3rd September - late December 2012

"A Manifesto of spiritual freedom in art"
in 3 exhibitions: "Capturing Threads of Light", "SEE", "LISTEN"

"SEE" - 2nd Manifesto of Spiritual Freedom in Art, 2012, Independents Biennial, The Old Police Station

Part of ACOUSTIC &ART Charity Fundraiser event, (SMLLCA & IAWW60), 2012

Artwork by: Nicole Bartos (painting, montage) and Tatiana Edves (drawings)

Exhibitions feature during 3rd September 2012- 5th November 2012 at 3 different venues: “1st Manifesto of spiritual Freedom in Art - Capturing Threads of Light”, venue: Blackburne House (off Hope Street), and “3nd Manifesto of ; spiritual Freedom in Art- Listen” starting 12th of September 2012, venue Junction Coffée (305 Aigburth Road); and the innitially postponed and last: 2nd Manifesto: "SEE", The Old Police Station, 80 Lark Lane, Liverpool.
Remains from this exibition to be seen still until late December 2012.


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Freedom in art is the most important thing.
I choose to explore spirituality through art.
Light is the essence of spirit.
Spirit is above matter and far more important.
Through art, colour, music, dance, positive creativity - light and good vibrations are born, released, gathered. These vibrations are essential for lifting the spirit in the realms of true and eternal light.
Art is one of the vital platforms for the soul. A platform where from the soul can grow symbolic wings and travel, leap into the metaphysical.
Enjoy your art more and enjoy freedom of expression!

By blending colour, musical and dance expressions, the artist presents a painting installation developed in stages during 2010 - 2012. Symbolic harmonies are created within an endless freedom of perceiving energy and light.
(Nicole Bartos, 03/08 – 05/09/2012).

Other thoughts on: What is Culture?

“Thoughts on Art and Culture from some thinkers and writers"

Arthur Koestler: “In my youth I use to consider the Universe as an open book, printed in the language of physical equations and social determinants, meanwhile, now, it seems to me as a text written with invisible ink, from which in our little moments of inspiration, we are able to understand some small fragments.
Eugen Ionescu: “All authors of some authenticity and value have, be it visible in the front plane, be it at the bottom of their consciousness, away from all mundane, a problematic of their, a call.”
Art? “Art is everything. Art is nothing, though, if not accompanied by contemplation. If a masterpiece is not taking you out of yourself (moves you), it means that you have not looked, you have not understood, you didn’t let it speak to you. The approach to the work of art it means battle and suffering... It puts everything under the question mark”. And also: “Only art and philosophy, only the living questions can hold humanity awake and avoid the numbness of the soul (soul becoming sleepy), only art and philosophy can develop what is of good quality (of elite, says the original) in us.” In Eugen Ionescu’ texts exists an identity between Art and Culture.
Nichifor Crainic about Art: “The purpose of art is the revelation in (the aspect of) sensitive forms of the heavenly mysteries”; “Art is the superb imitation of forever”.
Dante: “Art is the granddaughter of God, who created man, who creates art.”
Von Ianlensky: “Art is God’s nostalgia, the longing for God.”
Nicolae Steinhardt: “Culture, we could say therefore, (that) is:
• man’s battle – in Time - with the mysteries,
• the slow understanding - in Time - of the mysteries/ hidden things
• continual overwhelming - in Time- of man in the presence of spatial-temporality of the Show/ Creation.
• The result of Emotion created in man by Space and Time.
Culture, through its own ‘temper’ (way), cannot be simplistic, monist, intolerant, (...), quarrelling, exclusivist, evil, brute or proud. But by the contrary (should be): pluralist, tolerant, gracious, modest (better said, humble), open, knowing to admire and respect the grandeur and the beauty, to keep contact with the Mystery, to be afraid in the presence of the Show/ Creation. Meantime (as Giovanni Montini said (could be)) awful and superb.”
Art and culture, therefore, vehiculate/ transport values: moral, spiritual, ideals; questions, uncertainties, mysteries...If not, they (Art and culture, descend to the level of stringent (and desolate) of practicality.
Art and Culture on the other hand are not only Text, Structure, Technique. There always exists the risk of these turning into craft, entertainment, anaesthetic, various forms of gadget.
Mircea Eliade: Culture is the same with the frontal attack of Mysteries encountered a long Time.”

Text translated by Nicole Bartos from: “Primejdia Marturisirii” by N. Steinhardt; (Dacia; ISBN 973-35-0317-7; paragraphs from pages: 199, 200, and 201.)













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