Work Statement


"...I aimed to incorporate energy, passion and vigorous elements into this subject matter. Pyrography pieces are “RETSU” series, which means “vigorousity or intensity”.
By combining the forms created accidentally and intentionally, I aimed to express them in more instinctive and energetic manner.
…works were drawn being conscious of the ideas of "a chunk", solid
object. I believe a chunk appears to be the core of the planet earth and also human deeds.”


“Calligraphy pieces are “EN” series, which represents “flame” or “burning state.”

”…I made the base by using thinner to transfer colours from the magazine with
the rollers and spray paints. Then with Japanese ink I painted a picture like a
spontaneous character.”

”I painted this piece through with hope that I could create a vigorous form without
being constrained by certain forms, believing my powerful instinct generated in my
artistic sensibility. The world that expands as I paint on, in a way, it is a kind of

(Nagachoo) (translation by Minako Jackson




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