Roxana Tohaneanu Shields


"Liquefied Light1 & 2; "Black Madona" by R. Tohaneanu Shields - Traditional Photography Giclee Prints

Artistic statement

"Because a photograph needs to be “a photograph of something”, photography as an artistic process seems to be predetermined by the existence of particular real subject. Sometimes I accept this predetermination and try to capture the magic of mundane urban scenes, but other times I choose to rebel and create images where the boundary between what is real and what is not disappears.
The ongoing contemporary debate about photography as an art form raises interesting questions about the ontological status of photography. For artist photographers the medium of photography is indubitably a modern art form which deals with all aspects of life. My main interest in this debate is crystallised in two ways: theoretically through my philosophical enquiries into Aesthetics of Photography and practically through my own work, especially my abstract photography. Although there are some leading philosophers of art who argue against photography as an art form (see Roger Scruton) I take the challenge of producing work which evades a clear categorisation therefore, rebelling and creating unrecognisable images.
Description of the works:
The ‘Liquefied Light ‘photographs are a series of work where the light is the subject and the tool at the same time. Trying to capture the beauty of light is attempted through traditional photography (no manipulation is allowed) and particular points of view (usually close-ups).
In ‘Unitary Ascendance’ (Homage to Brancusi) I attempt to capture the repetitiveness of municipal architecture. Hopefully in the process of constructing my collage I have paid homage to the great Romanian sculptor."

With a background in Philosophy and Art studies, Roxana Tohaneanu -Shields, Romanian artist based in Reading, UK, excels, next to her interest in Philosophy of art and writing, in the field of abstract photography and film. She has exhibited and curated both in UK and Romania, working with adults and children. Currently she is a PhD Philosophy student at the University of Reading.



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