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20th July, 2024, 7pm - 9.30pm. Doors open 7pm

The Old Police Station, Hall (at rear), 80 Lark Lane, L17 8UU


Fundraiser event - Make a Donation to WHITECHAPEL by viewing/ supporting this event.

Images copyrighted to Nicole Bartos

An installation display of abstract watercolour paintings, mixed media and candles montage by Nicole Bartos who will perform on the same evening an opera recital, from 7.30pm, Candlelight Love Extravaganza.

Original artworks, signed by the artist/ singer, available for reservation and purchase at a very reasonable priece at the end of the event.

All entry / viewing Donations are greately appreciated to support this fundraiser in favour of the Liverpool WHITECHAPEL.

All DONATIONS proceeds from viewing this art exhibition will go to the Whitechapel, to support the homeless/ those sleeping rough on the streets of Liverpool.

Donate if you view/ like this display.

You can donate online to WHITECHAPEL or, on the door in the "WHITECHAPEL DONATION BOX/ CANS".

READ ABOUT THE CONCERT on 20th July 2024


Venue: The Old Police Station, Entry and Main Hall, Liverpool, L17 8UU (entrance at Rear)

Doors open 7pm.

Entry is free but booking/registering is required at arrival.



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