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Contact: enquiries@gallery4allarts.com

Study drawing, painting and mixed media topics with ‘Still Life’ settings, ‘Portrait’ or abstract experiments. Bringing along your own materials is a must, unless arranged otherwise with the teacher. To enquire specifically about materials and other issues such as bookings and 1:1 tuition please, consult with the tutor in advance, via email or make an appointment via venues.

! By advance booking/appointment, only. Suitable for small groups and 1:1 sessions. All levels welcome.

A list of venues and times may be found below.



E-mail: enquiries@gallery4allarts.com or,

Text to / call : 07756912911


How much the sessions?/ Fees:

General Art classes related fees, only.

Small groups up to 4 -6persons: £8.50/ hour session/per person

*Concs: £6/pp

*Concessions apply for larger groups only (only when group consists of more then 4 people attending):

£85/ per 10 sessions/per person, paid in advance

One to one tuition: £30/ session.

For all other specific classes please, check details carefully on Courses page. Thanks.

! Please, check Courses page for in detail prices to a relevant class and any furthe updates.

Many thanks indeed.

Regarding: Private lessons; venue, fees/ hour: to be discussed individually and confirmed with your first appointment.

Please, enquire.


Current venues for art Classes:

Lark Lane, Community Centre, 80 Lark Lane, Liverpool L17 8UU,

When / by appointment:


Tuesday 7pm

Thursday 5.30pm

Saturday 4.00pm


tel. 07756912911 or email: enquiries@gallery4allarts.com


Please, do not hesitate to enquire about other slots opportunity and register in advance, as seat numbers are limited.

No drop in classes, sorry. By advance booking / appointment, only. Please, enquire.


What will you study? ..more details and a list of options on Courses page

Study drawing, painting and mixed media techniques while focusing on Still life, or Portrait study and

for those interested, improve and relax with abstract and experimental art, individual or group work.

From observational sketching, to painting and drawing studies around the 'STILL LIFE' and 'PORTRAIT' topics to ABSTRACT and experimental basics and techniques pick up new techniques, learn basics of composition, drawing and colour or just relax creating next to some relaxing classical music.

Please, send in your request, should you need a particular topic and discuss your interests with the tutor.

These leisure classes would suit and welcome all, beginners to advanced, and aim to enhance one’s creativity in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Various teaching methods are used, to suit all needs, from academic to experimental teaching techniques. Accompanied by classical or relaxation music or, in total silence you can learn, create and relax, experiment and enjoy. Bringing along your own materials is a must, unless arranged otherwise with the teacher. To enquire specifically about materials and other issues such as 1:1 tuition please, consult with the tutor in advance via email or make an appointment.
For future times and other updates please, re-visit this page.

Classes taught by post-graduated, experienced artist and qualified teacher in further and adult education. DBS disclosure.





Contact: enquiries@gallery4allarts.com and specify 'tuition' under subject.

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