“People and Love”

Exhibition on: 12th April – 3rd May 2008

@Ullet Grange, Liverpool

Group exhibition and competition featuring local and international artists and showing: photography, painting, sculpture, mixed media and prints.

Gallery4allarts Awards have been presented to the following artists as follows:

First Prize - Judges' Award presented to Sarah Nicholson

Second Prize - Public' vote presented to Alex Simpson

Third Prize - Curator's choice presented to Richard Ashworth

Jury members were: Ingrid Spiegl, Fanchon Frohlich, Ian Jackson, Nicole Bartos

Exhibiting artists:
Sue Ironfield, Rosemary Williamson, Alex Simpson, Ilsa Parry, Bev Jennings, Julie Ann Martin, Julian Kimmings, Richard Ashworth, Nicole Bartos, Sarah Nicholson, Stephanie de Leng, Natalie Rusell, Elaine Stapleton, Tony Kennedy, Nagachoo, Andrea Szöcs, Andras Koncz-Munich.

Venue: 36 Ullet Road, Liverpool, L17 3BP (by Sefton Park gates monument; junction of Ullet Road with Aigburth Drive)
Open for visits: Tuesday to Saturday, 2pm-6pm.
Closed: Monday, Wednesday, Sunday.


Press release

This topic invites the artist and viewer to wonder inwards and around the world, travel within the space of soul, heart, and body, communities, countries, try and grasp a feeling, a way of relating to and understanding human love and its ways of expression and the concept of humanity and peace.
The absolute necessary emotion, behaviour, fact and spirit: ’Love’, omnipresent and God given gift, is to be opened up, celebrated and shared with the audience.
The intention of this exhibition is to grow this understanding and behaviour, cultivate it and grow it, celebrate it through arts.
Artists are invited to meditate on this topic and bring into the eyes of the viewer the symbols of ‘humanity’ and ‘love’, celebrate it trough art.

The artworks and concepts proposed are conceptual, abstract or realist approaches. There is no limitation in terms of chosen art medium, style or orientation.
Artist from all art and ethnical backgrounds are encouraged to take part in this exhibition, and share their interpretations.

About “Love”
“ The word love has many different meanings in English, from something that gives a little pleasure ("I loved that meal") to something one would die for (ideals, family). It can describe an intense feeling of affection, an emotion or an emotional state. In ordinary use, it usually refers to interpersonal love. Probably due to its psychological relevance, love is one of the most common themes in art and music.

Just as there are many types of lovers, there are many kinds of love. Though love is inherent in all human cultures, cultural differences make any universal definition difficult to establish. One definition attempting to be universally applicable is Thomas Jay Oord's: to love is to act intentionally, in sympathetic response to others, to promote overall well-being. This definition applies to the positive connotations of love.
Expressions of love may include the love for a "soul" or mind, the love of laws and organizations, love for a body, love for nature, love of food, love of money, love for learning, love of power, love of fame, love for the respect of others, etcetera. Different people place varying degrees of importance on the kinds of love they receive. According to many philosophers, the only goal of life is to be happy. And there is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved. Love is essentially an abstract concept, much easier to experience than to explain.” (Extracted from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


Read below article by Ian Jackson:
"People and Love and Alex Simpson at the Grange"

Another pleasant Saturday late afternoon at the Grange on Ullet road for the latest exhibition curated by Nicole Bartos. This is on the theme of People and Love and involves 17 artists.
Added interest was provided by the award of 3 prizes. I was one of the judges for the first prize which was awarded to Sarah Nicholson who has a few pieces in the show one of which is pictured here. Visitors to the house also voted for their favourite artist and the winner was Alex Simpson. Then Nicole presented her Curator's award to Richard Ashworth.
Its an interesting collection of works with quite a few sculptures and design works as well as photography, ceramics and paintings.
Artists: Sue Ironfield, Rosemary Williamson, Alex Simpson, Ilsa Parry, Bev Jennings, Julie Ann Martin, Julian Kimmings, Richard Ashworth, Nicole Bartos, Sarah Nicholson, Stephanie de Leng, Natalie Rusell, Elaine Stapleton,Tony Kennedy, Nagachoo, Andrea Szöcs, Andras Koncz-Munich.
Also, in one of the rooms is a solo show by Alex Simpson. I really like his assemblages such as those pictured below. Items in various sized wooden boxes with glass fronts, well put together, providing endless food for the curious. He also has metal sculptures and paintings on show.
Exhibitions 'People and Love' and Alex Simpson at the Grange April 12 to May 3 2008

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Artists, work, statements (Sorry, page still in construction. More updates will follow.)


Sue Ironfield


Rosemary Williamson


“ Having spent 30 years teaching art and crafts I undertook a part time MA course to prepare for my retirement. I now work in papier mache, producing sculptured pieces utilizing my previous craft skills and techniques.
I hope people enjoy my decorative work as folk art, befitting the material. I look to ancient fertility figures and symbols to embellish and form parts of my structures. Beauty and sexual allure are treated in a playful way and I would like to draw the connection between the female as life giver and as guardian of traditional domestic hand skills and crafts.”


Alex Simpson


Ilsa Parry

Artist Statement

“ The first product entitles "Modesty" uses what would otherwise be discarded cardboard packaging to produce a table lamp which is beautiful externally through its classical form yet also beautiful on the inside as it LOVES to care for the environment and sustain our LOVE of beautiful things...

The second, entitled "NOZAC" is a table lamp made from paracetamol blister packaging which aims to promote natural healing. It is medicinal lighting (hence the paracetamol base) which uses phosphor inside each of the blisters. The lamp is used as any other would be and then when the lamp is switched off, each of the pill crevasses glows with a calming blue glow, thus reminding us that if we all "switched off" now and again and "took a chill pill" we can learn to relax into a calming atmosphere created by ourselves - instead of reaching for the ever present range of antidepressants that society now accepts as "the medicinal norm" as a solution for handling our 24/7 stressful lives..."

BIGBUTTS is a candlestick holder designed for use at the formal dining situation. Feeding has always been closely linked with courtship A romantic candlelit meal can be the prelude to (and even an analogue of) an even more sensual dessert. Food and sex are physically linked in the limbic system of the brain, which controls emotional activity generally. BIGBUTTS is a subtle visual nod to the limbic system to help “set the atmosphere” with its curvaceous yet streamlined feminine form, BIGBUTTS is the ultimate aphrodisiac artefact for the home.” “you like them – you can’t deny!”


Bev Jennings


“Souls Disfigured By Sin”

"If it were possible to have a life absolutely free from every feeling of sin, what a terrifying vacuum it would be!"- Cesare Pavese

My work is a celebration of sin. These one off ceramic pieces are hand built with a specific sin in mind, raku fired and set out for all to worship and revere.
The idea of punishment in hell fascinates me, and using Dante's 'The Divine Comedy', as a reference, I have investigated the concept of sin and retribution and decided to honour it.
For life to balance I feel that for every good there’s a bad, for every light there’s a dark, for every yin there’s a yang, for every optimist there’s a pessimist. It’s my mission to find this negative or uncanny and to portray it; if there is to be equilibrium in life then these negative points must be sought out and exposed.


Julie Ann Martin


Julian Kimmings


Richard Ashworth


Nicole Bartos


Sarah Nicholson


“Thrones: Stranger, Nurture, Culture and Comfort.”

"Unable to throw anything away I have been collecting the various car seats, pushchairs and carrying devices I have used to transport my daughter, Anna. The works are part of an ongoing series exploring the developing our relationship.

The stitch, the piercing of fabrics and drawing through of the needle, the binding together of one thing to another, by force, by compulsion. The selection of each form of manipulation is informed by the stages and struggles of a mother/daughter relationship: not always easy but full of love."


Stephanie de Leng


“Best Friends”

“These two girls did everything together. Their harmony shows I the sameness of their expressions. I watched them all night and took only one photo in a dark dance hall where they were celebrating a dad’s 40th. Then I took one photo of Dad smoking a cigar. And that was that.”

“ Self-Portrait” 1987

“I took this photo in 1987 in my local fish store on 7th Ave + 41st St NYC. This is a very personal picture because my life has been strewn with brief interactions with strangers who have reacted joyously to my request to pose for a photo. I have often come away from such brief encounters feeling tinged with love. The fish, to me, is love. Ever since I read about the Christians drawing a fish in the sand/ground a as symbol of love and sign of their faith, I too, although not a Christian, have signed a fish after my name.
So this is a portrait of me, my journey in this world, through the corridors of Love.”

“Dog, Woman’s Best Friend”

“This photo speaks for itself. The affection the old woman feels for her dog is clear. I have a certain feeling that this animal is her sole companion.”


Natalie Rusell


Elaine Stapleton



Tony Kennedy




Andrea Szöcs


Andras Koncz-Munich


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