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CHI KUNG for Vitality and Meditation

Cultivating and developing your Energy and Life

External Moving meditation and Internal practices for Adults and Seniors

All levels welcome.


from 8th June to October 2021. By appoinment.

Tuesdays 11am

Main Hall, The Old Police Station, 80 Lark Lane, Liverpool, L17 8UU

Thursday 11.30am, Thursdays 7pm, Sefton Park L17

6 weeks blocks of QIGONG classes and courses indoors and outdoors.

1:1 Instruction and Training by request and prior arrangements. Please, enquire.

By advanced appointments for 6 weeks or up to 2 hours/week

Bookings are taken now for a start from late May 2021 onwards.

To find out more, please contact Nicole. Thank you.

Suggested donation for group classes: £27/6 weeks/pp or £6/session/pp.

1:1 bookings/tuition and training instruction - Suggested donation £150/ 6 weeks or £30/session



Many thanks.


Workshops/ Taught classes/ Training - outdoors / indoors.

INTRODUCTION to External and Internal QI GONG/ CHI KUNG practices,

IncludingThe 8 Extraordinary Meridians QI GONG

With a combination of external and Internal practices, this course will take you on a journey into experiencing and

enhancing your (Aura) and your energy system via relaxation, gentle practice and meditation.

All welcome, including dancers, singers and those who work with breathing a lot and use a lot of energy throughout daily practice.

QiGong (Chi Kung) - external/ internal exercises and meditation practices for cultivating ones energy and life. Gentle standing practice and standing/seated meditation; covering a selected range of external and internal Qi Gong practices suitable for all levels, beginners to experienced. Learn, depending on the course length, selections from practices such as: Basic practice Qi Gong, Walking Qi GONG and 3-1-2 and selected and simplified practices from The 8 Extraordinary Meridians QiGong (The Inner Smile, Focusing at your navel/ Ba Gua, Important Qi Gong Points, Microcosmic Orbit, Thrusting Channel, Belt Channel) these progressive courses, depending on the period of practice (6 or 10 weeks period), offer a rewarding insight into these valuable moving and seated meditation practices that work holistically, on the body, energy system/meridians and mind; letting go of/ clearing stress, tension and negative emotions, relaxing/calming, refreshing, nourishing/ cummulating, rejuvenating and strengthening ones’ energy system and wellbeing. Please note, this is not a martial arts practice.

Bookings in advance.

Cost: please contact us for details.

Please note, the fees below apply for larger group practice only. You must enquire for the latest updates.

Please, consult with the instructor for any 1:1 (indoors/outdoors) or small groups (outdoors) tuition and

teaching training sessions.

All enquiries to:



Please, scroll down for updates and details on classes and advanced bookings.





From Thursday, 22nd of October 2020, 7.10pm- 8pm - Cancelled


6 weeks - Indoors QIGONG course at the MDI, 24 Hope Street, Liverpool

Bookings and more details via:


Cost: £55/pp/6 weeks (updated 5th Oct 2020)

Bookings and payments in advance, please. Thank you!

Venue address: Merseyside Dance Innitiantive (MDI) (Studio 2), 24 Hope Street, L1 9BX, Liverpool, Merseyside.

6 weeks course introducing you to:

Basic practice Qi Gong, Walking Qi GONG and 3-1-2 and

Selected simplified practices from The 8 Extraordinary Meridians QiGong:

The Inner Smile, Focusing at your navel/ BA GUA, Important Qi Gong Points, Thrusting Channel, Microcosmic Orbit

Limited places available.

For booking enquiries please, send you name and contact details by phone or e-mail or use the link provided above.

Thank you.


NB. Unfortunately, we can't have unannounced drop-in-sessions due to Covid 19 regulations and risks.
Only 10 people are allowed per class. So hurry to secure a place to avoid disappointment.
Payments ideally via Eventbrite. View related links listed above below each course in part. Thank you.
For hygiene and safety reasons, we ask and expect students to pay online in advance so, tutor can avoid additional cash handling .

Considering Covid19 pandemic:

! Please, consider your safety and others' by sanitising hands often, wearing a mask and keeping the 3 meters distance apart at all times.

Thank you for your cooperation.



ongoing - until mid November

TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS 12pm Start. (Meet -11.45am; Ends 1pm)


Location: Sefton Park, Liverpool L17

Outdoors meeting. Weather permitting.

Bookings and more details via:


Cost: £30/pp/6 weeks and £42/pp/8 weeks. £6/pp/session

You missed the start? Don't worry, just book in for the next session by

texting 'your name and CHIKUNG' to: 07756912911 or leave a voicemail.

Many Thanks.

Considering Covid19 pandemic:

! Please, consider your safety and others' by sanitising hands often, wearing a mask & keeping the 3 meters distance apart at all times.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Photos above courtesy to Nicole Bartos, 2006



More on Gallery4allarts Teaching Programme 2020

By appointment, only.

OUTDOORS and at following Venues:

G4 Room, THE OLD POLICE STATION, 80 Lark Lane, L17 8UU (ongoing) By appointment only: 1-2 people/ session



The Life Rooms, 23-25 Scarisbrick Ave, Southport PR8 1NW

(Stopped due to COVID LOCKDOWN - Remains to be re-confirmed, for near future)



To register please, request a registration form via to:


tel: 07756912911

Thank you.re.




These classes offer a combination and progression of the main topics listed below which generally start with basic adjustments and alignment of the body, breath and mind. You will practice standing, gentle stretching movements that will help focusing and settling your body, breath, mind/ intentions and chi on inner peace, chi flow, happiness, external/ internal balance, emotional cleansing, good volume of chi through enhanced deep breathing and gentle stretching of your main meridians and your physical body.

Also, a good and constant intention and companion in practice is the inner focus on 'letting go'. Letting go of negative, old and stale energy and collecting and storing 'new, freshm, clean, refined' energy in your system whilst smiling and meditating and using you Mind.

The main goal of these practices is high quality QI GONG meditation. Generally practiced standing and sometimes seated meditation will be possible through Inner Qi Gong.

Basic Practice Qi Gong:
Preparatorial practice: self tapping and massage for relaxation / healing of Body and mind;
Main adjustments body, breath, mind. Visualisation.
3 Dan Tien
Abdominal/ Diaphragmatic Breathing technique.
Basic Practice Qi Gong - Forms 1 to 8 as taught by Xia Lu
3 - 1 - 2 Qi GONG
The 3-1-2 Qigong exercise is a simple, effective exercise to improve your health.
3 stands for 3 acupuncture points stimulated, 1 is for abdominal breathing technique, 2 is for 2 leg squatting exercise.
Walking Qi Gong
(working on Yin/Yang organs and related meridians)

The Chi wash down

Selected short introductory practices from THE 8 EXTRAORDINARY MERIDIANS QI GONG:

The Smile Down to the Yin organs,

Cleansing Negative Emotions,

Thrusting Channel,

Micrososmic Orbit

May we meet and practice together in peaceful and beautiful places. Blessings and good CHI!

Stay well and safe!

(Nicole Bartos *)

* Nicole Bartos, primarily a Visual Artist and Soprano Soloist, has been studying and practicing Qi Gong and Thai Qi for over 15 years. She has been also teachin Qi Gong in Liverpool, since 2006. Recently, in 2020 she has started to offer and run her classes pre Covid 19, at the Life Rooms in Southport and has also, assisted James MacRitchie to teach some of his Internal Qi Gong Meditation classes offered at Personal Energy Centre, Hope Street (2019) and during teaching at the The Life Rooms in Rice Lane 2020.

Nicole has trained in Liverpool with the following teachers:

Rita Flanagan ( 2004), Xia Lu (2005-2009), Sifu Kam Lau (2009-201), James MacRitchie 2017-2020, Barbara Shields 2020.


Send a text or call:






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