recording artist in the Dordogne, France, that demanded his relocation there for an extended period. He accepted the invitation, and designed and built a small production facility based on Otari 8 track, Tascam 8 track and a Yamaha mixing table. This was eventually upgraded to include ADAT and Tascam Digital recorders in 1990.


Through his contacts in both television and the supply side of broadcasting, Michael was approached by Fred Heller Management in New York to work with their teams of engineers and technicians supporting a number of high profile musical acts on tour throughout the United States. He performed as either a Stage Technician, Lighting Technician, Monitor Engineer, or FOH Engineer with artists such as Blood Sweat & Tears, Patti LaBelle, Bette Midler, Marvin Gaye, Ohio Players, Chaka Khan, Bruce Springsteen, Jess Roden, Robert Hazard, Uprising, Court of Miracles, Pentangle, Kenny Loggins and Bobby Colomby. He toured extensively in the US, UK and Europe, covering all 50 states in venues from 500 seats to 100,000 seats.


Following his tenure at Ranilkin he joined Ampro Scully, (a major supplier of high quality broadcast equipment), in the USA to become a key member of a design / testing team. This team had responsibility for the design, specification and manufacture of pre and post-production facilities for many FM stereo stations in the US network radio broadcast services.


In the early 70’s Michael joined a major independent television production company, Ranilkin, in New York City and was responsible for the interface between stage managers and equipment crews developing a system of coordinating the equipment servicing and prioritizing of equipment scheduling. During this time he also worked as a technician for audio capture for sit-coms, news, and live, on-air presentations.



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