Richard Ashworth


1, 2; mixed media collage by Richard Ashworth

Artist' Statement

"At present my aim is to produce some assemblages, hoping somehow to push them beyond the boundaries of my intentions, the illumination of the literalness of the material, and this in relation to my personal sensibilities.
Man in relationship to his environment
Or man in relationship to his self, creativity the evidence of man's existence.
Birds by their nature make nests and so it is evident that man in his nature, he is creative.
" (RA 2008)

" "In relation to my work I have for a long time been attracted to the idea that art does not have to be about an object, but work ca in itself be the object, and does not have to be artificial of anything. The work is what it is.

In relation to these ideas I have chiefly been interested in surfaces, textures, lines, depth, and shapes, etc. When sometimes I do form figurative or part figurative or symbolic images it is usually to give purpose to my lines, forms, textures, surfaces, reflected light, etc. Not that they need ay meaning: they can hold their own power and beauty. I do it because I choose to do it." (RA, 2006)to Richard Ashworth

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