Charity Fundraising Project for SMLLCA:

Video Art, Acoustic music, Art exhibition and Auction


Press release

Contemporary Art Gallery
Tel: 07756912911

19th Sept- 28th Nov 2010
Charity Fundraising event: “Minibus & Meet me at Sunset 2010”

Acoustic evenings:
Sundays, 7.30pm-9pm,: 19 Sept; 3, 17, 31 Oct; 14, 21, 28 Nov 2010

Video / Art Screenings,etc.: Wednesdays, 10am-6pm:
23, 29 Sept, 6, 13, 20, 27 Oct, 3, 10, 17, 24 Nov

2 days ART EXHIBITION and AUCTION: 29-30th Oct 2010, Gallery 1 and SMLLCA Youth Club
Venue: The Youth Club, SMLLCA, The Old Police Station (at rear),
Sefton Grove, Liverpool L17 8XB
Contact: 07756912911 (Gallery4allarts) or 0151 728 7884 (SMLLCA)
Contemporary Art Auction - Exhibition: 29-30th Oct 2010; ‘Auction’ Open Day: Saturday 30th Oct 12-5pm
Venue: Gallery4allarts, Gallery 1 and the Youth Club, SMLLCA

Participating artists and musicians:
Andra, Nicole Bartos, Fanchon Fröhlich, Gisele Nzolameso, ‘The Cutting Room’: Jennifer Ross, Claire McCann, Chare Harris; Peter Frucht, Carmen Cristian, Sars-opera /Contemporary Arts Centre Chisinau, ‘Cremer projects - Juan del Gado,’ Gruppo Sinestetico & Sassu Antonio, Sarawut Chutiwongpeti, 'Graculus': Richard Harding, Phil Hargreaves; ‘Skirmish’
and others.

A detailed programme below:

Video Screenings programme

“Minibus & Meet me at Sunset”

Video art, video performance, artist films from British and International artists (Liverpool, London, Luton, Nottingham, Italy, Germany/ Hungary, Romania, Thailand)

Organised by Nicole Bartos/ Gallery4allarts.

GALLERY4ALLARTS has the pleasure to present part of the Independents Liverpool Biennial 2010, the SMLLCA Charity Fundraising event:
A series of video screening programmes featuring works by the following British and International artists:

Screening dates:
Wednesday, 22 September 2010 10-6pm
Wednesday, 29th September 2010 10-6pm
Wednesdays of 6, 13, 20, 27 October 2010
Wednesdays of 3, 10, 17, 24 November 2010

General programme:

“ Sars-Opera”; “105/7” (Video Moldova, Arts Centre from Chisinau, Moldova)
“ Anche le parole uccidono” (Sassu Antonio & Gruppo Sinnestetico, Italy); video performance; 1min loop,
“ Iow”, “Loop”, “Talk Box” (Peter Frucht, Germany (Cologne)/ Hungary)
“ Everything is art” (Dorel Gaina, Cluj, Romania); digital and video montage; 4 min
“ Who are you entertaining to?” (Juan del Gado - Cremer projects, London, UK); video performance; 14 min loop
“ Elian” (Carmen Cristian, Romania/South Africa)
“ Trilogy in white: House of Snow” (Carmen Cristian, Romania/South Africa); video film
“ Trilogy in white: House of Flour” (Carmen Cristian, Romania/South Africa); video film
“ Dance of Hope” (Gisele Nzolameso, London, UK); video peformance; loop
(Sarawut Chutiwonpeti, Thailand); digital slide show and video
“ Edit of Actuality” (Jennifer Ross; The Cutting Room; Nottingham, UK); 4.15min loop
“ A Collection of Quotes” (Claire McCann; The Cutting Room; Nottingham, UK); 1.29min; loop
“ Speak” (Clare Harris; The Cutting Room; Nottingham, UK); video performance;loop
“ Gardens of the Sky and the gardens of delights” (video recording by Ovidiu Muraru of the installation by Andra/ Cluj; Romania)

Open: Wednesday 10am – 6pm
Exhibition period: Sept - November 2010

Youth Club, The Old Police Station
80 Lark Lane, Liverpool
L17 8XB

Opening times:
Wednesday 10ampm - 6.00pm;
Closed: the rest of week.
Wheel chair access.
Entry fee at the door: £2.00 (or donations). Entry, also through the gallery, please enquire.

Details on artists and video screenings:

GRUPPO SINESTETICO: Anche le Parole uccidono

click here to see performance: Anche le Parole uccidono


Short CV

1999 Fondazione Gruppo Sinestetico (manifesto ) Albertin M. Perseghin M. Sassu A. ) Torreglia Pd Italy
2001 49th Biennale di Venezia Bunker Poetico and Happening Virtual Venice Italy
2001 PERFORMANCE a cura di Inga Pin , E.Miccini , E.Jappe , Mantova Italy
2002 Manifesta 4 Frankfurt Project FREE MANIFESTA (curator Sal Randolph ) Kunstverein Frankfurt Germany
2002 London Biennale 2002 Actions Synesthetics (video) director David Medalla , London Inghilterr
2002 Liverpool Biennial 2002 Project “ Liberarti “ (video) curator Karen Eliot Liverpool Inghilterra
2003 Gallery 291 Film Screenings + Performance (Video)curated by Gulsen Bal London Inghilterra
2003 Biennale Kyoto 2003 Kyoto Japan
2003 50th Biennale di Venezia 2003 “Extra 50” Brain Academy Apartment Venezia Italy
2003 Museo da Imagen Florianopolis “sinesteticamente” (curator Flavia Fernandes) Florianopolis Brasile
2004 London Biennale 2004 London Inghilterra
2004 Liverpool Biennial 2004”Precipitation” (Museum MAN curator Adam Nankervis ) Inghilterra
2004 VII Bienal do Reconcavo (Rio de Janeiro) 6 nov 2004 - 22 gennaio 2005 Reconcavo Brasile
2005 Biennale Hong Kong 2005 China
2005 Web Biennial 2005 Museum Art Contemporary Istanbul Turkye
2005 WPS1 Art radio 51°Biennale Venezia and MoMA N.Y.
2005 RAM Radio Arte Impetus 51° Biennale VE (ideatore M.Pistoletto curat. A Bonito Oliva) Italy
2006 5+5 Gallery Brooklyn New York Usa
2006 London Biennale 2006 London Inghilterra
2006 Museo Casabianca “Worn Contagion Pollinations” Malo (Vicenza ) Italy
2006 Museo Historico de Santa Catarina Florianopolis (Brasile)
2006 Palais de Tokyo images libres 2006 Paris FRANCIA
2006 Biennial Liverpool 06 collateral project “INDEPENDENDENTS” 2006 Liverpool UK
2006 10th Biennale Architettura Venezia 2006 Zitelle Collateral Project Venezia ITALY
2007 -2005-2003-Museum New Art (Mona) International Video Festival Detroit USA
2007 Web Biennial 07 Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum TURKEY
2007 Studio.ra “Chi vuoi eliminare “ ? (personale Gruppo Sinestetico ) Roma ITALY
2007 P3 Project collateral - 52° Biennale d’Arte 2007 Venezia ITALY
2007 Joseph Beuys “Difesa della Natura” (collateral) 52° Biennale Venezia Spazio Thetis Venezia ITALY
2007 Athens Bienial 2007 Artwaveradio Athens GRECIA
2008 The (Self) Promotion Show – Supermasochist - Gallery Apexart New York , N.Y. (USA)
2008 London Biennale 2008 “Pollinations” and “Arrows” London UK
2008 Liverpool Bienal Indipendents 2008 HeadSpace , Liverpool UK
2008/2009 IX Bienal do Reconcavo , BRASILE
2009 CaC 09 4° Annual Festiva Art . Uttarakland , INDIA
2009 Open , International Performance art Festival Beijing CHINA
2009 Visions in New York , video and still exibition , New York – USA
2010 Catodica 5 Stazione Rogers (curat. M. Campitelli) , Trieste ITALY
2010 Fluxus Museum # 4 Torth Woth Texas USA
2010 London Biennale 2010 , London UK

Artists taking part of Gruppo Sinestetico :
Umberto Allemandi , Luginbuhl Sirio , Miccini Eugenio , Randolph Sal , Medalla David , Gian Ruggero Manzoni , Gulsen Bal , Jagodic Stane , Segato Giorgio , Cramer Peter, Lucrezia De Domizio Durini , Perretta Gabriele
Stefanidis Manos , Pignotti Lamberto , Alchuk Anna , Biasi Vittoria, Francisci Bruno, Martusciello Barbara
Carrera Mauro , Campitelli Maria

Reference :
: VIATICO Art Magazine


Juan delGado/ Cremer projects: Who are You Entertaining to?

Who are You Entertaining to?
A video performance by Juan delGado

A VIVID / PVA MediaLab Culture production
Birmingham, UK 2002

Short Synopsis:
Over and over again a man hits another man. With his back to the camera the abuser towers over seated victim who faces us, his eyes averted. Each time he is hit the force of his assailant’s blows throws him sideways. Each time he slowly recovers himself and returns to his seat, composed, awaiting –as we begin to – for the next assault.


The work is a performance recorded in real time so that while the victim’s enacted response to the blows is a fiction mimicking reality, it is also each time slightly different, his reaction slightly modulated, perhaps taking longer to regain his composure, perhaps compressing his lips, or breathing even more heavily,, while he swallow hard or winces.
Who are you entertaining to? in its implacable repetitions, produces a complex and ultimately terrifying representation of the experience of violent abuse as duration. It has neither a past nor a future, just the continuous present of the performance. It is interminable. If then, what I am seeing is a spectacle of trauma, how am I implicated as a watching and listening spectator?


The piece has a duration of 14 minutes approximately – it is not appropriate for auditorium / screening purposes due to its duration and format but as a loop projection.


Artist Selected CV
2007 Master in Arts Production, Polytechnic University, Valencia
2001 Master in Media Arts, University of Westminster, London
2000 BA [first] in Contemporary Media Practice, University of Westminster, London


Who are you entertaining to? 2002 UK - (DVD performace, colour 14’)
Exist-ence, Performace White Canvas Gallery, Brisbane, 2010
2nd Kargart International Video Festival Istanbul, 2007
Red Dawns International Video Vestival Libjuana, 2007
QueerID Festival Boise Visual Arts Center, Idaho 2006
Made in Video Danish Film Institute, Copenhagen 2006
Adding Insult to Imagery (Artistic Responses to Censorship) Kipp Gallery, Pennsylvania 2006
Cárcel de Amor Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid
Post-Industrial Carnival Tampa, Florida 2005
Version >04 Video Festival Chicago 2004
INPORT Video Performance Festival Tallinn, Estonia 2003
Seeing By Wireless (curated by Janine Alnani) Hastings 2003
I Conference on Psychoanalysis & Creativity University of Central London 2003

Don’t Look Under the Bed, 2001 UK - DVD B&W 10’45”)
IMAGINARIA Film Festival Conversano, Italy, 2006
Video Integracija (Video Integration) Belgrade Summer Festival, 2005
Turku Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Finland, 2001
The Lux Cinema London, 2001
7th Deaf Film & TV Film Festival Wolverhampton, 2001
Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival US 2001
16th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, National Film Theatre, 2001
4th London Disability Film Festival, National Film Theatre, 2001
Vee -TV Pulse Series, Channel 4, 2001

The Passion of Teresa, 1999, UK - (DVD Colour 10’)
III Semana Corta Film Festival Cartagena, 2008
Lonomi Festival Reading, 2003
32nd Tampere International Short Film Festival Finland, 2001
13th Portobello Film Festival London, 2001
3rd Disability Film Festival NFT London, 2000


2010 SlipStream, Creative Campus Initiative, University of Kent / Cultural Olympiad
2009 Artist in Residence, ViSITING ARTS, Universidad Los Andes / British Council, Bogotá, Colombia
2007 Artist in Residence, Alcalá del Júcar, Spain
EVF Commission Birth Rites, Manchester, UK
2006 R&D Commission Ringing Forest, The Wellcome Trust, London, UK
2005 Artist in Residence, Casa de Velázquez, Madrid, Spain
Commission MUSAC ‘Chronique d’un été’, León, Spain
2004 Interactive Narrative Content Seminar, SAGASNET, Stuttgart
2003 Professional Business Training, Space Studios, London, UK
2002 Artist in Residence ‘Art & Landscape’ Blanca, Spain
Artist in Residence, The Wellcome Trust London, UK
Artist in Residence, London Print Studio London, UK
2002 New Media Awards, Artsadmin London, UK
Artist in Residence, PVA LabCulture - Vivid Media Centre Birmingham, UK
2001 Arts & Humanities Research Board, The British Academy London, UK
1997 University of Westminster Scholarship, London, UK
John Kobal Photographic Awards, National Portrait Gallery, London, UK

WEB /PUBLICATIONS [DVD compilation] [issue 14 Man / Woman; issue 15 Home]


SARAWUT CHUTIWONGPETI, Bangkok, Thailand (slide show)

2008: The Installation series of Untitled (Wishes, Lies and Dreams), PROJECT STANDING BY OOO. season4, XI Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Medium: Mixed Medias (Found Object, Sculpture and Video Installation)
Size: Variable Dimensions
Date: 09/2008


Charity Acoustic evenings / Musicians

Skirmish, Jo Bywater, Graculus: Phil Hargreaves, Richard Harding, Helen Maher, Stan Ambrose, etc.


Contemporary Art Auction
SMLLCA Charity Fundraising for a new Minibus
28th November 2010, 8.00pm

Text by Nicole Bartos/ Gallery4allarts

Doors open at 7.30pm for viewing.
Auction assisted and hosted by Gayna Rose Madder.
Venue: SMLLCA Main Hall, The Old Police Station, Sefton Grove, Liverpool, L17 8XB (Entry at far end of Sefton Grove, on right)
Auction will be followed by drinks and live music: SMLLCA charity ‘ACOUSTIC SUNDAYS’ (8pm-10pm). Details mentioned below.
Featuring a fine selection of over 60 artworks from 1950 and 1999 to date, from artists such as: Terry Sullivan, Nicole Bartos, Danniel John, Fanchon Fröhlich, Sue Ironfield, Richard Ashworth, Nagachoo (Japan), Alice Lenkiewicz, Christopher Muotoh, Kaety Moore and others.

These events are part of the charity project:
“ MINIBUS AND MEET ME AT SUNSET 2010”, and part of the
Independents Biennial 2010
Project organised by Nicole Bartos / GALLERY4ALLARTS (

A charity contemporary art auction raising money for a new minibus. for St Michael’s and Lark Lane Community Association.
SMLLCA, a self funded community association, having been established for over 30 years now, has brought a major contribution to the local community making changes to the heart of it with ample and diverse programmes and initiatives at all social levels: preschool, youth, elderly and disabled and hosting various activities and surgeries ranging from arts and crafts to writers workshops and counsellors meetings, etc.
Over sixty works have been donated by Liverpool fine artists for this Community fundraising project. From the featuring works I will mention just a few: works dating back to 1950’s, from famous artist and philosopher Fanchon Fröhlich, widow of late Herbert Fröhlich, who was Professor of Theoretical Physics and the first to apply Quantum Physics to Biology; a huge number of abstract and semi-abstract works in a diversity of mediums such as oil and acrylic paintings on paper and canvas, collages, monoprints, ceramics, drawings by Nicole Bartos, born in Romania, who has been based in Liverpool since 1998 and who established Gallery4allarts in 2006; also, there is work from Alice Lenkiewicz, visual artist, and writer, who’ s father was well known for his paintings in St. Ives and London; textile sculptures from Kaety Moore, artist and musician; sketches from Japanese artist Nagachoo, who’s works have been internationally praised; wood collages/ 2D sculpture from Richard Ashworth; paintings from the wonderful painters Terry Sullivan, Danny John and mixed media on canvas by Sue Ironfield known for her musical and overtone paintings, etc.
Reserved prices per work range between £10 and £200.
We are inviting everybody interested in collecting art or wishing to support this charity cause, to join us on the 28th November 2010, 7.30pm at the Old Police Station. Entrance at rear, far back. Free entry.
There will be drinks served.
As this evening marks for Gallery4allarts the end of the Biennial programme, the auction will be followed 8pm-10pm, by live music, the last Charity Acoustic evening (“Acoustic Sundays”) which will take place in the Youth Club, the Old Police Station.
Entrance, as well at rear, far back. Tickets at the door: £4.00 (£2.00). Doors open 7.30pm.
Featuring music from: ‘Graculus’: Richard Harding (acoustic and electric guitar) and Phil Hargreaves (soprano saxophone and flute); Stan Ambrose (Harp); ‘Skirmish’ (harmonica and acoustic guitar); Jo Bywater (vocal and acoustic guitar); Oritsema Ejuoneatse (soprano); Patricia Mackrell (soprano).

(Auction venue):
SMLLCA Main Hall, The Old Police Station, Sefton Grove, Liverpool, L17 8XB (Entry at rear, far back)

(Acoustic evening venue):

SMLLCA, Youth Club,
The Old Police Station
Sefton Grove,
L17 8XB

Tel: 07756912911













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