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“Mucky Daughters"

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“Mucky Daughters”
Artists: Kaety Moore & Jenny Wynne

GALLERY4ALLARTS has the pleasure to announce a new exhibition, featuring works and a joint installation by two Liverpool talented young artists, Kaety Moore and Jenny Wynne.
This event is part of the Independents Liverpool Biennial 2010.

Private view / Open Day: Saturday, 2nd of Oct, 12 - 5pm
Exhibition period: 2nd Oct - 14th Oct 2010
Special workshop: Sunday 10th October, Gallery 1

Artists statement:

Kaety Moore and Jenny Wynne are 2 artists connected by the Mersey Estuary. They collaborate in this temporary work which is a departure from their usual practice. Wynne typically works with oil paint and Moore with calico and cotton. Mucky Daughters is the name of a poem by Moore which is a call to the wild, and an opportunity to get out of the studio and play with their work. They substitute the matter of paint with mud, and material with sand. Mucky is wild, free, unconfined and an exploration of childbirth, motherhood and belief.

Kaety Moore

Kaety Moore’ s background is in fine art, music and writing. Her work weaves in and out of drawing, movement and song. It reflects emotional and physical landscapes and is inspired by storytelling, mythology and nature. Kaety works with soft sculpture, installation and performance to explore political questions posed by feminism, motherhood and the process of making/caring.

Jenny Wynne

Jenny Wynne is a painter, specialising in oil paintings whose working practise is strongly underpinned by drawing. She works as a commissions portraitist and is based on the Wirral. “I draw and paint in fine detail in order to create a formal and accurate study of a subject. I have been practising as a portraitist for six years. I often prefer the quick energy of my preparatory work to my finished hyper-real pieces. This has led to a deconstruction of my usual intricate and detailed work into a more spontaneous and gestural way of painting and drawing. I now work to combine the two styles into finished images that hint at the mechanics and physical matter used in my workmanship.

My most recent paintings have been a double act with my 14 months old son! - using his marks and gestures over my own. Drawing feels very physical, re-tracing the body as an image. The movements of a pencil line follow the pits, pores, swell, blush and life of the human anatomy. Paints are fleshy; they have a richness and tactility. It is the uniqueness of every mark and of every person represented in paint or pencil which fascinates me- it is like a fingerprint.”


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