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CONCERTS / MUSIC EVENTS by Gallery4allarts & Nicole Bartos




Look up in the summer, the 2022 Wirral Arts Festival to find out what Nicole will be up to, this year.__

This year, Nicole Bartos is preparing a series of baroque and rennaisance vocal gems next to some well known and loved arias and songs.

! Call for guest musicians and accompanists:

Accompanists (piano, string quartet, cello, basso continue), tenors, soprano singers (especially those who perform baroque repertoire and opera), needed/ welcome for collaboration towards concerts.

If interested, please contact Nicole by email to have an informal chat: enquiries@gallery4allarts.com

Thank you!


Who is Nicole Bartos, soprano?

About Nicole - Short Biography

Nicole Bartos, Soprano - Liverpool based freelance Visual Artist, with a preference for classical singing, Bell canto, Opera and Lieder repertoire - has trained vocally, since 2011, with various influential singers and teachers, locally and abroad .
Her choice of music lies in the love for Italian Baroque; Italian and French arias; Slavonic (Dvorak, Chaikovsky, Rachmaninov) and recently German lieder (Grieg, Brahms, Mahler).
Nicole has sung mainly as soloist in concerts organized by herself and has worked with various musicians accompanists, but in general has performed with the unique local classical guitar duet: Richard Harding & Robin Turvey and with various pianists. Locally active, Nicole has performed also within the Wirral Arts and Music Festival scene for the past few years.”

Bartos has established Gallery4allarts since 2006, under which name she also organises and curates exhibitions, showing her art, welcomes art commissions, sings concerts and teaches Adult leisure classes in Fine Art, Singing/ Vocal Training and also Meditation and Breathing practices with Qi Gong). (have a look at her courses page here)

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