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Welcome to the 2008 Newsletter page!

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December 2008 - January 2009

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For some Theatre and Music events (throughout Liverpool, North West and London, etc.) please, click this link.


Throughout December 2008 and 2009

Gallery4allarts - Art workshops

Workshops available by request:

Mondays 6.30 - 8.30pm: "Watercolour and Ink - Oriental painting techniques"

Wednesday(10am-12pm; 6.30-8.30pm), Friday (6.30pm-8.30pm): "Life Drawing and Sketching"

Monday (11am-1pm, Thursday 11am-1pm): "Still Life and Composition"

You can also buy vouchers in advance for a series of sessions. It makes a valuable treat or gift.

Fees very affordable.

Read updates for all workshops available. Contact 07756912911 or nbartos@gmail.com



MEET ME AT SUNSET - project and exhibition successfully ended on 30 November 2008.

I would like to thank all participants: artists, funders (Romanian Cultural Centre, London and Ratiu Family Foundation), friends and not least to the local poets: Sue Ironfield, Dave Ward (Windows Project), Eleanor Rees for all kind contribution to this project.

For those who haven't managed to view the show please, note that some of the installations still will be available for viewing by appointment only.

Also, vast and diverse studio collection and exhibits are availbale for viewing by appointment only.

Contact: 07756912911 or email: nbartos@gmail.com

Until January 2009

Group exhibition in Garston

@ the New Slaugterhouse Gallery.

Exhibition features a variety of artforms: painting, photography, prints, ceramics, textiles and jewellery from local artists based in South Liverpool and garston area. Alex Corina, Tim Armstrong and Nicole Bartos also have artworks on show.


12 December 2008 - until 9 January 2009

Red Dot - ‘Migration’ – group exhibition
@ Contemporary Urban Centre, Liverpool

Liverpool visual arts organisation, Red Dot are staging an exhibition over the Christmas and New Year period on the theme of migration.
It will take place in the Connolly Gallery in the impressive setting of the Contemporary Urban Centre building based on Greenland Street in the Baltic Triangle area of Liverpool.
Over 20 members of Red Dot will present many diverse themes and aspects of migration through painting, photography, multi-media installations, sound installations, lighting installations and sculpture.
These themes and aspects of migration will be related, among others, to the movement of people across land boundaries due to war or famine; the plight of refugees or asylum seekers who have had to flee their country of origin as a result of state oppression: the mass movement of people to another land on a permanent basis, for example, the Irish to the Americas; and the passage of animals, fish, insects and birds from one region to another for feeding or breeding purposes.
Artists taking part are Jane Fairhurst, Alison Bailey Smith, Sue Milburn, Colin Serjent, Susan Sharples, Christine Wilson, Eimear Kavanagh, Leon Jakeman, Nathan Pendlebury, Richard Ashworth, Barbara Jones, Wendy Williams, Louise Waller, Alice Lenkiewicz, Michelle Hird, Neil Winterburn, John O’Neill, Carl Fletcher, Jon Nash, Pui Lee and Alan Mckernan, Nicole Bartos.
‘Migration’ runs from 12 December until 9 January.

Opening times are
Wed-Sat 11am – 6pm and Sunday 11am – 4pm Admission is free.
A private view of the exhibition takes place on Thursday 11 December
6pm – 8-30pm. All are welcome to attend.
For more information about the show telephone Colin Serjent
077 5952 5075 or email colinserjent@hotmail.com
To view profiles of all the artists taking part access


Saturday, 13 December 2008


Sat 13 December 2-5pm

Turner’s Travels
Pete Clarke and Georg Gartz Artists’ Studio Day

The final Eight Days A Week event in the project space involves Pete Clarke and Georg Gartz, who have painted collaboratively since 1998, and are now exploring the journeys Turner made along the rivers Rhine and Mosel. Come and see this work in progress.

Sat 13 December 12.30-2pm
Liverpool/Cologne Artists’ Discussion
Since October, Eight Days A Week, the ongoing artists exchange programme between Liverpool and its German twin city of Cologne has set up a project space at the Bluecoat. Some of the artists involved and Jürgen Kisters, Cologne critic and writer, discuss the programme and the future of this 10-year programme.

For information refer to the attachments

Eight Days A Week, the artists’ initiative from Liverpool and Cologne taking part in a unique cultural exchange through an ongoing programme of exhibitions, residencies, films, performances, discussions and publications.


Further Information on Eight Days A Week:
Email: pclarke2@uclan.ac.uk
Website: www.eightdaysaweek.org.uk


From 9 December 2008

Pre-Christmas group exhibition at Editions

@Editions Ltd., 16 Cook Street, Liverpool

Featuring abstarct and figurative works from local painters, print makers; ceramic and glass sculptures, etc. plus a vast gallery collection.

Nicole Bartos also exhibits 8 of her most recent paintings. From previous show still on show some of the lovely ceramic sculptures from Pauline Hughes.

Tel: 0151 236 4236.Email: info@editionsltd.net. Web: www.editionsltd.net


12 December 2008 - 3 January 2009


Curated by Barbara Martusciello, text by Luca Barberini Boffi
@Gallery studio.ra | 1Fmediaproject, Roma, Italy
Private View: Thursday 11 December, 7pm
Open to the public 12 December through 3 January 2009
31 December: New Years eve special event in the Gallery:from 22:00 till very late: Live music | DJ set by u-mix.org
Photo: “ecce uomo”, 2008 by Andrew Rutt
Works selected for the exhibition by:
Anonima di-chi-sì-lu-son, CAST, Tullio Brunone, Vincenzo Ceccato, Daniela Cignini/Mario Matto, Francesco Correggia, G.P. Mutoid, Gruppo Sinestetico, Lello Lopez, Caterina Matricardi, Franco Rinaldi, Nello Teodori.
Video projections by:
Hervé Constant ‘The Inquisition‘ based on a short story by Dino Buzzati.
Andrew Rutt ‘ecce homo’. Video loop, 2008.
The exhibition presents the works of contemporary artists who work in a territory where aesthetic expression is conditioned, in various ways and measures, by a manifold range of visual language. The contamination that results is expressed through the use of various media: painting, sculpture, photography, video, and the use of new technology…
One on the aspects that emerges in this selection of artists is the widespread use of digital technologies (digital art), which is part of ‘new media’, and which is utilized autonomously, or as is often the case, integrated with other forms of expression.
It must also be highlighted that ‘traditional’ media like painting and sculpture, has not remained immune from widespread innovation in technique-technological changes that have occurred in contemporary society. In fact, they have often undergone a metamorphosis, and in the best examples, have produced something that is profoundly influenced by these new technological languages (cinema, television, video, internet and the complex world of the web) that have sparked new and interesting combinations. All this has brought about a new expressive synthesis which, on one hand can create certain disorientation for the art-going public, on the other hand through the multiplicity of its connections, has increased the expressive possibility of the media artistically, and so reflect upon the complexity of the contemporary world.
This exhibition at Studio.ra |1Fmediaproject, is a reflection on this situation and was the criteria for the selection of the artists in the exhibition, who work with different languages, showing an authentic and unique way to consider ‘the contemporary’ and interpret the notion of contamination.
Luca Barberini Boffi
Galleria studio.ra |1Fmediaproject
Via Bartolomeo Platina, 1/F - 00179 Roma

Tel. 06 41437800 - 3491597571; www.studiora.eu info@studiora.eu
OPENING HOURS: Monday to the Sunday. 10-13 & 17-20.30.

From ‘Termini’ station: take metro line A in the direction of ‘Anagnina’, to the ‘Furio Camillo‘ stop.
From the centre: take metro line A in the direction of ‘Anagnina’ and bus 665 – 628 - 87.
Ample Free parking in the neighbourhood of the gallery (Zona Appio Latino).
From Fiumicino airport
Take Line No. FR1 (Fara Sabina-Montelibretti) for 5 stops (the trains run every 15 mins) and get off at Tuscolana Station, then go to stop MONSELICE/STAZIONE TUSCOLANA and take Line No 665 (PORTA S. GIOVANNI (MA) for 6 stops (the trains run every 30 mins). Get off at PLATINA stop which is directly in front of the studio.ra|1Fmediaproject Gallery.

TULLIO BRUNONE “Ancora Celine”
foto, specchio, ferro, cm 44×44 CAST “Architetture pubblicitarie”, 2003
plotter painting su tela su tela, cm 67,5×39

VINCENZO CECCATO “Dissolvenza”, 2006
Plotter painting su tela e plexiglass, cm 100×70 DANIELA CIGNINI/MARIO MATTO “Ritagliare”, 2001
stampa a getto d’inchiostro su carta, cm 23,5×42

HERVE CONSTANT “The Inquisitio”based on a short story by Dino Buzzati FRANCESCO CORREGGIA “Conceptus spatii”, 2007
proiezione video e pittura ad olio su tela, m 1,80×2,60

G.P. MUTOID “Après_Duchamp”, 2001
Tecnica mista con libro originale, cm 36×45 GRUPPO SINESTETICO “Anche le parole uccidono”, 2006
Kit in plexiglas con foto+Video su supporto CD (opera n°4/5), cm 30×20x2cm

LELLO LOPEZ “My love”, 2008
foto su plexiglas, cm30×40 1/3 CATERINA MATRICARDI “…penzoloni (calore)”, 2008
elaborazione fotografica digitale su alluminio, cm 30×30

FRANCO RINALDI “Le curve della vita”, 2008
Legno e smalto, elemento componibile, cm 60×60/cad. ANDREW RUTT “voices”, 2007
Plexiglass and electronic componentry

NELLO TEODORI “Giallo Perugino”, 2008
Foto digitale su DIBOND, cm 15×23 e cm 80×120 ANONIMA DI-CHI-SI-LU-SON, Tsunami ogni giorno, 2007
plotter painting su tela su tela, cm 70 x 50

Contact: "Sassu Antonio" sassu@grupposinestetico.it

Parte del Calendario artistico e presenze artistiche performative/video del :
GRUPPO SINESTETICO (Albertin , Sassu, Scordo) www.grupposinestetico.it


below: Italian version:

Galleria studio.ra | 1Fmediaproject
a cura di Barbara Martusciello, testo di Luca Barberini Boffi
Inaugurazione: giovedì 11 Dicembre, ore 19
Termine della mostra: sabato 3 Gennaio 2009
31 dicembre Speciale Capodanno in Galleria:
dalle 22.00 in poi musica live | DJ set a cura di u-mix.org
Photo: “ecce homo”, 2008 di Andrew Rutt
Esposizione opere di:
Anonima di-chi-sì-lu-son, CAST, Tullio Brunone, Vincenzo Ceccato, Daniela Cignini/Mario Matto, Francesco Correggia, G.P. Mutoid, Gruppo Sinestetico, Lello Lopez, Caterina Matricardi, Franco Rinaldi, Nello Teodori.
Proiezioni video di:
Hervé Constant ‘The Inquisition’ based on a short story by Dino Buzzati.
Andrew Rutt ‘ecce uomo’. Video Loop, 2008.
La mostra si propone di presentare le opere di diversi artisti contemporanei che operano in un territorio nel quale l’espressione estetica è condizionata, in vario modo e misura, dai molteplici linguaggi visivi. La contaminazione che ne deriva è da loro espressa attraverso l’uso delle tecniche più varie: pittura, scultura, ma anche fotografia, video, e ausilio di nuove tecnologie…
Proprio uno degli aspetti che emerge, in questa selezione di artisti, è il diffuso utilizzo di tecniche digitali (digital art) che fanno parte dei “nuovi media”. Questi vengono adottati sia autonomamente, sia, spesso, interagenti con altri linguaggi.
Va anche sottolineato che le tecniche “tradizionali” come la pittura e la scultura, non sono restate indenni dai cambiamenti epocali che le innovazioni tecnico-tecnologiche diffuse hanno portato nella società contemporanea; infatti, hanno spesso e quasi tutte subito una qualche metamorfosi; nei casi migliori, ne sono uscite profondamente influenzate da questi nuovi linguaggi tecnologici (cinema, televisione, video, Internet e mondo complesso della Rete) che hanno innescato nuove interessanti combinazioni. Tutto ciò ha comportato nuove sintesi espressive che, se da un lato possono creare un certo disorientamento nel pubblico cosiddetto comune, dall’altro, attraverso il moltiplicarsi di connessioni, ampliano le possibilità espressive dei media artistici che riflettono la complessità del mondo contemporaneo.
Una mostra, quella allo Studio.ra |1Fmediaproject, che si pone come riflessione su questi dati e indica le scelte di artisti che operano con linguaggi differenti, mostrando un’autenticità singolare nel modo di pensare il contemporaneo e di interpretare la nozione di contaminazione.
Luca Barberini Boffi
Galleria studio.ra |1Fmediaproject
Via Bartolomeo Platina, 1/F - 00179 Roma
Tel. 06 41437800 - 3491597571; www.studiora.eu info@studiora.eu
ORARI: da lunedì a domenica - dalle 10 alle 13 e dalle 17 alle 20,30.

Dalla Stazione Termini: Metro Linea A (direzione Anagnina), stop Furio Camillo.
Dal Centro: Metro Linea A (direzione Anagnina); bus 665 - 628 - 87.
Parcheggio libero per auto nei pressi della Galleria (Zona Appio Latino).
Dall’aeroporto di Fiumicino
Prendere la linea FR1 (Fara Sabina - Montelibretti) per 5 fermate FR1 ogni 15 min.
Prendere la linea 665 (PORTA S. GIOVANNI (MA)) per 6 fermate 665 ogni 30 min.
Scendere alla fermata PLATINA, direttamente davanti alla Galleria.


Fonlad-Watermarks UAVM Museum (Portugal )

Novicium , Solarussa -Oristano (Italy)

Galleria Studio.ra "Transizioni" Roma (Italy)

Metarte "Baratti" Padova (Italy)

In Cartis , Casa Arte e Musica , Latina , (Italy)

Biennale Madeira 2008 Madeira (Portugal)

IX Biennale do Reconcavo 2008/2009 (Brasile)

Cec & Cac 2009 New Delhi (India)

Seguono programmi…
Studio: Via Alessandrini 40 35038 Torreglia Pd Italy sassu@grupposinestetico.it www.grupposinestetico.it

Every Sunday until the Solstice Finale on the 21st of December.

@Ground floor Gallery, CCP Car Park, 45-61 Duke St; Liverpool

Unbury Liverpool's hidden treasure....

at The Living Market

-Fine Art and Ethically hand-made goods,
direct from their Makers
-Music and Performance
-Delicious Home-cooked Sweets and Savouries
-Chai and Mulled Wine

Every Sunday until the Solstice Finale on the 21st of December.

Ground floor Gallery, CCP Car Park
45-61 Duke St; Liverpool
(Opposite Hemmingways Cafe)

11am to 4pm.


Sunday, 28 December 2008

@Holy Trinity Church Hall, Liverpool Wavertree

End of year 2008 - with Reinhard Fuchs

Performance ( 8 speakers) , demonstration, discussion

Presentation of two electronic compositions by Reinhard Fuchs: Crosby song and "Wachet auf" cantata

Sunday, December 28 5 pm to 7 pm

Holy Trinity Church Hall,
Liverpool Wavertree
Church Road 76
off Penny Lane

Performance ( 8 speakers) , demonstration, discussion

Reinhard Fuchs

e-mail: rinaldofux@mac.com



until early 2009

Two of Liverpools BEST Young Artists

Neil Keating
Will be showing publicly for the first time work from his own private collection.
Stephen Collett
Premiere of Stephens “Fire Dancers” Collection, which will be Exhibiting in Berlin in 2009. This collection has only just been completed.
Catherine Carragher - Diva Devine
Will be performing Opera and many songs from Much Loved Musicals.
@ The Mocha Lounge, 20 Sir Thomas Street, Liverpool L1 6BW

Opens 6.30 pm Friday 28th November 2008 to 2009
Open seven days a week Mon - Wed 7.30am - 7pm, Thur, Fri .30am - 9pm,Sat 10am - 6pm, Sun 10am - 5pm

More details and pictures to follow.

For further information please contact: John Fillis
E mail: capitalistsofculture@tiscali.co.uk web site: www.capitalistsofculture.com
Telephone: 07811388153

Capitalists of Culture Limited, 9 Sandy Road, Seaforth Village, Liverpool L21 3TN (Co Number 5504388)


“Traces: Contemporary Romanian Art Exhibits at Ringling's Selby Gallery”

@Ringling's Selby Gallery, Sarasota

Romanian exhibition.
Two notices on campus about the exhibition:

Romanian Artifacts on Display

In conjunction with the Selby Gallery exhibit "Traces: Contemporary Romanian Art," Kimbrough Library has a display of Romanian artifacts and travel memorabilia on loan from Dr. Ann Albritton / Liberal Arts. She worked with the CEP (Civic Education Project) Romania in Bucharest from 1993-1995. One highlight of her work there was a trip she organized with a French colleague, Sylvie Moreau, to travel with 36 Romanian art/art history students and two professors from Bucharest to Paris in 1995. Romanian artifacts as well as handmade postcards sent to Dr. Albritton in appreciation of the event will be on display in the library until December 16, 2008.

Traces: Contemporary Romanian Art Exhibits at Ringling's Selby Gallery

November 3, 2008 - Ringling College of Art and Design and Selby Gallery is proud to present Traces: Contemporary Romanian Art. This exhibit will run from November 14 - December 16, 2008 in the Selby Gallery on the Ringling College campus.

There will be several events associated with this exhibit:
• Artist Reception and Panel Discussion - Thursday, November 13th at 5:30 p.m. followed by a panel discussion at 7 p.m. featuring Gabriela Boiangiu, Emanuel Borcescu and Delia Popa.
• Opening Reception - Friday, November 14, 2008 from 5 - 7 pm.
• Director's Tour - Monday, November 17 at 11:30 a.m. with curator Dr. Ann Albritton.
Traces: Contemporary Romanian Art presents sixteen young Romanian artists who—sometimes straightforwardly and often ironically—explore issues of culture as well as gender through a variety of work: photography, videos, hand sewn projects, small objects, and paintings. Unlike the previous generation that worked under the starkly repressive dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu, they have traveled more outside Romania and many exhibit throughout Europe. Representing this new generation are: Ana Banica, Gabriela Boiangiu, Rozalinda Borcila, Emanuel Borcescu, Care Cutare, Gorzo, Suzana Dan, Cosmin Paulescu, Mirela Ivanciu, Stela Lie, Ioana Marinescu, Aurelia Mihai, Gili Mocanu, Vlad Nanca, Lila Passima, and Delia Popa.

The exhibition first traveled to CIAC Gallery in Pont Aven, France, July 12 to August 14, 2008; to the Robert Else Gallery, Sacramento State University, Sacramento, CA from Sept. 2 to Oct. 15, 2008; and now to the Selby Gallery, Sarasota, from Nov. 14 to Dec. 16, 2008. It will then return to Romania to be shown in the National University Fine Arts Gallery in Bucharest, March 10-24, 2009. For two years, between 1993 and 1995, Ann Albritton, Ringling College of Art and Design, taught modern and contemporary art history at the Grigorescu Academy of Art (now the National University of Fine Arts) in Bucharest, Romania. Visiting Bucharest again in 2006, Albritton suggested to two former students, Mirela Ivanciu and Carmen Iovitu, that they collaborate on an exhibition featuring young Romanian artists that would travel to France and the U. S. Elaine O’Brien, art historian at Sacramento State University and writer on global art history, had visited in Romania in 1995 and joined the other curators.

Romanian artists presented in exhibition:
Ana Banica
Stela Lie
Lila Passima
Care Cutare
Emanuel Borcescu
Suzana Dan
Mirela Ivanciu
Ioana Marinescu
Vlad Nanca
Gabriela Boiangiu
Gili Mocanu
Rozalinda Borcila
Aurelia Mihai
Delia Popa
Cosmin Paulescu

Curated by:
Dr. Ann Albritton, Ringling College of Art and Design
Dr. Elaine O’Brien, California State University, Sacramento
Carmen Iovitu, National Museum of contemporary Art, Bucharest
Mirela Ivanciu, National museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest

Traces: Contemporary Romanian Art is sponsored in part by the Romanian Cultural Institute, New York and the Tourist Development Tax through the Board of Sarasota County Commissioners, the Tourist Development Council and The Sarasota County Arts Council. With a special thanks to H’Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania.

Works by Emanuel Borcescu, Gabriela Boiangiu, and Delia Popa - all of whom will be at the artist reception and exhibit opening reception.
For more infomation about this exhibit or Selby Gallery schedule, visit http://www.ringling.edu/index.php?id=956.


Tuesday 2 December, 6.30 pm, FREE entry

Romanian Short Films
@ BOX, FACT, 88 Wood Street, Liverpool L1 4DQ

A treat with the best new Romanian shorts including the award-winning Megatron (Palme d’Or, Cannes Film Festival,
2008) and A Good Day For a Swim (Golden Bear, Berlin Film Festival, 2008).

Followed by Q & A with Palme d’Or winner Marian Crisan.

The Boxing Lesson (2007)
Director: Alexandru Mavrodineanu Life's hard (2008)
Director: Gabriel Sarbu

Megatron (2008)
Director: Marian Crisan
Waves (2007)
Director: Adrian Sitaru
A Good Day For a Swim (2007)
Director: Bogdan Mustata
The Yellow Smiley Face (2008)
Director: Constantin Popescu

Project developed by the Romanian Cultural Institute in London


Unfortunately, I've missed these films, but I am glad that more Romanian culture has been presented to Liverpool.

Until 3 January 2009

GRUPPO SINESTETICO (Albertin , Sassu , Scordo)




The watermark, more than a name, symbol or signature of the artist, is a process underlying copyright. With the mass proliferation of images over the internet (apparently in an uncontrollable unruly manner) the watermark seems to bring means to an artistic form of protection.
Apparently nothing can prevent the copying of images on the net. Even protected software (such as Flash, which prevents copying) can always be bypassed with the print-screen of the page.
But the found ways to curb hacking (with blurred images and watermarks) only remove an essential component to the image: the authenticity.
This brings to the images a second level: more than the status of works of art, watermarks brings virtuality to them.
The watermark explains that what you see is not genuine. And so no longer interesting.
But the watermark can be artistic. The UAVM Virtual Museum presents 10 works of 10 artists who have focused on this issue: Chia (Taiwan), Gianny Sutera (IT), Gruppo Sinestético (IT), Henry Gwiazda (USA), Ida Julsen (Norway), Joseph Jinson (India), Mike Davies (UK), Rui Fonseca (BR), Sarah Boothroyd (Canada), Sebastien Seifert (Spain).

Digital watermarking is the process of embedding information into a digital signal. The signal may be audio, pictures or video, for example. If the signal is copied, then the information is also carried in the copy.
In visible watermarking, the information is visible in the picture or video. Typically, the information is text or a logo which identifies the owner of the media. When a television broadcaster adds its logo to the corner of transmitted video, this is also a visible watermark.
In invisible watermarking, information is added as digital data to audio, picture or video, but it cannot be perceived as such. An important application of invisible watermarking is to copyright protection systems, which are intended to prevent or deter unauthorized copying of digital media. Steganography is an application of digital watermarking, where two parties communicate a secret message embedded in the digital signal. Annotation of digital photographs with descriptive information is another application of invisible watermarking.

While some file formats for digital media can contain additional information called metadata, digital watermarking is distinct in that the data is carried in the signal itself.
The use of the word of watermarking is derived from the much older notion of placing a visible watermark on paper.
(in Wikipedia )

The Unknown Artist Virtual Museum (UAVM) presents the FONLAD festival, promoted by the AAA-ARCA-EUAC Association and IC-zero Association in November 08. The program Festival has a exhibition at the Madeira's Biennale (1 Sept. - 13 Oct. 08) and two on line exhibitions: in the site's festival (1 to 30 November 08) and the Watermarks exhibition at the UAVM (3 Oct. 08 to 3 Jan. 09).



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