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Vocal Training & Singing lessons

with Nicole Bartos, Soprano

All levels welcome. Singer starters. Amateurs. Semi-professionals.

Lieder, Arias, All genre and styles




All queries and bookings to:







Vocal Practice & SINGING sessions

General possible Slots Availability at different venues,

Monday to Friday by appointment.

Other neccessary suggestions/ requests for a better lesson:Any music sheets copies/ scores or a book for the teacher are welcome.

All music scores to be written ideally for voice and piano. Thank you for your support and cooperation.




Topics and Tips for Vocal training & Singing:

Singing = a full body activity

Posture alignment.Understanding Breathing for vocal techniques, bell canto and singing better.

Appogio.Voice placing and warming up exercises.

Natural voice placing / Messa di voce.Vocalisation and agility.

Shoulds and Shouldn'ts ("Enemies of the singing voice")...

Voice stretching : Warming up, Warming Down.

Classical Arias and Lied.

Tips to fro voal hygiene an help you protect your vocal folds, to keep a healthy singing and speaking voice.

Tips: Preparing for a concert. Preparing for a long public speach, etc.

Breathing techniques and vocal practice- including preparatory helpful gymnastics

Other tips from meditation to body movement exercises, visualisation,

warm up with posture alignment, relaxation and improve lung/ breathing capacity.

learn about your Breath / Support and Appogio (posture, breathing; using the mind, meditation, relaxation, refreshing your energy)

Messa di voce technique/ voice placing exercises etc


Location /...Where?

At yours or other residences, by appointment or at various venues:

G4 Room, The Old Police Station, 80 Lark Lane, L17 8UU.

Other venues might be possible to arrange according to your location, availbility and lenght of your tuition period.

By appointment. Book your slot in advance.

Fees: (last updated February 2024)

Fees vary from £20/ (30 minute session) to £45 / (per 90 minutes session or 2 hours) per person,

depending on topic, level of expertise/ needed assistance, duration and coplexity of the lesson, and location. Longer term tuition works out cheeper if booked and paid in advance.

Beginners' first session cost: £35.00/ 75 minutes

Shorter Sessions, Concessions, Offers, Prepaid Packages:

Offers:£20/ per 30 minutes session/ per person; Concession: £15/30 min/

£30/ per hour when booking a 5 sessions pack at full price of: £150 or

10 sessions pack at: £250

£40/per 1 hour and 30 minutes/ session/pp when booking 5 sessions pack at £200

Special / Other Offers (Christmas/ Easter):

£120/ per 4 sessions/pp or, Concession: £100/ 4 sessions/ pp

Other general Concessions: £25 - £20/ per person/ hour session


Did you know?

"A person's voice pitch is determined by the resonant frequency of the vocal folds."

"In an adult male this frequency averages about 125 Hz, adult females around 210, in children the frequency is over 300 Hz.

The folds vibrate when they are closed to obstruct the airflow through the glottis, the space between the folds: they are forced open by increased air pressure in the lungs, and closed again as the air rushes past the folds, lowering the pressure (Bernoulli's principle)." (exerpt from: https://www.sciencedaily.com/terms/vocal_folds.htm)

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