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17th - 23rd of June 2019


@ The Reader Art Gallery

The Reader Art Gallery, Calderstones Park Liverpool L18 3JB

A new art exhibition by Nicole Bartos and guests artists: Helen Prescott, Roland Keogh, Sarah Nicholson, Nagachoo-San (Japan)…
Including abstract and semi-abstarct paintings from Bartos, Keogh, Nagachoo-San; mixed media and collage work from Bartos and Nagachoo-San (Japan); abstract watercolour sketches with poetry definitions from Prescott; and solar landscapes drawings from Nicholson next to
over 30 small pencil portraits and sketches from Bartos.
Private view/ artist open days:
Monday 17th June and Friday 21st of June, 3pm-5pm.

RSVP to: enquiries@gallery4allarts.com or send a text to 07756912911. Thank you.

Curator: Nicole Bartos/ Gallery4allarts

Roland Keogh

Roland Keogh

Nicole Bartos, 2019

Roland Keogh Helen Prescott "Oscar keys"

Sarah Nicholson, Solar Lanscapes

The exhibition is dog friendly and open every day.

The Reader Gallery is open Monday – Sunday, 10am – 5pm.

Contact Gallery: 0151 729 2200

Website: http://www.thereader.org.uk

Organised by Gallery4allarts.






until further May 2019

‘APERTURES’ Continues / Artist: Nicole Bartos

@ The Old Police Station, 80 Lark Lane, L17 8UU
For any art/exhibition queries please, email: enquiries@gallery4allarts.com

Opening times: generally, Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm. Telephone: 0151 728 7884. Please, note that the Old Police Station is a Community Centre and holds various activities along the days of the week and weekends. Please, check with the administrator the best times to view exhibition, to avoid any disappointment. Thanks very much.

Press Release


@ The Old Police Station, 80 Lark Lane, Liverpool, L17 8UU

Artist and curator: Nicole Bartos

"The painted ‘impressions’ are transforming the exhibition space they are brought to and a moving and surreal experience is born, where ones imagination opens up widely to searching and viewing its own myriads of stories and meanings. A paradox and true feast of colour; an imaginary space.
The installation/montage of oil paintings hanging down from the ceiling of the entry hall at the Old Police Station, comprises of over 20 oil canvases created during 2015 and 2016, and exhibited in 2 stages as a progressive montage.

Statement: “A constellation is formed, by ‘nebulae’, ‘supernovae’ and invisible bridges stretch amongst elements of light and fantasy seconds that spread across the emptiness. Spectrums and translucencies, energy and light falls, angel wings, spiritual or apocalyptic riders, symbols of fantastic soldiers/ guardians of the souls, energy from a space of ‘emptiness’. Up there, in the sky, look! - And find your own journey into the heights of creative energy and peaceful contemplation through colour and vibration....Travel, and be still...Discover paradoxes, apertures of stillness, light speed, warming vibration of love and total stillness of silent sound. Enjoy! The oil paintings on display form a kind of cosmic ‘aperture’, embracing us, those who enter the space. The installation is the result of a 2 days challenging journey on the tall ladders of ‘time’ and ‘silence’. Thank you to Alice, Mike and Rupert for all support to achieve this installation/ montage!” (The artist. 9th Oct 2015-2017 / Gallery4allarts)

Venue address: The Old Police Station, 80 Lark Lane, L17 8UU
Tel. 0151 7287884
For more information and coming up updates please, visit: www.gallery4allarts.com or contact: enquiries@gallery4allarts.com



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