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Submissions for Newsletter

If you are a North West or UK based artist, curator, art critic or art organisation and interested in sharing/advertising any art related news (exhibitions, projects, competitions, reviews, press releases) you are most welcome to submitting information to be included in the nearest newsletter. Newsletters are constantly edited and email distributed on a 1-2 weekly basis.

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Any text information has to be submitted as a Word or PDF document including a couple of images with 'jpeg' or 'gif' format and a resolution of 72dpi. Size of written documents should not exceed 3 pages size A4. PDF formats including text and image not to exceed 1MB.

It is important that with all submissions you will please, mention name of person and organisation, postal and email address and a phone contact. Thank you.

This is a free service offered by Gallery4allarts therefore, please make sure that your information is up to date, correct, ethical and complies with required conditions.

Gallery4allarts does not take any responsibility that extra long, unsuitable, incomplete work or information submitted with a short notice would be included in the Newsletter.

Gallery4allarts has the right to select and decide upon all submissions.

Though all efforts are made to keep an up to date information and constant editing, please bare in mind that the Newsletter editing is not one of the priorities that the Gallery4allarts is dealing with, and therefore sometimes, due to intense and aglomeration of work delays may occur.

Please, accept apologies for any delay or any inconvenience that might occur.

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