Nicole Bartos


“Meet me at Sunset”


"Meet me at Sunset" installation and photography by Nicole Bartos, 2008; (Otterspool Park and Promenade; Sefton Park, Liverpool)

Configuring “a metaphysical journey of the ‘Sun’/’Light’ in parallel, with man’s journey to joining this trajectory and meeting with the ‘Light’ Nicole Bartos presents site specific installation, using 29 meters of fabric, symbolising this trajectory, together with series of photographic, wax mixed media work; series, resulted from the previous successive land art experiments during meetings at sunset.

"Meet me at Sunset" final indoors site specific installation by Nicole Bartos

Photography by N. Bartos

Art form: installation, photography, mixed media

“Preoccupied with the philosophical and spiritual side of art, I create and curate as a means towards therapy/healing, growth and expression of both spiritual and physical wellbeing. I love the idea of freedom through art and aim towards connecting and communicating energies. Mostly, I create 2D works, paintings, mixed-media, photography and also installations, using organic and natural materials which store energies and resonate with time, love, light, etc. and I work spontaneously.
I believe that, most people have watched sunsets and at least once in their lives they have been overwhelmed by one.
To symbolise a metaphorical journey of the sun/light and, in parallel, man’s journey to joining this trajectory and meeting with the ‘Light’, I created a series of interactive, progressively developed and metamorphic installations which will also include, in the last stage-final exhibition at the Ullet Grange- a series of photographic work, mixed media.

Initially the installtion was interactive and presented outdoors (as land art, created during the sunset gatherings, in various open places around Liverpool) and indoors (during the final exhibition at Ullet Grange); it developed and changed progressively from place to place.
The final work presentation: a site specific white installation, using 29 meters of fabric and recycled card tubes, symbolising this trajectory together with series of photographic mixed media and wax work; series resulted from the previous successive land art experiments during the sunset meetings.”

"Meet me at Sunset" installation by Nicole Bartos, 2008; (Otterspool Park and Promenade)

View Nicole's interactive land art installations and collective happening during the sunset gatherings in September, 2008, Liverpool - in following slide shows. Photography by Angel Villa and Michael Meldru.

Angel Villa - "River sunset / installation (installation by N. Bartos)" Work in progress. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Angel Villa - "Sefton Park" sunset gathering and installation (installation by N. Bartos and collective assistance)

Angel Villa -"Anglican Cathedral - 'Collective happening' (Nicole Bartos, Ada Villa, Michael Howson, Angel Villa, Fanchon Frohlich)

Michael Meldru - Photographs "Meet me at Sunset", Otterspool Park and Promenade (When you have downloaded it, just right click and say "extract to")


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