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Gallery4allarts - Newsletter 2007


March - April - May 2007


27th April to 3rd June

You are invited to an exciting new exhibition at the Kitchen Gallery:

“You Are Here”

Private View 29th April 1.30-4pm.

Confirm your free entry to Norton Priory's Walled Garden by RSVPing to the
return address or phoning us on 0772 987 3001/ 01928 577487

You Are Here explores the notion of location in many contexts; spatial,
philosophical, economical, historical.

With artists including Nicola Dale, David Lunt, Julie Jones, Jane Fairhurst,
Susan Toler, Emily Hudson, Stanislaw Krakiewicz and Ann Goddard.

The positions of boarders and edges have always fascinated artists. Each of the invited artists showing in this exhibition at the Kitchen Gallery considers these shifting parameters in different ways; by use of objects or paint each artist explores a distinct site to create unique and engaging dialogues on the theme.

Whether the metaphor is mutated toys falling through space (Jane Fairhurst) to explore the distance which our consumer desirables travel to reach us, or the gap between solid and gaseous states (Susan Toler), You Are Here will connect the viewer with a special sense of the artists' perception of place.

Exhibition continues from 27th April to 3rd June.

Opening times Fri-Sun & Bank Holiday Mondays 1.30-4.30 and by appointment.

Entry fee to Gardens Adults £4.95, Children/concs £3.25/ under 5s free but
Gallery is free.

The Kitchen Gallery, Norton Priory Museum & Gardens, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 1SX



Tel: 01928 577 487/0772 987 3001

Meet the Artist talks will be held at Norton Priory Museum's Clore Suite throughout May. Please contact the Kitchen Gallery to reserve a place though just turning up is fine too.

Check the website http://www.kitchengallery.uk.com for details of future exhibitions
and events.


28 April - 2 June 2007

@Lark Lane Atelier, 33 Lark Lane L17 8UW, Liverpool

An exhibition of work by Alex Corina and Ian C. Taylor.
Exhibition will be open from 28th April to 2nd June 2007.

Opening hours: Tue, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sunday, from 2pm to 8.30pm

Contact: tel. 01517275355 or 07989432537

Richard Ashworth – “No Frills”

Invited to exhibit by Tony Dash from the Sefton Arts Development Leisure Services, Richard Ashworth shows paintings, drawings, assemblages made from non-traditional and re-cycled materials at the Wishbone gallery, Orrell Arts Centre in Bootle. The exhibition is open until the 4th of May 2006 and it worth a visit for sure.

A surprising collection of works made of unconventional and recycled materials such as plastic bags, paraffin wax, salvaged wood, matches, dried dates, hair.
I mentioned to Richard, while observing and analysing his work, the “found object” definition and he replied immediately about materials and objects that “…they find me”; “I’m just an opportunist..” in terms of using them. He has an eye for detail, texture and organic structure. Although, he is strongly using figurative elements as an almost daily exercise he tries to “escape” the figurative and enjoys experimenting and continues to express abstract or symbolic shapes of the soul. Some of his works have the predominant centred motif of a ‘circle’, ‘hole’, which to me suggests a way to openness, to release or communicate with the outside space, but also suggests further the ‘stored’ unknown, immaterial or spiritual ‘depth’ package or space. Richard is pointing out that this has to do with his previous figurative work; it developed from there, as a symbol “to do with the soul”. “A face is a symbol of the soul”, “a mirror of the soul”- he says.
Richard Ashworth has been involved in many exhibitions around Liverpool, including the Kitchen Open competition at Kitchen gallery and most recently, in the Cornerstone Gallery curated by Loop - Arthur Roberts and in two successful shows in 2006, as part of the Liverpool Independents Biennial curated by Nicole Bartos.(text by Nicole Bartos) Click here to read more about Richard and his work.

Exhibition open: March 19 - 4 May 2007
Mon-Thurs: 11am-4pm
Sat: 10.30am – 1pm

Venue: Wishbone gallery, Orrell Arts Centre

Please contact Tony Dash at the Sefton Arts Development Leisure Services
0151 525 0417 for further details.

27th April - 26th May

Everything's Special
an exhibition of videos from popular video-sharing websites

First gallery show of 2007 The Royal Standard presents Everything's Special, an exhibition of user-generated
video content curated from popular video-sharing websites including YouTube and Google Video.

Preview: Thursday 26th April, 6.30pm - 9.30pm

Open: 27th April - 26th May, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 12 - 5 and by appointment.
To make an appointment to see the show outside opening hours email sean@the-royal-standard.com.

@The Royal Standard, 2 Grey Street, Liverpool L8 1XN



Support your local artists online at artinliverpool.com with the:
The competition is down to just 44 artists!!!
Please click on the link and vote.
Hello one and all, voting for the Liverpool Turner Prize is now open again online, at the above website address. All you need to do is go to the website at the above link provided for you, then click on the word 'Forum' at the top of the page and then click on the word 'Gallery' (at the top of the next page).
This takes you to an online gallery of all 44 artists. All you need to do now,is choose an artist you would like to vote for (the voting is not for the individual artwork on display but for the artist and his full portfolio – each artist also has a link to their website too so you can view his/her art).
And then all you do is vote by 'clicking' on the 1, 2 , 3, 4 or 5 stars that the page provides (5 stars being the best score of course), and that’s it!!! Or can even leave a comment too if you like? You can even leave your comments on all 44 if you like, but .... So please, please, please support your local struggling artists, or even your local NML artists?

26 April - 21 May 2007

@Eggspace, Liverpool


Wednesday 18th April

"Singers and Songwriters at the Royal Standard"

@The Royal Standard, 2 Grey Street, off Windsor St, Liverpool L8 1XN.

Time: 8pm

Acts: Shane Beales - shanebeales.com myspace.com/shanebeales
Prolific songwriter. Last year wrote, recorded and released a song every week of the year (he will not be performing all 52 songs.)

Marc Sunderland from Peter and the Wolf myspace.com/peterandthewolfmusic
Great songs, stories, charm and wit from one of Liverpool's most refreshing outfits. "Storyteller" available now on Skinny Dog records.

Cost: Free (Donations for the artists and PA hire most welcome!)


12th April until 18th April

Exhibition of Chinese paintings and Calligraphy by:

Jun-Qi Lui, Wen-Long Jia, Wen-Chang Wong

Curated by Xia Lu

@ Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

artist Liu Junqi

Works by Xia Lu

Visiting hours: 10.00am - 4.00pm

Exhibition Opening: 12th April 6.00pm. Drinks and Buffet.

RSVP 0151 -7093688 dw.windowsproject@btinternet.com

Read more here about the exhibition:





Artists and Curator visiting the Grange, Liverpool


26-29th of April 2007

RCC - Romanian Cultural Centre in London announces:

One of the most important dates in the Romanian cultural calendar in the UK for the year 2007:

The Romanian Film Festival in London – 4th edition

The Festival will take place during 26-29 April 2007,

at the Curzon Mayfair, 38 Curzon Street, London W1J 7TY.

The films we present in this year’s edition are:

• Feature films: 12:08 East of Bucharest (Directed by Corneliu Porumboiu; Cannes debut prize 2006), The Paper will be Blue (Radu Muntean), Love Sick (Tudor Giurgiu), The Way I spent the End of the World (Catalin Mitulescu);
• Documentaries: Ion Ratiu –The Man Behind the Bow Tie (Ivor Barladeanu), Paul Neagu – Heart of the Tornado (Laurentiu Garofeanu), The Great Communist Bank Robbery (Alexandru Solomon);
• Short films: Tertium Non Datur (Lucian Pintilie), The Tube with a Hat (Radu Jude), Marilena from P 7 (Cristian Nemescu), C Block Story (Cristian Nemescu).

Have we made you curious about this, now? If the answer is ‘YES’, you might want to learn more about the Festival and see the full programme, an introduction to the Festival, outlines of the films, biographies and selected filmographies of the directors, and some film critique.

Nothing simpler: just click on the picture above to be redirected to the site of the Festival. Should that fail, please click on www.romanianculturalcentre.org.uk/filmfestival

The tickets for all the films in the Festival are already on sale. Considering the great interest generated by our festival in 2006, we are expecting a good number of cinema fans, so please book in advance, when possible.

Tickets: £10.00/£7.00 concessions
You can book in person, online at http://www.curzoncinemas.com or by phone 0870 756 4621 (a £1.25 booking fee applies to phone bookings only)

The Festival is organised by the Romanian Cultural Centre in London, with The Ratiu Foundation UK, The National Centre of Cinematography, Bucharest, Curzon Cinemas, and The Embassy of Romania in the UK.

Press release:

Romanian Film Festival in London – 4th edition, 26-29 April 2007
Curzon Mayfair, 38 Curzon Street, London W1J 7TY
Tickets: £10.00/£7.00 concessions
You can book in person, online at www.curzoncinemas.com or by phone 0870 756 4621 (a £1.25 booking fee applies to phone bookings only)

‘Why this title?’ you might ask. In short, we have chosen this name because we believe that the concept of the Festival – Past Imperfect, Future Continuous – plays on the strengths and weaknesses of modern Romania. One could say that that single line is a synopsis of the country’s history. We all know what our imperfect past was – communist dictatorship. After 1989, Romania entered years of transition, a transition that hasn’t ended and still has no clear end in sight. Only the entry into the EU has managed to bring a sense of timing to this problem. This is our ‘future continuous’.

The film directors in this festival try to make various pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Our festival aims to present an image of Romania which is unknown in the UK.

At the core of this year’s programme are a number of daring, irreverent, often hilarious takes on Romania’s past imperfect. Many of the film-makers included in the programme invite a meditation on the uses of imagery in the construction of an idea of history and historical consciousness. Some of them touch on the production of historical memory, and on the collisions and collusions among individual and collective memories.

Past Imperfect, Future Continuous is an invitation to see some of the best Romanian films of recent years.

Thursday 26 April
18.00 - Gala night reception; followed by welcome speeches
19.00 - Ion Ratiu - The Man Behind the Bow Tie (documentary)
12:08 - East of Bucharest (this film will be released by Artificial Eye in selected cinemas nationwide on 21 September 2007)
Q&A session (with the participation of film director Corneliu Porumboiu)

Friday 27 April
The Paper Will Be Blue
Q&A session (with the participation of film director Radu Muntean)

Saturday 28 April
The Tube with a Hat (short film)
Love Sick
Q&A session

'Paul Neagu - Heart of the Tornado' (documentary), preceded by a short introduction about artist Paul Neagu (with the participation of film directors Laurentiu & Agnieszka Garofeanu)
The Great Communist Bank Robbery (documentary)
Q&A session

Sunday 29 April
Shorts programme:
Marilena from P7
C Block Story, preceded by a short introduction about director Cristian Nemescu
Tertium Non Datur

The Way I Spent the End of the World
Q&A session (with the participation of film director Catalin Mitulescu)
Closing night reception.

“ This admirable festival suggests an industry very much in the ascendancy”
David Parkinson, Empire on-line, www.empireonline.com/festivalsandseasons/main.asp?FID=247

For full introduction to the Festival, full programme, outlines of the films, critique and other details, please access the Festival’s website on www.romanianculturalcentre.org.uk/filmfestival

Organisers: The Romanian Cultural Centre in London, The Ratiu Foundation UK, The National Centre of Cinematography (CNC) in Bucharest, Embassy of Romania in the UK, Curzon Cinemas
With the kind support of The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Artificial Eye, RH Printing, Pro Patrimonio
Sponsors: Pilon Ltd, IC Romania Ltd, Prodan Romanian Cultural Foundation, Cotnari Wines

Media partners: Romani Online UK ( www.romani-online.co.uk), Diaspora Romaneasca newspaper


13th and 14th April

@ Dragon Bar, Liverpool

Musicians from Japan - a band called "fockea crispa" arrived in Liverpool yesterday and

they will be playing in Dragon Bar today at 7pm. Free admission.

They will be also playing on Saturday 14th April in Everyman Bistro
but it can be quite noisy so tomorrow might be better.

Here is the band info...

Listen to style selection:


Friday 6th April - Sunday 29th April 2007

Paddy Gould's studio exhibition: 'TUBER VOLCANO'

@Studios located below The Royal Standard, 2 Grey Street, off Windsor St, Liverpool L8 1XN.

OPEN Friday 6th April - Sunday 29th April
Thursday to Sunday 12.00 to 6.00pm

PRIVATE VIEW Friday 13th April from 7.00pm

The Gallery is a temporary space located in the studios beneath The Royal Standard, accessed through the old beer hatch (visitors enter at their own risk). Please call at The Royal Standard for entry.
The opening will be at 7pm on Friday the 13th April in the basement below The Royal Standard, followed by drinks and music in the bar in the early evening.

"It's a refreshingly fun show and will be well worth a visit, ..."(Eleanor Hawkridge)

Paddy Gould

"It is believed that the Hawaiian Islands-Emperor Seamount chain occured as the result of magma from a single well, bursting through weak points in the Earth's crust as it moved laboriously overhead. The volcanoes themselves being no more than holes breached through rock and the islands the violent and sporadic build up of lava.

The centrepiece of the Tuber Volcano exhibition is a beautiful but innocuous fibre-optic flower display. Initially conceived by the artist as the eye of a volcano monster, it is a gentle, if crass, symbol of funnelled power. Thinking of the blossoming Volcano and the Tuber as simple allusions was the beginning of these sculptures. Made of unprocessed and often discarded materials and strung together by a loose logic these scanty and hopeful sculptures are in various states of becoming.

The flower display itself has already passed through the exhibitions 'Objects In Waiting' and 'GIFT' (Daniel Simpkins and Penny Whitehead) as an artifact. These exhibitions' objects used to highlight hidden aspects of artists' practice and the nature of exchange. The fibre-optics now sit surrounded by the art they made possible. The eye of an opening volcano." (Paddy Gould)




Until 14th of April

artinliverpool.com has announced last week the launch of The Liverpool Turner 2007.

Nominate a Merseyside artist for The Turner Prize
Join in the Liverpool Turner competition to find our local favourite.

The official Turner Prize 2007 takes place at Tate Liverpool later this year.
Anyone can nominate an artist to be considered for short listing by the judges.
The deadline for nominations is April 14 2007
Alongside the Turner Prize we will be running our own Liverpool
Turner 2007 competition.

Director of artinliverpool.com, Ian Jackson, says: "This is not an 'alternative Turner' its just a bit of fun to help raise awareness of both the official Turner Prize and Merseyside artists."

artinliverpool.com now has 120,000 visitors a month, over 50% from
Merseyside and mostly artists and art-lovers so this is the ideal place to find out which artist is considered worthy of the Turner Prize by their peers.

"We will try and source a good prize from somewhere but can't promise."

There are loads of great local artists so please go to the ArtInLiverpool
forum and get nominating.

Full Details:


From 18th of April 2007

‘Life drawing and sketching workshops’

Starting with 18th of April 2007, ‘Life drawing and sketching workshops’ held by Nicole Bartos, through Gallery4allarts take place during morning and evening hours on Wednesdays from 10am -12pm and in the evening 6.00pm-8.00pm (it is possible that time arrangement might change due to a majority of requests; for a time confirmation please contact, Nicole before attending on 07756912911). Tuition offered if necessary.
Open to all levels.

Starting at: 36 Ullet Road, Liverpool, L17 3BP
(Parking space available.) and possibly moving to various venues in time.

Charge is £12/per hour (concession £9/per hour), if only up to 3 people joining or £9/per hour (conc. £5/per hour) if 4 or more people join the workshop.

You are ask to bring your easels and boards if necessary and your own materials if you have any preferences, otherwise boards (size 50x50cm) , paper, bamboo sticks and ink offered.

• Number of places limited therefore please, contact Nicole in advance to reserve a place.
• A deposit of £10 is required to be paid in advance with minimum 2 days before the session to attend.
• If paying by cheque please make it payable to: Gallery4allarts
• For every payment made in advance for 3 sessions (3 days workshop) you will get a free session (2 hours). This means that for every £72 (concession £54) paid in advance you will get the benefit of a free session, with the equivalent of £24 worth (conc. £18).

For more details, please contact Nicole Bartos:

Note regarding art workshops:
" You do not have to be an artist to experience life drawing, sketching, etc. Eye is taught observation, investigation and turns this into ways of meditation and relaxation, which is why art is so benefic, terapheutic and practised by so many.
Skills, personal expression and techniques develop the more you practise this exercise, and you find yourself that even if not a born artist you become one, in spirit, mind and body.
Try it out; see what happens."
Nicole Bartos (Artist and Curator)


21 April - 13th May

@Almiro Gallery, Liverpool

Victoria Hepworth is a local Liverpool artist who after graduating from
Staffordshire University, is now stepping out into the world of art.

Her work consists of abstract paintings were she has explored the use of acrylic
paint combined with watercolours, creating textures that form the main structure
in her paintings.

The technique is primarily what Victoria has a keen interest in, and how the
manipulation of the paint creates textures and colours that take the form of
landscapes, seascapes and waterscapes.

Victoria's paintings have a simplistic approach which penetrates into the inner
naivety taking the principles of traditional art and allowing the imagination to
create the viewers own reflection of representing and balancing their own notion
of reality.

Monday 2nd April - Friday 4th May

'A Surface of Stories'

Artist: Peter Dove

@Cornerstone Gallery, Liverpool Hope University, 1 Haigh Street, Liverpool, L3 8QB

“It is an attempt to make sense of the chaotic diary of my memory: New Brighton,
the fairground, the docks, the river, the sounds *

*the discarded and loved not, and half forgotten.

It is the detail, the minute crystals of history strewn anonymously together, a
grit of experience. A surface of stories.”

Peter Dover’s investigative journey through memory and artistic practice
informed by personal experience, provides a compelling exhibition full of

Liverpool Hope University, 1 Haigh Street, Liverpool, L3 8QB
Tel : 0151 291 3997
E-mail - thecornerstonegallery@hope.ac.uk

For directions of how to get to the gallery please visit
For further information please contact the Gallery.


28th March to 10th April


29th March to 11th April


Digital Show 2 - Call For Entries

Digital Show 2
The Successful ONLINE Exhibition of International Digital Art is Calling for Entries for May 2007 Exhibition
To be launched May 10th 2007
Call for Submissions (Deadline April 30th, 2007)
digitalshow.co.uk is an International Digital Art website created by artinliverpool.com. The intention is to show online-only exhibitions of high quality digital art. The first exhibition was held as part of the Independent Biennial Liverpool in 2006 with great success (see the Gallery pages) and this year for our 2nd show we hope to tie-up with Futuresonic 2007 Urban Festival of Electronic Arts and Music in Manchester, UK. (to be confirmed) Entry is open to all worldwide
Digital Art for the purposes of this exhibition is defined as artwork that has been entirely or at least substantially created using computer software. e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, Flash, 3ds Max, Maya, Bryce etc.
Still images only, no animations, videos or photographs.
What we are looking for is exciting, interesting painting and drawing rather than examples of your knowledge of the software tools, filters etc.
New work is preferred.
The Theme is ‘Psychedelia’.
In 2007 the centrepiece of Futuresonic Live will be Futurevisual. This will be a homage to the 40th anniversary of seminal multimedia events in 1967 which, like Futuresonic, came not from film but a collision of music and art worlds. At events such as The 14 Hour Technicolor Dream and Games For May, and the UFO club, London's psychedelic underground exploded into the daylight. These were at the beginning of a year which saw a coming together of the worlds of music and visual art.
See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychedelic_art for more information and examples.
This is not a competition and there is no money involved but there will be selection as the show is limited to 100 images. The exhibition will be shown online only and will be promoted through the artinliverpool.com network as well as the official Futuresonic websites (tbc) and other online resources.
* By April 30 2007
* Email files to show@digitalshow.co.uk or showdigital@googlemail.com
* You may submit up to 2 pieces (we may show more than one by the same artist)
* For ease of viewing on monitors the max width should be 1000 pixels max height 800 pixels
* No huge files please. Remember its online-only so resolution need be 96dpi at most
* Format jpg or gif preferred, the less manipulation we have to do the better
* Include the following details (in English if possible):
* Your Name
* Location - City/Country
* Email address (will not be shown on the site)
* Website address (if you have one)
* Title of the work
* Description (max 50 words) and/or methods used (optional)
* Software used
Optional but please also register your interest by subscribing to the e-newsletter
* If you want a copyright mark or your name on the image you should do this yourself. Copyright will, naturally, stay with the artist and this will be clearly stated on the website.
* Some images may be used in part or whole in publicity material and promotion of the show. We will endeavour to confirm the artists approval before doing so.
Full Details on the digital show website: www.digitalshow.co.uk
For further enquiries: Email: show@digitalshow.co.uk

Above information courtesy from artinliverpool.com


Thursday 19th April

Charity Silent Auction Evening - by Dot-art
in aid of Claire House, on Thursday 19th April, from 6pm.

There will be a drawing fot the winner of the Prize Draw which has been running
here-< http://www.justgiving.com/dotart> http://www.justgiving.com/dotart.

The event is part of dot-art's contribution to the Halliwells Claire House
Corporate Challenge.

This exciting project gives 100 Merseyside companies £50 and 3 months to
raise as much money as possible for Claire House.
Claire house is the Wirral based hospice which cares for children aged 0 - 18 years with life

threatening or life limiting conditions and their families from Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales

and the Isle of Man.

You can find out more about the challenge, and the charity here-
< http://www.clairehousechallenge.com/> http://www.clairehousechallenge.com.

Please RSVP to <mailto:invite@dot-art.com> invite@dot-art.com


Monday 2nd April to Friday 4th May

'A Surface of Stories' by Peter Dover

Private view on Friday 30th March, 6-8pm at The Cornerstone Gallery, Liverpool.

Exhibition open Monday 2nd April to Friday 4th May.

“It is an attempt to make sense of the chaotic diary of my memory: New Brighton, the fairground, the docks, the river, the sounds *

*the discarded and loved not, and half forgotten.

It is the detail, the minute crystals of history strewn anonymously together, a grit of experience. A surface of stories.”

Peter Dover’s investigative journey through memory and artistic practice informed by personal experience, provides a compelling exhibition full of surprises.

Liverpool Hope University, 1 Haigh Street, Liverpool, L3 8QB
Tel : 0151 291 3997
E-mail - thecornerstonegallery@hope.ac.uk

For directions of how to get to the gallery please visit
For further information please contact the Gallery.


Friday 30th March

Meet Hollywood's Hottest artist - Todd White

For one night only.

Official artist of the 2007 Grammy Awards in his first ever UK Gallery tour!

@Rennies Gallery, Liverpool

Rennies Arts& Crafts, 61-63 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4EZ

Telephone: 0151 7080599




29 March - 22 April


Group Exhibition Curated by HeadSpace

Featuring artwork by: Jason Bold; Karen Henley; Pam Holstein; Hamish MacDonald; Andrew Reid

Opening: Thursday 29th March 2007; 7pm - 9pm

Duration: 29/03/07 - 22/04/07

Venue: EggSpace; 16-18 Newington; Liverpool; L1 4DE



from 20th March to 15th April

The Wrong Place (Pocket/Bag/Suitcase)

An exhibition @ SITE Gallery by the Royal Standard ( 2 Grey Street, Liverpool, L8 1XN)

Open Wednesday-Sunday 12-4pm, and is in the far corner of the Albert Dock, next to Pan American bar.

The Wrong Place is open at SITE until Sunday 15th April.




from 23rd March to 14th April

Robert Pearson - Exhibition of Paintings

@Almiro Gallery, 45 Mersey View Waterloo, Liverpool L22 6QA

Gallery open 7 days a week; Monday to Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday to sunday 12-6pm


12 March - 26 March

'Connecting Cultures'

'HeadSpace @ EggSpace', The Egg Cafe

'Connecting Cultures' exhibition (12-26 March), which under the title 'Life in 3'

explores the themes of Memory, Peace & Freedom through a film, music, visual arts and other artistic expressions.

A performance evening with music,film and poetry will take place on Monday 19 March.

Please note that the venue, The Egg Cafe, doesn't have disabled access.
However, we could organise an alternative viewing or provide a copy of the film for those who can't access the Egg.
Please contact us to arrange this.

We hope you can visit this exciting exhibition with artwork from many different countries.

Event organised by Sola Arts SOLA ARTS.(www.solaarts.org)

To read more about Sola Arts please, click here.

To read a press release, please click here.

To read an exhibition review please, click here.

Venue: 'HeadSpace @ EggSpace',
The Egg Cafe,
16 - 18 Newington,
L1 4DE
Email: headspaceegg@aol.com
Website: www.eggspace.org
Please Note - New Opening Times: Mon - Sat: 09:00 - 22:30 / Sun: 10:30 - 17:00
Entry: Free


March 19 - 4 May 2007

‘No Frills’

Richard Ashworth shows paintings, drawings, assemblages made from non-traditional and re-cycled materials
@ Wishbone gallery – Orrell Arts Centre
Open Mon-Thurs: 11am-4pm
Sat: 10.30am – 1pm
Private View Monday, March 19th, 7pm-9.30pm

Please contact Tony Dash at the Sefton Arts Development Leisure Services
0151 525 0417 for further details.


10th March to 7th April

‘Out of Site’

An Installation by Andy Fung
@ the Bridewell Studios, Prescot Street, Liverpool, L7 8UL
Tel: 0151 2636730
Preview: Friday 9th of March at 6pm
Open: Sat 10th March to Sat 7th April
Wednesday to Saturday 12-5pm

Painting directly onto the wall of the gallery, the artist gives his intuitive response to the architecture of the space, while also referencing The Bridewell’s history as a centre of law enforcement.
Andy Fung’s work is influenced by graffiti art and contemporary youth culture. he has been exhibited widely in Britain and Europe and is a member of the music project Cymbient.


23rd of February - 23rd of March 2007

An exhibition at The Cornerstone Gallery, Liverpool guest curated by Arthur Roberts from Loop Gallery.


Private View - Thursday 22nd February, 6-8pm
Exhibition open - Friday 23rd February to Friday 23rd March 2007

Loop is celebrating Liverpool’s 800th birthday with a survey of abstract practitioners working within and around the city in 2007. OVERVIEW 07 demonstrates the diverse and colourful energy that is generated by many individuals working within the inexhaustible realms of abstraction.

Loop, which is the city's foremost independent promoter of abstract art on Merseyside is bringing this collection together to spotlight the celebration of today’s living homegrown artists.

This pioneering exhibition consists of thirty abstract artists who work in and around the City of Liverpool and have contributed to a new vibrant resurgence of visual arts.

The artists represent a new Avant-Garde which is filled with dynamic colourful energy whose diverse approaches make an inspiring landmark upon Liverpool’s cultural renaissance. The works on show range from colourful painted compositions, print, photography, constructions and sculpture all encapsulating a driving force of intrigue and contemplation.

This show represents the heart of the creative community of Liverpool, these are the artists who highlighted the creative bedrock which Capital of Culture was built upon. When the all flashing and dancing lights are slightly dimmed these are the practitioners who will constantly add colour to Liverpool’s cultural landscape.

Loop organizer Arthur Roberts says,
“ Its extraordinary to witness such a vibrant and varied language that abstract art is, to see thirty diverse artworks sparkling with energy and life is a privilege to behold”. Arthur continues, “working in partnership with Hope University has be an absolute pleasure. It has taken a lot of patience and hard work, but the combination of exceptional artists and an impressive venue at the Cornerstone has made this whole experience a joy”.

Artists included:

Richard Ashworth, Craig Atkinson, Nicole Bartos, Colin Beckett, Derek Boak,
Edward Bruce, Michelle Burrows, Terry Duffy, Peter Collins, Peter Corbett,
Derek Culley, Fanchon Frohlich, Barbara Jones, Jason Jones, Julie Jones,
Steve Hitchin, Vincent Lavell, Sue Milburn, Geoff Molyneux, Callum Moncrieff,
Tony O’Connell, Christine O’Reilly Wilson, Nathan Pendlebury, David Powell,
Arthur Roberts, Colin Serjent, David Stanley, Terry Sullivan, Jason Thompson.

Liverpool Hope University, 1 Haigh Street, Liverpool, L3 8QB
Tel : 0151 291 3997
E-mail: thecornerstonegallery@hope.ac.uk

For directions of how to get to the gallery please visit
For further information please contact the Gallery.


from 5th of March 2007

Polychrome sculpture by Mariana Gordan

@the Romanian Cultural Institute, 1 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X8PH

An exhibition of new polychrome sculpture by Mariana Gordan. The evening will start with an exclusive performance by Monica Madas puppeteer & jazz singer, recently awarded the 2006 debut award with the 'Doina Jazzului' project.

Food and refreshments Monday, March 5th 2007, 6.30 PM at the Romanian Cultural Institute,

1 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X8PH

RSVP: Romanian Cultural Institute

T: 020 7752 0134 E: office@icr-london.co.uk

Information courtesy of Romanan Cultural Institute, London


9 February - 5 April 2007

Lars Tunbjörk

@ Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool
Gallery opening times:
Tuesday - Saturday 10.30am - 5.30pm
Closed Sundays, Mondays & Bank holidays
Admission is free
A document that historians of tomorrow will undoubtedly study with astonishment. (Christian Caujolle)
Open Eye Gallery proudly presents the first solo exhibition in the UK of Lars Tunbjörk, a major figure in contemporary European photography.Working mostly in his native Sweden,Tunbjörk presents us with a series of reflections on modern life that are by turns poetic, wryly humorous and devastatingly incisive.
Tunbjörk photographs the spaces, such as the office and home, in which we choose or are compelled to spend most of our time. He picks up on the small things we habitually overlook: an office carpet, a flower bed, a birthday cake bathed in fluorescent light. He questions them and gently points up their absurdity. This exhibition features three recent bodies of work - Office, Dom Alla and Madrid 2004 - all of which explore the changes brought about to modern urban life by consumerism and globalization.
Artist Talk: Lars Tunbjörk
Friday 9 February, 12.30pm
Lars Tunbjörk will be in the gallery to introduce his exhibition and talk about his unique approach to colour documentary photography, with opportunities for questions and discussion.
After the event Lars Tunbjörk will be signing copies of his book Office, which will be available on the day for £37.00 (usual price £42.00).
Free event
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Open Eye Galley
28-32 Wood Street
Liverpool L1 4AQ
Tel +44 (0)151 709 9460
Email: info@openeye.org.uk


29th January to 27th March 2007

"Portraits of Great Composers and Musicians" by Wong Li Xian

Wong Li Xian was born in Beijing, China in 1959 and works as a construction engineer/building designer. He devotes his leisure time and passion to drawing portraits of great classical music composers and musicians to satisfy his artistic expression.

Wong has always been very fond of classical music and attends various classical music concerts, holding a pencil in his hand as he listens to the music to capture the image of the musicians. He emphasises that drawing out the musician's spirit is more important than creating photo-realistic images. Wong believes that pens have power to connect with music and that his works, therefore, have a musical resonance.

Portraits include some of the great classical composers such as Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Puccini and Wagner as well as contemporary musicians.

This is Wong Li Xian's first UK exhibition and is curated by Liverpool-based artist
Xia Lu, featuring 18 portraits created entirely with pens.
The exhibition runs through to 27th March 2007

All works are available to purchase.

Contact details:
Tel: Philharmonic Hall 0151 210 2895
Contact staff in the Foyer or Box Office in Philharmonic Hall.
Open Monday - Saturday 10.00 ~ 17.30 (or end of concert - whichever is later)

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from 17th of February to 31st of March 2007

'Paintings by Gerald Cains RWA'

@ Lark Lane Atelier, 33 Lark lane, Aigburth, Liverpool L17 8VW

'A realist painter, influenced by the Camden Town artists and the London group.'

Private View Sat. 17th Febr, 5-8pm

Open Thursday and Friday, 10.30am until 1.00pm and again from 5.00pm till 8.30pm

Open Saturday and Sunday 12.00pm until 5.00pm

tel. 0151 727 5355 or 07989 432537


12 january to 20 April 2007

Works on paper- Joash Woodrow 1927-2006

@University of Liverpool Art Gallery, 3 Abercromby Square, Liverpool L69 7WY

Open Monday to friday 12 noon to 4pm

Thursday 15 March, 1pm

Gallery talk: "The solitary art of Joash Woodrow", by Andrew Stewart of 108 Fine Arts

admission free

t: 0151 7942348, e: artgall@liverpool.ac.uk

w: http://www.liv.ac.uk/artgall


Tease Art Fair

held close to Cologne Central Railway Station, Cologne

Opening: Wednesday, the 18'th of April 2007

Duration: Thursday, the 19'th - Sunday the 22'nd of April 2007

Tel: 0049 - 30 - 40 50 41 74
Mobil: 0049 - 30 - 175 377 90 67
e-mail: edmundpiper@tease-online.de





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