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Fine Art

Singing / Vocal Practice

Qi Gong / Chee Kung / Meditation

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Please, Note how you can support Gallery4allarts:

All commissions welcome. Thank you.

Due to a general lack of business during the Covid 19 lockdown and following circumstances, many things have changed and are still changing and the usual type of work for self employed and small one man businesses such as Gallery4allarts is not longer there.

Please, continue to support art and creativity by considering placing a commission (all welcome, nothing too small) or if you wish you can make a donation via PayPal to support Gallery4allarts and Nicole Bartos.

Suggested commissioning topics and Gift Vouchers for:

ART: painting/ drawing/ intallation, montage/ mixed media: portraits, landscape; murals;

landart; garden objects/features/ sculptures; abstract, contemplation, sacred art.

MUSIC / SINGING comissions for solo high voice (soprano) with a backing track or "a capella":

private functions (birthdays, weddings, funerals) related.

TEACHING : 1:1 tuition orders and commissions. in art, singing, breathing techniques, meditation and QI GONG exercises for health and wellbeing.

GARDEN LANDSCAPING/ GARDENING jobs: ZEN Garden, cottage garden, wild garden, Rockeries, ponds, garden sculptures. General maintanence. etc.

All welcome.




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