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March - April 2006

)Bracket THIS( - Going Native?, Arena Gallery, 82-84 Duke Street, Liverpool

"For a crowd is not company; and faces are but a gallery of pictures; and
talk but a tinkling cymbal, where there is no love... Truth is so hard to
tell, it sometimes needs Fiction to make it plausible." Francis Bacon.

Fiction @ )Bracket THIS( - Going Native?, Arena Gallery, 82-84 Duke Street
Wednesday 8th March
7:00 till 10:30


Fiction is back for one night in the Arena Gallery, hosting another night
of brand new quality poetics.


Ayo Ogolo - Nigerian-born Toxteth poet, author of multimedia children's
publication Aku's Chair.
"Tailor-made for success", Daily Post

Mana Bozho - expert african drum troop

Gonzo and Noni Jackson Twist - German cabaret!

plus: Nafe Jones, Nick Holloway and Dave Bamford.

A year in the making, the )Bracket THIS( - Going Native? exhibition opened
on Thursday 2nd March to popular aclaim.
Takling notions of public identity, displacement, and cultural history
'Going Native?' is displaying the range of artistic production currently
taking place in Liverpool. On show is the work of 20 artists from different
cultural backgrounds and disciplines, as well as 5 brand new commissions,
completed especially for this exhibition.
Included are artists from Italy, China, Barbados, Romania, Somalia, India,
Tibet and England, all of which have been asked to explore the meaning of
the Liverpool Capital of Culture slogan 'The World in One City'. The work
is a mixture of photography, painting, sculpture and installation.

Admission is free

For further enquiries contact Tomas Harold
Email: tmharo@hotmail.co.uk
Tele: 07913891402


Met Art Gallery

6 Queen Avenue (off Castle Street)
"Pride in Liverpool
Featuring work by Liverpool artists Simon Birtall, Helen Dogherty, Jason Jones, Sue Milburn, Tony & Nathan Pendlebury, Debbie Ryan, Jossy Sitoe, Steve Strode, Colin Serjent.
25th February - 31st March.
Contact: 0151 236 5100 Website: www.artstudioliverpool.co.uk


HeadSpace @ EggSpace, Liverpool

An exhibition of artwork by members of Creative Lets
Curated by Lis Edgar

Opening: Wednesday, 22 March, 2006 - 7:00pm onwards

Duration: 22 March - 23 April, 2006
Egg Opening Times: Mon - Sat: 10:30am-11:00pm; Sun: 10:30am-5:00pm

Entry: Free / Donations welcome!

Address: Egg Cafe/Gallery, 16 - 18 Newington Buildings, Liverpool, L14DE

Email: headspaceegg@aol.com

Website: www.eggspace.org


The London International Gypsy Film Festival:
Finding Romanistan
16 - 30 March 2006

The London International Gypsy Film Festival is an international
celebration of Romany culture, community and identity, as represented
within the moving image. Over two weeks and through dozens of features,
documentaries and short films, an argument will be creatively made
against all the stereotypes, prejudice and often overt hostility
displayed towards a people over centuries. This festival, the first time
that such a body of work has been presented in the UK, seeks instead to
present a much more comprehensive and rounded sense of what it means to
live as a Romany. Whether the films are made by Gypsy film-makers or
others, they share a major quality: all seek a kind of justice, more or
less explicitly. And they hope also, of course, to entertain and
inspire, to open doors into different ways of being in the world.

The Festival presents several films from Romania, and there are also
several films about Romanian Gypsies. Please see below their programme
and details.
For the full programme of the London International Gypsy Film Festival,
please visit the Festival's website at www.ligff.org.uk
< http://www.ligff.org.uk/>

18.00 for 18.30, Curzon Soho, 99 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 5DY; Box
Office: 0870 756 4620
Tickets: £9.50/£6.50 concs
'Taraf de Haidouks Live at Union Chapel', 2006, UK, 58 mins, dir. Marc
Allen. Cert 15.
Capturing a unique moment in the life of the Romany supergroup, Allen's
vibrant and expressive portrait of the band finds them in fiery form at
London's Union Chapel, playing many of their best-loved songs with all
the verve and invention we have come to expect from these most talented
musicians. Plus discussion with director Marc Allen.
preceded by 'On the Road with Taraf', 2005, Belgium, 17 mins, dir. Michel Winter,
Stephane Karo.
Highlights from the Taraf archives, featuring vivid footage from their
global touring since 1990.
and 'The Taraf Speak to You', 2005, UK, 23mins, dir. Marc Allen.
Interviews with all the major 'players'.

Friday 17 March 2006 - 'GADJO DILO'
18.30, Ciné Lumière, French Institute, 17 Queensberry Place, London SW7
2DT; Tel: 020 7073 1350
Tickets: £9/£7 concs
'Gadjo Dilo', 1997, France, 90mins, dir. Tony Gatlif, with Romain Duris,
Rona Hartner, Izidor Serban. Cert.15.
Gatlif's superb celebration of the Gypsy people, set in Romania, tells a
tale of a young Parisian's search for a singer beloved by his deceased
father. Gatlif makes films with a semi-documentary feel and
preponderantly non-professional casts, lacing his sharp, droll
observations with the music, song and lusty ebullience of his subjects.
Essential to the film's success is Gatlif's controlled ability to meld
life and art, to garner convincing performances and, as they say, fake
spontaneity. Funny, enlivening, entertaining and moving. (Wally Hammond,
Time Out London)
Also showing on Sunday 19 March 2006, 18.30, Ciné Lumière, French
, 17 Queensberry Place, London SW7 2DT; Tel: 020 7073
1350,Tickets: £9/£7 concs
and Sunday 26 March, 16.35, Rio Cinema, 107 Kingsland High Street E8
2PB; Tel 020 7241 9410, Tickets £7.50/£5.50 concs

Saturday 18 March 2006 - 'NO MAN IS A PROPHET IN HIS OWN LAND'
16.00, Genesis Cinema, 93-95 Mile End Road, Stepney, London E1 4UJ; Box
office: 08700 606 061
Tickets: £6.50/£4.50 concs
'No Man is a Prophet in His Own Land', 2001, France, 52mins, dir. Elsa
Dahmani. Cert 15.
A spirited document of the iconic Romanian band Taraf de Haidouks, shot
during the recording of their album 'Band of the Gypsies', as their
global reputation continued to rise. Filmed in their home village of
Clejani and in Bucharest, it's an intimate portrait of the band and
their community.

Saturday 18 March 2006 - 'ANGEL'
14.00, Rio Cinema, 107 Kingsland High Street E8 2PB; Tel 020 7241 9410
Tickets: £5.50/£4.50 concs & under 15s
'Angel' (within the Short film programme for children. Cert PG), 2001,
Romania, 30 mins, dir. Alexander Smolyanov.
Two children live in the most magic village in the world...

Saturday 18 March 2006 - 'LATCHO DROM'
18.15 and 21.00, Ciné Lumière, French Institute, 17 Queensberry Place,
London SW7 2DT; Tel: 020 7073 1350
Tickets: £7/£5 concs

'Latcho Drom', 1993, France, 103mins, dir. Tony Gatlif. Cert U.
The title means 'safe journey', and Gatlif's wonderful document is an
impassioned, semi-allegorical odyssey traced, using one group of Rom
after another, from India - by way of Egypt, Istanbul, Romania, Hungary,
Slovakia and the annual pilgrimage to Saintes Maries de la Mer in the
Camargue - to Spain. A document of customs, craftsmanship, costumes,
faces and, most especially, song and dance, it's a musical celebration
of the gypsies' sense of community and ability to survive in the face of
upheaval, prejudice and persecution. Technically, the film, shot in
numerous locations in 'Scope and stereo, is also a triumph. (Geoff
Andrew, Time Out London)
Also showing on Sunday 26 March 2006, 14.30, Rio Cinema, 107 Kingsland
High Street E8 2PB; Tel 020 7241 9410, Tickets: £7.50/£5.50 concs

Saturday 18 March 2006 - 'THE SORROW OF BLACK GOLD'
16.00, Genesis Cinema, 93-95 Mile End Road, Stepney, London E1 4UJ; Box
office: 08700 606 061
Tickets: £6.50/£4.50 concs
'The Sorrow of Black Gold' (Tristetea Aurului Negru), 1994, Romania,
14mins, dir. Sinisa Dragin. Cert 15.
An impression of the harsh reality of Gypsy 'survivors' in a village
near Bucharest, who find an oil well near a refinery and start using it
to provide fuel for heating. The local police intervene... Without
commentary, the camera follows the people from a distance, accompanied
by the music of the Romanian Gypsy orchestra Taraful din Clejani.
Also showing on Tuesday 28 March 2006, 18.45, Genesis Cinema, 93-95 Mile
End Road, Stepney, London E1 4UJ; Box office: 08700 606 061. Tickets:
£ 6.50/£4.50 concs
and Wednesday 29 March 2006, 18.45, Rio Cinema, 107 Kingsland High
Street E8 2PB; Tel 020 7241 9410. Tickets: £7.50/£5.50 concs

Sunday 19 March 2006 - 'SWING'
16.30, Ciné Lumière, French Institute, 17 Queensberry Place, London SW7
2DT; Tel: 020 7073 1350
Tickets: £9/£7 concs
'Swing', 2002, Romania/France, 102mins, dir. Tony Gatlif, with Oscar
Copp, Lou Rech. Cert.12.
One day, 10 year old Max hears the manouche guitar playing of a Gypsy
named Miraldo and is hooked. Ignoring his grandmother's entreaties, he
secures a guitar, heads to the wrong side of town and begs Miraldo to
teach him. Soon Max is enmeshed in Gypsy culture as he simultaneously
begins to learn about music and life.

Wednesday 22 March 2006 - 'ROMANE IASFA' (WORLD PREMIERE)
18.45, Genesis Cinema, 93-95 Mile End Road, Stepney, London E1 4UJ; Box
office: 08700 606 061
Tickets: £6.50/£4.50 concs
'Romane Iasfa' (Romany Tears) 2006, Romania, 52mins, dir. Luminita
Cioaba, Cert 15. - WORLD PREMIERE
> From the spring till the autumn of the year 1942, at the order of
Marshall Ion Antonescu, there were deportations of the nomadic and
sedentary Roma people from Romania to Transdnistria (Eastern Moldova).
It was a tragedy of huge proportions that has been completely ignored
until now. Some of the people deported had sons, husbands and fathers
enrolled in the Romanian army. This fact, without parallel in the Second
World War, was one of the reasons for ceasing the deportation of the
Roma people to Transdnistria. Even today we have no exact numbers of the
people who suffered and died in the concentration camps. Plus discussion
with director Luminita Cioaba.
Plus (free with cinema ticket) History: Panel Discussion, with Donald
Kenrick, writer; Professor Thomas Acton, academic, Head of Romani
Studies at University of Greenwich; Zelimir Zilnik, filmmaker; and,
Grattan Puxon, writer (tbc)

Friday 24 March 2006 - 'GYPSY CHILD BRIDES' and 'THE CURSE OF THE

18.30, Genesis Cinema, 93-95 Mile End Road, Stepney, London E1 4UJ; Box
office: 08700 606 061
Tickets: £6.50/£4.50 concs
'Gypsy Child Brides', 2004, England, 30mins, dir. Liviu Tipurita. Cert
An exploration of the phenomenon of arranged, under-aged marriages in
Romania. Made as part of the BBC's 'World Weddings' series. Plus
discussion with director Liviu Tipurita.
followed by
'The Curse of the Hedgehog', 2004, Romania, 93 mins, dir. Dumitru
Budrala. Cert 15
" I cared for my donkey more than I do for my own man and kids. But now
it's dead. If I had a donkey now, I would live like a Member of
Parliament," concludes Turica, one of the main characters in the film.
She and her relatives wander from village to village, carrying on their
backs handmade brooms and baskets, which they try to trade for food. The
film follows an extremely poor Gypsy family in their winter survival
trips. The viewers have the chance to meet real people in absurd
everyday situations. Remarkable photography, together with the very rich
oral texture of the characters, introduces a remote world.

Saturday 25 March 2006 - 'IAG BARI: BRASS ON FIRE'
23.15, Rio Cinema, 107 Kingsland High Street E8 2PB; Tel 020 7241 9410
Tickets: £7.50/£5.50 concs
'Iag Bari: Brass on Fire', 2002, Germany, 103 mins, dir. Ralf
Marschalleck. Cert 15.
A vibrant, swinging musical documentary about Gypsy musicians, this time
with some insight into how 'Fanfara Ciocarlia' - 'Skylark Brass Band'
came from a small village in the Carpathian mountains of Romania to the
attention of a world audience.
plus live music (free with cinema ticket): European Gypsy Ensemble.

Supported by
News International

The London International Gypsy Film Festival is produced through The
Other Cinema Ltd.


33-45 Parr Street, Liverpool
The Capital of Culture Collection
on from 29th of March

This new exhibition showing new works by Liverpool artists Alex Corina (prints and sculptures) and Chris Vine (prints), demonstrates the great creative potential of Liverpool based artists and the intention to “make art more accessible at affordable prices with paintings and limited editions of prints and other collectables produced exclusively for Art Works.”.


Urban Arts Lounge
349 Smithdown Road, Liverpool
Relentless Forms
02 March-02 May
Featuring works by Liverpool artists: Joe Bramell, Alina Vila, Sarah Richards, Pam Holstein, Karen Henley.

The Cornerstone Gallery

'Bluecoat Around The Corner'

Friday 31st March to Friday 5th May 2006

The Bluecoat Display Centre in association with the Cornerstone Gallery
presents an exhibition of six diverse artists that work in a range of
media to create a visually stunning exhibition titled 'Bluecoat Around
the Corner'.
Within Liverpool Hope University's Everton campus, The Cornerstone
Gallery is an independent space that strives to promote new and emerging
artists and create access to contemporary art within education and the
local community. It is the first time that the Display Centre has been
invited to curate and present an exhibition. The works are wall based
and made by Merseyside based artists whom they represent. The
substantial size of the exhibition space has given the featured artists
an opportunity to spread their wings in terms of the scale of their

The featured artists are:

Jenny Barker, her glass work takes on sculptural, ornamental and
architectural dimensions in the form of wall hangings. Much of her
inspiration comes from landscapes and nature, which is often
representative in the work's shape, texture and form.

Rebecca Gouldson works in a variety of metals to produce wall pieces
for domestic and architectural context. Her love of drawing and
printmaking is directly related to the marks made on the metal. The
artist creates distinct qualities of line and texture.

Rachael Howard designs colourful and imaginative embroidered narrative
wall hangings. The work shows her fascination with everyday life. Her
designs focus on the innocent pleasures of living.

Cathy Miles constructs three-dimensional wire wall works. She cleverly
combines iron-binding wire with found objects and materials to create
witty depictions of birds in conversion. Her characters come to life to
reveal their grumbles and gripes, bad habits, love interests and
attention seeking behaviour.

Andrew Peter's works are all unique, limited productions. He
specialises in the design of mirror wall pieces, constantly seeking to
improve the designs in terms of their aesthetics and construction. He
chooses to construct in multiples but no consecutive pieces are ever
exactly the same.

Kazuhito Takadoi is intrigued by the colours in nature, marvelling at
the constant changes throughout the year. He is interested in slow decay
when everything eventually returns to the earth. Viewing his work from
different angles and in different lights provides a new perspective.

The Exhibition is open from Friday 31st March to Friday 5th May 2006.
The Gallery is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm (closed 13th to 18th
April due to the Easter Break).

For directions of how to get to the gallery please visit
For further information please contact the Gallery.
Tel: 0151 291 3997
Email: thecornerstonegallery@hope.ac.uk
Web: www.hope.ac.uk/cornerstonegallery

contact The Bluecoat Display Centre,
Tel: 01517094014
Email: crafts@bluecoatdisplaycentre.com.

The Cornerstone Gallery
Liverpool Hope University
Hope at Everton
1, Haigh Street
Liverpool, L3 8QB




25 March - 23 June 2006 - EXHIBITION:

DAN PERJOVSCHI 'The Room Drawing, 2005'





Members Room, Level 6, Tate Modern, Bankside, London SE1 9TG;

Tel. 0207887 8888
Admission Free.
10.00-18.00, Monday-Thursday open to the public; Friday, Saturday and
Sunday for Tate Members ONLY.

Should you want to become a Tate Member,
please visit www.tate.org.uk/members

Treating the walls of Tate Modern's Members' Room as a blank canvas, Dan Perjovschi creates a witty, provocative and occasionally cutting social commentary, using drawing to deal with socially relevant issues. His work follows the tradition of political cartoonists' drawings which link
humorous observations of everyday life with ironic commentary.
In 1999 Perjovschi represented Romania at the 48th Venice Biennial.

He covered the floor of the pavilion with drawings and political graffiti
about life in the post-Communist era and the role of Eastern European
art in the cultural exchange with the West. Sketched using black marker
pens, Perjovschi's cartoons literally vanished beneath the feet of
visitors - a clear allusion to the erosion of Eastern European identity
and 'old' art following the collapse of the Wall.

In the summer of 2004, Collective Gallery invited Perjovschi to be the
unofficial artist-in-residence to the Edinburgh Festival. Perjovschi
acted as a critical observer and sometime participant, mingling with
writers, performers and audiences, picking up on the cultural debates
and setting them within a broader global context. His playful chalk
drawings were seen on regularly updated display panels at three
locations within the city and in a freely distributed newspaper.
Perjovschi's drawings always respond to the social and political context
in which they are made and incorporate comments on personal, regional
and international issues. His research for 'The Room Drawing' included
interviewing Tate staff members, Tate Members and representatives from
Tate Modern's Council. The results are likely to raise a few eyebrows.
Dan Perjovschi was born in Sibiu, Romania in 1961.

He lives and works in Bucharest.
Supported by Tate Members.
Details on www.tate.org.uk/modern/exhibitions/danperjovschi/

Photos C Tudor Prisacariu


Royal College of Art Galleries, Kensington Gore, London SW7 2EU

Saturday 1 April 2006
15.00-16.00: Guided Tour

Students on the MA Curating Contemporary Art act as guides for group
tours through the exhibition. No booking required.

followed by

16.00- 17.00: Slideshow and music performance
DAN PERJOVSCHI: My World (with music composed by Mark Schreiber)
RICHARD THOMAS: A Foray into the Psychedelic Dimensions of Boredom.
Within the Education and Events Arena, Upper Gulbenkian Gallery.

This event juxtaposes a presentation of drawings by Dan Perjovschi,
entitled My World, inspired by 'Again for Tomorrow', with a performance
by Richard Thomas, which also responds directly to the exhibition's

The events arena was designed for the exhibition Again for Tomorrow by
Basque artist Gorka Eizagirre.

AGAIN FOR TOMORROW is curated by graduating students on the MA Curating
Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art in London.
Details on www.cca.rca.ac.uk/againfortomorrow

How to get there:
Underground stations: 5-10 minutes walk from South Kensington,
Gloucester Road and High Street Kensington
Buses: Bus stop directly outside the Royal College of Art, for buses 9
and 10 from the West End; 52 from Victoria station


_Eastern European art show : "Under The Blue Sky",

Mechanics Hall, Marsden, West Yorks

3rd of April - end of May

Since the initial show during the Liverpool Biennial 2004, selected works have been presented at various venues in Liverpool and London, along Hammersmith Festival 2005 and at the Romanian Cultural Institute.
Exhibiting artists:
Nicole Bartos, Melinda Farkas, Emil Moritz, Andor Komives, Andrea Szocs, Andras Koncz-Munich, Andra (F. Predescu).

To find out more about the artists please, visit: (www.gallery4allarts.com) guest artists and Nicole's page.
Contact: info@gallery4allarts.com

Opening hours:

Mon-Wed 2.00pm-7.30pm; Fri 2.00pm-5.30pm;
Tue, Thursday and Sat 10am -1.00pm.
For more enquiries please, contact Rosie at: ideas@icarus.uk.net

Please, read articles published April 3 2006, by The Huddersfield Daily Examiner and artinliverpool.com
Art In Liverpool Blog "The Best British Art Blog" The Times Oct. 1st 2005


Kitchen Gallery

Kitchen Open Exhibition - Cheshire

Opening Times:

Private View Sunday 30th April 1 - 4
Please, get in touch to be placed on to the guest list.

Exhibition runs from 29th April to 28th May, opening hours Friday to Sunday 12 - 4 and by appointment.

Contact: Sarah Nicholson at the Kitchen Gallery, Norton Priory Museum and Gardens, Tudor Road, Manor Park, Cheshire, WA7 1SX. Telephone 0151 733 5986 or 0772 987 3001 for further information.

The Kitchen Gallery are delighted to announce that they are to hold their First Kitchen Gallery Open Contemporary Art Competition for Artist from the North West, having received funding from the Arts Council of England as well as generous support from Halton Borough Council and Norton Priory Museum and Gardens.

This year the Kitchen Gallery will be showing original 2D media excluding photography and computer generated images.

Works are do not exceed 50 cm x 50 cm nor project more than 15 cm from the wall.


The Kitchen Gallery and Studios are pleased to announce the 1st Open Contemporary Art Competition with prizes in excess of £1,000 including cash and a well publicised solo exhibition.

The 1st Prize of £150 plus a well promoted solo exhibition at the Kitchen Gallery in September and the £100 Norton Priory Prize selected by the staff of the Museum.

to promote creativity and excellence
to exhibit a wide and challenging range of original contemporary paintings, drawings and prints in Halton
to encourage younger artists and art students to exhibit their work in public exhibition
to help artists sell their work
to widen public understanding of, involvement in and access to art and artists in Halton
to raise awareness in the people of Halton of the quality and talent available in affordable contemporary art across the Northwest



News from Jazmin Sinclair:

Long Journey Home Group - Exhibition Opportunities for Artists

There is a massive exhibition coming up in St George's
, Liverpool from 3rd - 7th May, 2006
being organised by Peter
Worthington from the South Bohemia Art Gallery.

"This exhibition is part of the Liverpool 08 Open Squash Championship
in association with The South Bohemia Art Gallery, Liverpool Culture
Company and Liverpool City Council & will be a Grand Exhibition of Art,
Sport and Performance. The exhibition will promote the artwork of
Liverpool and London artists in one of the most beautiful buildings in
the country. Performances by graduates from Liverpool Institute of
Performing Arts with laser light show. Outside the hall includes
choirs, drummers, dancers, performers and artists painting the scenes."

South Bohemia Gallery are asking for lots groups of artists to show and
for the Long Journey Home Group to be one of them. I will be able to get more info to you when I receive it.

In the meantime for more details visit:

Or you can contact the South Bohemia Gallery at:
196 Smithdown Road, Wavertree, Liverpool L15 3JT,
Tel: 0151 7335120 Mob: 0779 1145190 / 07866 85488
Email: peterworthington1@yahoo.co.uk

The cost is £200 per group of artists & the whole event will have
massive media coverage including some on Sky Sports TV. This obviously
means that each artist who shows work will have to pay a fee so this
cost can be covered but between a group of us this shouldn't be too
high. I will work out this price when I have a better idea who is
interested in showing. I think that the space per artist will be
limited to one or two of pieces of work each again depending on who is
interested in showing.

If you are interested in showing work in this exhibition as part of the
Long Journey Home Group then please get back to me on this at this
email address asap with two small low resolution J-peg images of your
artwork / ideas. If lots of people are interested then this may have
to come down to a first come first serve selection process.




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