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Curriculum Vitae

Artist' signiture name: Nicole Bartos

• Lives and works in Liverpool, England, UK.

Nicole Bartos is educated to MA level, holding an BA Hons in Applied Arts and Artistic Ceramics 1997 and an MA in Fine Arts and Applied Arts Explorations 1998. She has studied full time at Ioan Andreescu Visual Arts Academy, Cluj Napoca during 1991-1998 and for a short while with scholarships trasfers at Iparmuveszeti Foiskola, University of Budapest. She has been awarded within studying years, travel and study scholarships and accolades. After her graduation Nicole has been awarded by Romanian Artists' Union in Bucharest a National Graduates' Bursary 1997-1998 and become a member of the artist's union since.

Nicole also, holds certificates in Contemporary American and European/ French Art studies, having Graduated from C.E.P. - Civic Educational Project through Soros Foundation, affiliated to the Central European University at “I.A.”-Visual Arts Academy, Cluj-Napoca as follows:
1993-1994 – Diploma in “Contemporary American Art”
1995-1996 – Diploma in “Art Contemporain – Methodologie D’analyse d’oeuvre”
1995-1996 – Diploma in “Art Contemporain et Institutions”

Prior to her degree, Nicole had a study background in Science (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and Health Studies. Privately she has also pursued part time studies in arts and dance prior to going to University and years after, has devotedly studied various styles of Qi Gong and Thai Qi and took up opera singing classes. She sings in Liverpool as a soloist.

Since in Liverpool, Nicole has pursued a freelance artist working experience and has been extensively been organising and curating art events and exhibitions throughout Merseyside, West Yorkshire, London and Europe (France and Romania), since 1999 to date. She has innitiated and developed Gallery4allarts and works as a sole trader since 2006.


Artistic background/ Art Activities/ Past and Present (selected events upto 2007)

Exhibitions / Curatorial / Events organising - Archive 2006 - 2016..

For a more detailed and comprehensive list of Nicole's events until 2016 please, visit Exhibitions Archive available on this website. Thanks.

Fundraiser event 2012

A (Triple) Manifesto of Spiritual Freedom in Art: Capturing Threads of Art; See; Listen; Liverpool Independents Biennial; 2012

Capturing Threads of Light 2010- 2012

Fundraiser event 2011

2008 "Meet me at Sunset"

2008 Fanchon Frohlich - retrospective

2008 "People and Love"

2008 Alex Simpson

2007 "Living with art and energies"

2007 "Nicole Bartos Retrospective"

2007 "Artists and Identity "

2007 Sue Ironfield - retrospective

2006 "Fire & Eurhythmy"

2006 "Instant Thoughts or Poetry on Ice"

2006 "White Night"

2006 "Under The Blue Sky" (read article in The Huddersfield Daily Examiner)


UK projects and exhibitions 1999 - 2005:

2005 Aesthesis and Persona - group exhibition (view images) at Balckburne House, Liverpool; read article:

2004 "Rhythms" ( Nice, France)

2004 "Under the Blue Sky" / ARTA MUVESZET art project part of The Independent, Liverpool Biennial. Art exhibition and Art history Seminar. Venue Blackburne House, Liverpool.

1999 "Structures and Geometries" - solo exhibition Nicole Bartos, at Atticus, Hardman Street; part of Tracey, Liverpool Biennial

Solo and Group Art Exhibitions / *Curatorial projects:

Nicole's broad art activity in UK started since 1998 and has been reflected mainly through art exhibitions, curatorial projects and music events .

Below are shown some selections from the artistic activity of the artist since 1999:

“ Impromptu and other Parables”, The Grange, Liverpool
“ Paper-clay stories and other techniques”, Editions Limited,
Bluecoat Chambers, Liverpool;
“Introduction no.2 with Nocturnes”, private show, Editions,
Bluecoat Chambers;
group show @ “Gallery van Tripp”, Biennial of Contemporary Art, Liverpool
Tracey - Liverpool Biennale of Contemporary Art, Liverpool
“ Structures and Geometries- Experimental Research”, solo show, The Independent, Liverpool Biennial, Atticus Gallery, Liverpool
“Whispering Eden”, the Grange, Liverpool Biennial
“ Christmas Show”, Ainscough Gallery, Liverpool
“New and old inspirations”, private show, Editions, Bluecoat Ch., L-pool
“ Open Diary1”- private show, Hanover Gallery, 11 Hanover St., L-pool
“ Open Diary2”- private show, Belgrave Square, London
“Prelude”- private show, Domino Art Gallery, Liverpool
“ Art at lower space” group exhibition, Philharmonic Hall basement, Liverpool
“Valentines’” group exhibition, Domino Art Gallery, Liverpool
“Back to Nature, back to Colour” private show, Editions, Bluecoat Chambers, Liverpool
“The Good and the Bad”, Liverpool Biennial – M.A.I.S. IV. - group exhibition, 64 Duke Street, Liverpool
“Nostalgia” solo show, Blackburne House, Liverpool
“Summer Exhibition” private show at The Urban Coffee Art Lounge, Liverpool
Curating “Impromptu” group exhibition at the Urban Coffee Art Lounge, Liverpool
Sefton Open –Southport, 2nd Art Competition, Atkinson Gallery
Rhythms Rhapsody or Rain drops in the Morning Light”,
Solo show at Gallery Atelier, Rue Benoit Bunico, Vieux Nice, Nice, France
*Curating and exhibiting “Arta Muveszet” Project for Liverpool Biennial supported by ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND
“Under the Blue Sky” - group exhibition
Blackburne House, Liverpool
“Liverpool Artists Past and Present”, Lissue Gallery, Liverpool Biennial

(*Curating and exhibiting)
*“Under the Blue Sky”, Hammersmith Festival, Hammersmith Information Centre, London
*“Under the Blue Sky”, Romanian Cultural Institute, Belgrave Street, London
*“Aesthesis and Persona”, Blackburne House, group exhibition Liverpool
“ Creation” Creative Lets Exhibition, Artspeq, Quiggins, Liverpool
“ Christmas Exhibition” Editions Limited Gallery, 16 Cook Street, Liverpool
‘ Bracket This – Going Native’, group show, Arena Art Gallery, Liverpool
Under The Blue Sky’- selected exhibition tour, Mechanics Hall, Marsden, Yorkshire
Creative Fair’ organised by Creative BIAS - Liverpool, Rainford Art Gallery, St. Helens

‘ Kitchen Open’- Competition and group show, at Kitchen Gallery (
‘Fire& Eurhythmy’- included in the Independents Biennial Liverpool; curatorship and exhibiting; Ikonography Gallery, Liverpool
‘ Instant Thoughts’- included in the Independents Biennial Liverpool solo show, Editions Ltd, Liverpool
‘ White/ Night’- included in the Independents Biennial Liverpool; curatorship and exhibiting; Blackburne house, Liverpool
‘ The Ceramic Show’- group show at Lewis’s department Store, Liverpool; included in the Independents Biennial Liverpool.
‘ Creation’- group show by Creative Lets at Quinnies’ Restaurant, Bold Street, Liverpool; included in the Independents Biennial Liverpool.
‘ Bracket This- Going Native’ - group show oraganised by Mercy; included in the Independents Biennial Liverpool; at Arena Gallery, Liverpool;

‘ Loop- Overview 2007’- group exhibition (featuring work of 30 local artists), organised by Arthur Roberts (Loop) and the Cornerstone gallery, at Cornerstone Gallery, Liverpool

For more details and updates to present please, browse the exhibitions page and the pages of exhibitions archive plus archive. Thank you.


Samples of Nicole’s artworks and reviews e4tc.can be viewed on following websites (Sorry, where some of these sites have closed down.):


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