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Nicole Bartos: "Capturing Threads of Light"

18th Sept - 29th Sept 2010

Preview: Thursday 16th September, 3pm - 8pm
(Open to accredited press and professionals);
Open Day: Saturday 18th September 12 - 7.00pm

Venue: Gallery4allarts, Gallery 2

Nicole Bartros, is an artist fascinated by the metaphysical, spiritual philosophy and by the discovery of the extra-sensorial world; feeling the invisible; painting the feeling; meditating while painting and painting while meditating.

"I also, love prayer of the heart and aim to link my art to this side of things, to achieve a real, valuable experience and contribute to the universal beneficial pulse through art; a progression of steps on the spiritual ladder."
Artist and curator of Hungarian-Romanian origins, based in Liverpool. Since an early age, Nicole Bartos (Maria-Nicoleta Bartos), has experienced art in many different forms with great dedication and a thirst for discovery and experiment. Her best artistic achievements are in the field of mixed media and experimental art (“Structures and Geometries” - experimental research), site specific installation, abstract painting, experimental drawing, photography and ceramics sculpture. Graduated and post-graduated from the “I.A.”Academy of Visual Arts, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Was awarded a National Graduates’ Award for Ceramics, by the Romanian National Fine Artists’ Union, to which she was accepted as a member immediately after her degree in ceramics and glass, in 1997. To date, Nicole has curated numerous exhibitions and art projects. She has worked and collaborated with many prestigious local and international artists, from a wide range of artistic backgrounds such as, Peter Frúcht, Marina Moreno, Terry Sullivan, Derek Culley, Michael Meldru, Lei Liang, Nagachoo, Fanchon Fröhlich and many, many others. Since 2006, Nicole has established and runs Gallery4allarts ( She also writes poetry and occasionally, critical reviews on visual arts and theatre, teaches experimental and abstract painting techniques for relaxation and therapy, and practices Qi Gong.

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