Chris Muotoh


Chris Muotoh: “Conscious Nature"

Press release

Contemporary Art Gallery

Exhibition features abstract and semi-abstract paintings on the theme of "dreams and nightmares".
Private view / Open Day: Sat 2nd Oct, 12 - 5pm

Exhibition period: 2nd Oct - 14th Oct 2010

Venue: Gallery4allarts, Gallery 2

Artist statement:

“The idea of dreams came to mind when doing my previous project. It was based around my identity and how each individual is viewed. Each of us houses positive and negative thoughts, unearthing them at specific moments. Sometimes we cannot control these thoughts. One of these times being when we dream. Tapping into our subconscious and exploring an altered state is what I tried to do, so I could expose the dark side of myself visually. This idea was inspired by the childhood dreams and nightmares, as well as myths and monsters, such as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. (…)
The material I will experiment with and take further will be acrylic paints, inks, plywood and hardwood. The reason I am using inks and wood is because they both have a natural and elemental meaning to them. A raw purity, which dreaming also has. (...) Dreams fascinate me, because they reveal our purist thoughts. It is the only time when we are truly not in control.”

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