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2018 - 2019


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2018 - 2019

1:1 and group tuition by appointment, only
@ Various venues:
Blackburne Place, off Hope Street, Liverpool L8 7PE

FINE ART 2018 - 2019

6-10 weeks courses or 'one off'. Gift Vouchers available. Join or start any time.
Still Life, Portrait, Abstract.
Drawing, painting, collage, monoprinting. Sketching, studies, composition,

various mediums & techniques: pencil & graphite, charcoal, pastels, mixed media, acrylics, ink/ watercolour.

@ The Old Police Station, 80 Lark Lane, L17 8UU

Tuesday 7pm

Thursday 5pm,

Saturday 4pm


from 2019
“ Sketching and studying from Still Life and Portrait, using different mediums and techniques"

10 weeks courses 2019

Tuesday 7pm, Thursday 5.30pm, Saturday 4pm
Slots 1@ The Old Police Station (G4 room), 80 Lark Lane, L17 8UU, Liverpool
Tuesday 7pm, Thursday 5.30pm, Saturday 4pm
. Start Tues 15/01/2019. Ends Sat 20/03/2019
Start Tues 19/03/2019. Ends Sat 25/05/2019
Start Tues 28/05/2019. Ends Sat 03/08/2019
Start Tues 01/10/2019. Ends Sat 07/12/219

6 weeks courses 2019

Wednesdays 5.30 or 6.30pm
Slots 2 @ Blackburne House (Health Place), Blackburne Place, off Hope Str, L8
Start Wednesday 19/02/2019, 5.30pm
Start 13/03/2019, 6.30pm

Sketching and studying from Still Life and Portrait.
Academic and experimental approach.
Introducing 10 different ART mediums and techniques during 10 weeks course.
Working from Still life, Portrait (or abstract, if prefered) topics at choice.
TUTOR: Nicole Bartos (MA, BA Hons)

Cost: £85.00/10 sessions/ per person for Slots 1 and £ 60/pp/6wks for Slots 2
Materials not included. Some materials may be provided for specific topics.

Registration forms / Bookings via: 07756912911
Email: enquiries@gallery4allarts.com
Courses Updates:
@ Health PLace, Blackburne House, Blackburne Place, off Hope street, Liverpool L8 7PE


! From Wednesday, 19th of February 2019, 5.30pm or

13/03/2019, 6.30pm

6 weeks course.

Course Duration: 6 weeks
Starting Date: 19/02/2019 5.30pm or 13/03/2019, 6.30pm
Finishing date: 26/03/2019 or 17/04/2019

Fees: £60/per person/ per 6 weeks. Payments in advance.

To register please, request a registration form via to:


tel: 07756912911

Thank you.


Vocal Practice / SINGING

Vocal training: voice placing and warming up exercises; voice stretching. Posture, Breathing. Appogio.

Natural voice placing. Messa di voce. Vocalisation and agility. Classical Arias and Lied.
Monday to Saturday by appointment.


At your venue by appointment or at following venues:

G4 Room, The Old Police Station, 80 Lark Lane , L17 8UU or, at your own residence.

Available slots: Tuesday 2pm, Wednesday 5pm, 5.30pm, 6pm. Saturday beetween 1pm - 5.30pm and by appointment.

Frees: £25/per hour session or £16/per 30 minutes session, £30/per session at your own residence

By appointment, only.


QI GONG for Vitality and Meditation

By appointment.

10 weeks courses.

Wednesday 5.30pm, Saturday 11am @ The Old Police Station, 80 Lark Lane, L17 8UU
Friday 11am and ! from 9th of January 2019: Wednesday 6.30pm @ Health Place, Blackburne House, Blackburne Place, off Hope Street, Liverpool L8 7PE. https://www.blackburnehouse.co.uk/

Course Duration: 10 weeks
Starting Date: 09/01/2019
Finishing date: 13/03/2019
Day of the week and time of class: Wednesday, 6.30 – 7.45pm

To register please, request a registration form via to:


tel: 07756912911

Thank you.

At Blackburne House Health Place venue, women, only.
About Qi GONG: Ancient Chinese practice for health and wellbeing.

WHAT will you practice:

6 to 10 weeks course:

Basic Practice Qi Gong:

Preparatorial practice: self tapping and massage for relaxation / healing of Body and mind;

Main adjustments body and mind,

3 Dan Tien location,

Abdominal Breathing technique, Basic Qi Gong Forms 1 to 8.

3 - 1-2 Qi GONG

The 3-1-2 Qigong exercise is a simple, effective exercise to improve your health.

3 stands for 3 acupuncture points stimulated, 1 is for abdominal breathing technique, 2 is for 2 leg squatting exercise.

The key to qi gong healing is to practice daily

7 weeks course: Walking Qi Gong

and elements from other Qi Gong Influences such as Shaolin Qi Gong Practice and standing meditation, etc.

10 weeks course: Nei Dan/ Nei Gong

3 Adjustments, Ba Gua, Smile down, Microcosmic Orbit...

Daily Qi Gong practice is encouraging self healing and quality meditation via:
breathing techniques, gentle movement and relaxation; stretching, self tapping and self massage, visualisation/ using the mind to move stagnant energy and collect fresh and pure 'chi' / release the stale or negative energy.

Helps calming and releasing negative emotions, depression, fatigue, addictions, illness, post surgery symptoms, blockages, ME..or,

simply to focus inward, relax body and calm the mind.....

To register please, request a registration form via to:


tel: 07756912911

Thank you.

Contact/ Register via:
Send a Text or call: 07756912911
E-mail: enquiries@gallery4allarts.com

Details & updates on:




!!Please, note:

All Gallery4allarts classes: Art, Singing, Qi Gong - Restarted 2018 - 2019

To register and book in advance, please contact: enquiries@gallery4allarts.com and 07756912911

Places limited. Please, give plenty notice in advance to secure your place. Thank you.

More details on www.gallery4allarts.com/courses

Many thanks.



Saturday, 17th of NOVEMBER 2018, 7.00pm, Classical Music Concert


'ARIAS & SONGS' by Candlelight
Italian, Baroque & French Composers: Concert for Soprano voice & classical guitar

Nicole Bartos, Soprano &
Richard Harding, Robin Turvey, guitar

Venue: The Unitarian Church Hall, 57 Ullet Road, Sefton Park, L17 2AA, LIVERPOOL
Tickets on Eventbrite.co.uk and

! Limited number of tickets on the door: £10.00 Concessions: £8.00

Eventbrite URL:

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A stunning treat of classical guitar and radiant bel canto soprano vocals. A classical music concert by candle light in an exquisite architectural setting of a great listed building.
Join in for this soothing and inspirational music voyage guided by Nicole Bartos, Soprano, and Richard Harding, Robin Turvey classical guitar, in a showcase featuring a collection of delightful and inspirational Italian, baroque and French romantic arias and songs, focused around the theme of love, beauty and drama and artistically sung by Bartos, in a unique manner full of expressivity, her bright soprano communicating authentic feelings and singing right from her soul.
Guitar arrangements from composer Richard Harding.

With a programme and repertoire chosen by the singer you will listen to selections from: Handel (arias from Aggrippina, Xerxes, Ottone, Rinaldo), Bellini (Vaga Luna, arietta), Pergolesi (Se tu m’ami) & (Ogni penna piu spietata - (Lo frate ’namorato)), Cesti (Intorno al idol mio – (Orontea)), Gluck (O del mio dolce ardour – (Paride ed Elena)), Giordani, Paisiello, Debussy (Nuit de’etoiles), Bizet (Habanera – (Carmen)), etc.

An event promising to be as soothing as wonderfully entertaining and suitable for all family.
Children must be above 8 years of age. Thank you.

Updates here on www.gallery4allarts.com/exhibitions

Organised by Gallery4allarts



Litherland Summer Art trail 2018 - Independents Liverpool Biennial 2018

View Nicole Bartos' art in Rimrose Valley Park - as part of the Litherland Land Art Trail

The Rimrose Valley Friends Environmental Art Trail has been organised as part of the Independents Biennial, 2018, Liverpool Biennial Fringe,

hosted by Art in Liverpool. "The Environmental Art Trail promotes Rimrose Valley as a valuable community asset, showcasing this beautiful,

green space, encourages participation and utilisation of this natural environment and raises awareness of the potential threat of the proposed

dual carriageway which will destroy this peaceful, tranquil haven." Read article in Liverpool Echo by clicking this link.

more images via exhibitions page


Follow up from our concert 'ARIAS & SONGS' on 1st of September 2018

Here are some images from the concert evening at The Unitarian Church Hall, Liverpool L17.

! We need your images and recordings. Please, send any jpeg or gif images or any recoprded material you might have taken as

a member of audience or musician, to: enquiries@gallery4allarts.com mentioning 'concert follow up..'

It would be all much appreciated. Thank you. Images below are copyrighted to Gallery4allarts 2018.


Saturday, 1st of SEPTEMBER, 7.00pm, Classical Music Concert


Italian, Baroque & French Composers: Concert for Soprano voice & classical guitar

Nicole Bartos, Soprano & Liverpool Guitar Society:
Richard Harding, Robin Turvey

Click image above or click this link to view or download a full size poster jpeg Thanks

Selections for solo soprano voice and classical guitar solo & duet: selected Debussy songs for guitar and voice,
Handel, Caccini, Pergolesi, Cesti, Bellini, Scarlatti, Giordani, Paisiello, Gluck, Persiani, Bach-Gounod.

Other selections: Bizet “Habanera” (Carmen), Camille Saint-Saëns "Softly awakes my heart"(Samson et Dalila);

Venue: The Unitarian Church Hall, 57 Ullet Road, L17 2AA, LIVERPOOL
Tickets on the door: £10.00

Early bird tickets/ Concessions: £8.00: from October the 4th via : 07756912911 or, email: enquiries@gallery4allarts.com

Updates soon on: www.gallery4allarts.com
http://liverpoolguitar.org, http://www.ukunitarians.org.uk/ulletroad/index.htm

! Pianist and harpist needed for 17th November recital. Please, contact 07756912911 or email to enquiries@gallery4allarts.com

Many thanks.



Follow up from our concert 'ARIAS & SONGS' on 30th June 2018

The Old Police Station, Liverpool, L17

Here are some images from the concert evening.

! We need your images and recordings. Please, send any jpeg or gif images or any recoprded material you might have taken as a

member of audience or musician, to: enquiries@gallery4allarts.com mentioning 'concert follow up..'

It would be all much appreciated. Thank you. Images below are copyrighted to Gallery4allarts 2018.


Gallery4allarts Tuition Updates available on:


Please, refer to courses for more details


! Pianist needed for 1st September 2018 concert and preconcert rehearsals

Please, contact number below. Many thanks.

Tel. 07756912911


Saturday, 30th June 2018, 7.00pm, Concert


ARIAS & SONGS - Italian, Baroque, English & French Composers

Concert for Soprano voice, classical guitar and cello

Nicole Bartos, Soprano
Liverpool Guitar Society:
Richard Harding, Classical Guitar
Robin Turvey, Classical guitar
Steve Gaskill (guitar), Rich Anderson (guitar),

& Guests:

Oritsema Ejuoneatse soprano, Carmina Francis (cello) & Christine Rewell (basso continuo)

Debussy selections for guitar quartet, Bizet “Habanera”(Carmen) for voice and cello, Giuseppe Jacchini, ‘Minuet’ from cello Sonata op.3/10:

Adagio, Aria francese, solo cello; Camille Saint-Saëns "Softly awakes my heart" fragment ( Samson et Dalila), cello; Mozart, Verdi, Puccini.
Selections for solo soprano voice and classical guitars: Bach-Gounod “Ave Maria”, Handel (arias from operas: Agrippina, Rinaldo, Alcina,

Xerxes), Caccini, Pergolesi (aria from ‘Lo fra ‘namorato’), Cesti “Intorno al idol mio”, Bellini (Vaga Luna), Giordani, Paisiello, Gluck (aria from

Paride ed Elena), Persiani (“Cari Giorni” aria from opera ‘Ines di Castro”), Dowland songs, Purcell (aria from 'The Indian Queen').

More details here.

Music arrangements for guitar by Richard Harding

Venue: THE OLD POLICE STATION (entry at rear)
80 Lark Lane, L17 8UU, LIVERPOOL. Tel. 0151 728 7884

Tickets £15.00, sold on the door
Limited 'Early bird' tickets / bookings: £10.00. Concessions: £8.00
Tel. 07756912911

Updates soon on: www.gallery4allarts.com
Supported by: http://liverpoolguitar.org
Event organised by Gallery4allarts


21st March - 16th May 2018


Nicole Bartos & Nagachoo


An art exhibition of selected paintings and mixed media from Nicole Bartos (Liverpool) and Nagachoo-San (Chiba, Japan) on the topic of soul, contemplation and dream symbolism. Curator Nicole Bartos.

Venue address: THE QUAKERS MEETING HOUSE, 22 School Lane, Liverpool, L1 3BT

Open for viewing: Monday to Thursday 10am-3pm, Friday to Saturday 10am-4pm

Contact Reception Desk: 0151 7096957

Contact Gallery4allarts:

E-mail: enquiries@ gallery4allarts.com



26th of April 2018

M.I.O. MERSEYSIDE IMPROVISERS Orchestra & composer, Howard Skempton

@ Capstone Theatre, Liverpool

The Merseyside Improvisers Orchestra's list of collaborations continues!
This next one features the composer Howard Skempton. Howard was one of the founders of The Scratch Orchestra and a pivotal figure in English experimental music from the 60s. For this new collaboration, Howard will be playing with the orchestra and premiere a new piece especially commissioned by us for the occasion.
Howard Skempton was born in Chester in 1947, and has worked as a composer, accordionist, and music publisher. He studied in London with Cornelius Cardew from 1967, which helped Skempton to discover a musical language of great simplicity. Since then he has continued to write undeflected by compositional trends, producing a corpus of more than 300 works - many pieces being miniatures for solo piano or accordion. Skempton calls these pieces "the central nervous system" of his work.
Skempton's catalogue of works is also as diverse as it is long, ranging from pieces for solo cello (Six Figures, 1998), and guitar (Five Preludes, 1999), to the Chamber Concerto for fifteen players, the Concerto for Hurdy-Gurdy and Percussion, and Lento, premièred by the BBC Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican in 1991, and performed by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ilan Volkov at the 2010 BBC Proms.


! until further notice 2018


Painting and mixed media solo exhibition at Domino Gallery. Artist: N. Bartos

@ Domino Gallery, 11 Upper Newington Street, Liverpool, L1 2SR

Artist: Nicole Bartos. 2016, 2017

Notes about the artworks and exhibition:

Selected paintings, collages and mixed media and drawings with vibrant chromatic and abstract content depicting dream like flights and wonders into the realm and expressions of energy flow, mind and soul, as well as some captions from nature and city scapes as one walks by.

“An intriguing body of work that captivates the viewer through its reflections into a general analysis of abstract and creative expressions, resuming to vibrations that rise from innermost subconscious and are depicted spontaneously, against curtains of music and sound perceived as colour.
Looking down or up into a crown of highlights from the subconscious meridian, while ‘lifting up’ or ‘discrediting apprehension and abstract ‘quotations’ from the back of the mind, stand out like coruscating fusions and perceptions, the abstract recognitions of spiritual spaces and inner worlds.
Alloys of expressive energies, sometimes almost in a mathematical and geometrical tracing, give birth to strong and lively chromatic compositions and combinations imbued with musical rhythms, voice and poetry.” (Text written and updated by the artist)

Venue address: Domino Gallery,11 Upper Newington, Liverpool L1 2SR

Contact gallery: 07775605326

Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday 12 - 5pm

Contact: enquiries@gallery4allarts.com


View our latest updates on TUITION / Classes offers 2017- 2018:


21st of September - until late January 2018


An exhibition of mixed media, painting and drawings by Nicole Bartos

@ Blackburne House, Blackburne House Caffe, Blackburne Place, off Hope Street, Liverpool, L1

Press Release

On display in the distinct historical Blackburne House, an exhibition of an airy and captivating body of work dealing with abstract, ‘onirique’ (dream) themes awakened by poetry, music and contemplation upon the little moments of ‘passing nostalgia’ of imagination and dreams and, presented under a diversity of media languages such as mixed media, painting and drawings by Nicole Bartos, local artist and curator representing Gallery4allarts, in Liverpool.
Bartos, has lived and created locally since 1998, and has achieved forming and cumulating great lasting friendships within the creative realms of art and art performance, having had the wonderful opportunities of meeting and collaborating with alike folks, creative personas, based in Liverpool, UK and internationally, such as poets, writers, musicians, live art performers.
Distilling an atmosphere of peaceful art contemplation, the artworks imbue the welcoming venue with a touch of spiritually condensed sensitivity and a lightness of focus in ones poetic release.

Organised by Gallery4allarts

Contact: enquiries@gallery4allarts.com

Contact Blackburne House Reception: 0151 7094356 or send a text to: 07756912911







View N.Bartos gallery / View guest artists



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