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January-February-March 2008


“People and Love”
12th April – 3rd May 2008

Venue (residential area):
Ullet Grange,
36 Ullet Road,
L17 3BP

Private View: 12th April 2008 4pm-7pm

Please click here to read press release.

Venue: 1875 Victorian mansion situated at junction of Ullet Road with Aigburth Drive, near Sefton Park Gates monument.

Exhibition organised by Gallery4allarts (http://www.gallery4allarts.com). Curator: Nicole Bartos

Contact: 07756912911
E-mail: nbartos@gmail.com

Submissions for this show until 22 March. Click here for details.

Gallery4allarts - before and after Easter holiday - workshops dates

'Life drawing and sketching' workshops will be available on the following dates.
Wednesday 19th March, 10am-2pm
Wednesday 26th March 10am-2pm
Saturday 29th March 2-4pm
Wednesday 2 April
Saturday 5 April
Wednesday 9th April

Please, also note dates when these workshops are not available.

No workshops will take place on:
Sat. 22 March
Sat. 12 April

“Watercolour and Ink - painting techniques” from 7th and 11th of April.

See link for more details.


@Joe Hill Gallery, KUC
Westhead Avenue, Kirkby

The artists:
Simon Yorke, David Donnelly,
Joe Ankrah, Clifford Sayer,
Stephen Collette, Kuhns Tryptch

Exhibition opens to the public 29th February to 4th April 2008
Open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm – Except Bank Holidays

Simon Yorke
Simon Yorke is a local artist who was born and raised on the Wirral. He studied Fine Art at John Moores University, graduating with a BA( hons) degree in 2005. Simon concentrated on abstract painting whilst studying for his degree. Using pigment, texture and colour on large canvases he portrayed emotions and experiences while travelling South East Asia.
For his Post-Graduate studies Simon attended Central Saint Martins (London), graduating at Westminster in July 2007. He has had a number of exhibitions in the past year, four in London, one in Paris and two locally at the Crown Plaza and the Albert Dock. For his Post-Graduate studies Simon concentrated on large mono-chromatic portraits of the homeless, working with a number of charities to raise awareness of homelessness.

Capitalists of Culture Ltd
9 Sandy Road
Seaforth Village
L21 3TN


Saturday 29 March 2008, Liverpool


An Off-Site Project as a response to the work TRUTH SERUM in sk-interfaces,

Commissioned by The Arts Catalyst

This is a call to join the Office of Experiments (set up by the artist Neal White) in an artwork that is also a cultural experiment in consensual self-experimentation. The project seeks to highlight the case of artists such as Steve Kurtz and Critical Art Ensemble, and their persecution in the USA, which marks an ever-increasing creep of the security state into the nervous system of culture.

The experiment will involve individuals coming to a central Liverpool location (to be disclosed just prior to the experiment) and taking part in a short psychological experiment based on substantiating TRUTH lasting around 10 minutes. The whole experience should take no longer than 30 minutes in total and participants can choose to opt out at any time. Enquirers will be given more information about the experiment prior to confirming their participation.

The first experiment will be conducted in Liverpool on Sat 29 March 2008. If you would like to participate or get more information about the experiment, please email randy@o-o-e.org or via The Arts Catalyst's website www.artscatalyst.org

Thursday 3 April 2008

FREE Collector’s Event

@bluecoat display centre two
Thursday 3 April 2008 from 2.30 -3.30pm.

Four short presentations to assist with the appreciation of
collecting contemporary handmade glass.

Speakers will include:
Karl Harron, Irish glass artist
Amanda Notarianni, North West based glass artist
Teleri Lloyd-Jones, Editiorial Assistant Crafts magazine
Peter Woods, Collector & Merseyside Representative for the Art Fund

To reserve your free place, please contact us via the email addresses
or telephone number given below.

bluecoat display centre two
54 hanover street
liverpool L1 4AF
Tel : 0151 7091555






Exhibition runs 14th march - 30th march

45 mersey view,waterloo, l22 6qa 0151 931 1100



New Art Workshops - Leisure classes

Gallery4allarts offers a series of art workshops in 2008. All levels welcome.Booking in advance.

Contact: 07756912911 or nbartos@gmail.com


Gallery4allarts - Calls for entries and guest artists' submissions 2008

Dates extended until 1 April 2008

Artists are welcome to submit artworks as guests of the gallery and also, for future exhibitions in response to the following themes:
People and Love - All forms of 2D and 3D art welcome.
Liverpool’s parks, gardens and wild life - All forms of 2D and 3D art welcome.
Abstract painting
Miniature painting
Decorative Art an Craft
Meditation and Peace - All forms of 2D and 3D art welcome.

Entries are welcome particularly for ‘People and Loveexhibition.

All work submissions by the 1st of April please, by post (CD), email:

submissions_43@gallery4allarts.com or by appointment( call 07756912911), arranging to drop in with the work at the venue listed bellow.

There willl be a selection and also a prize winner for each theme/show in part (£50) and the entrants will be noticed of the final results by email/post. Please, note that there is a entry fee/artist: £15/artist.

Venue :
Ullet Grange, 36 Ullet Road, Liverpool, L17 3BP.

More details and updates, on:


Please note: the closest confirmed exhibition is "People and Love" which will open on 12th of April 2008,

at the: Ullet Grange, 36 Ullet Road, Liverpool, L17 3BP.

Read press release.


Fanchon Frohlich - Retrospective Exhibition - until 3rd May 2008

@ Ullet Grange, 36 Ullet Road, Liverpool

Read 'Press release'. Please, click here to read printable version.

Read "Neural Supernovae" by Jeremy Reed (about Fanchon Frohlich):

See Fanchon Frohlich retrospective exhibition photo album with some selections from the opening and exhibition. See exhibition details below by browsing down the page; More images will follow soon.

"Neural Supernovae"

"Fanchon Fröhlich’s paintings are essentially neural, in that their explosive delivery of colour maps out work that takes its direction from inner landscapes given the form of abstract configuration. With a background in linguistic philosophy and science, Fanchon began painting at the Liverpool College of Art, largely as a figurative artist, before her seminal involvement with the etcher S.W. Hayter’s Atelier 17 in Paris, an experience that radically challenged her formative experiments with figurative painting, and transformed her into the liberated proponent of abstract expressionism who we know today. Only a small number of Fanchon’s early works have survived, but amongst them is the achingly sensitive portrait of her late husband, the physicist, Herbert Frohlich, shown here, as a superb example of her ability to bring the complex inner thinker to light, so that we the viewer are confronted directly with the man’s characteristic preoccupation with thought processes, as his means of connecting with the quantum universe by way of physics.
Part of Fanchon’s greatness lies in her ability to continually reinvent herself as an artist. Her writings on philosophy, science and art, her immense European culture, that also takes in the work of the American abstract expressionists, as well as the Japanese influences on her art, initiated by a period of work with Goto San in Kyoto, have all combined over the years, to the continuous and lively remaking of her art as the dominant expression of a life committed to imaginative creativity.
In 1991, Fanchon always in search of the new founded the Collective Phenomena, an art movement characterised by having several painters working abstractly together on a surface that takes its force from concentrated spontaneity within the participants, the activity often being performed live to the accompaniment of Lawrence Ball’s extempore piano music. The work of the Collective Phenomena, beautiful, disturbing, powerfully conflicting and neurologically menacing, is integral to the provocatively challenging retrospective of an artist at last coming up for serious consideration as a major painter.
Fanchon’s connections to Liverpool too, as the concealed city buried in the subtext to her art, forms another important aspect of her creative growth as an artist, right from her early years of studying at the Liverpool College of Art, to assimilating the city’s indigenous culture into the textural density of her work as place, no matter how abstractly overwritten. Her work, always celebratory in tone and driving in energy, is the unstoppable example of an artist working with courage at the edge, and one who is prepared to accept all experience as subject matter for art, and to compound the risks proposed by pioneering into adventurous experimentation. I would point for example to the painting Visual Music V11 Lyrical Moon, a collaboration between Fanchon and Sylvie Le Seac’h, as a superb instance of the collective method, in which intense colour mixed with acute sensory experience, come together as the fusion of energies instrumental to creating a spontaneous work of visionary intensity. But for all Fanchon’s education in philosophic and scientific disciplines, the work is never prohibitively cerebral, but always moves seamlessly from mental conception to imaginative expression without trace of interruption.
Almost entirely conceived in Liverpool, in a studio with aerospace-silver walls, high up in her old 19th century house on Greenheys Road, Fanchon Fröhlich who works in a light peculiar to her adopted city, has produced a highly original body of work, edgy, impacting, colourful, energised, and totally, unapologetically the real thing."

Jeremy Reed


March 2nd ("Mother's day") and

March 8/9th - 39Art Weekend ("Thank You Art Weekend")!

See details for Gallery4allarts's great discount offers in March: March 2nd- Mother's Day and 8/9th March-39ART Weekend -"Thank you weekend".

On every 2nd of March for Mother's Day, Gallery4allarts is offering customers 20% discounts when buying any of the artwork available for sale on the website and also, offers Vouchers in value of £5 for those willing to book in and participate to available art workshops during 8th and 17th of March (see workshops details on: http://www.gallery4allarts.com/workshops.htm), or simply to be spent when purchasing other art goods.

The Vouchers are offered for every sale of art goods over £40.

March 8/9th - 39Art Weekend ("Thank You Art Weekend")

Gallery4allarts offers on 8/9 March weekend the followings:

• Discounts of 15%
• Vouchers in value of £5

Discounts of 15% are offered when purchasing any of the artwork available for sale (please, see gallery website: Nicole Bartos, guest artists’ portfolios and Fanchon Frohlich retrospective exhibition at the Grange)
Vouchers in value of £5 are offered only when purchasing art goods over £40. Vouchers may be spent on any available art workshops organised by the gallery, during 8th and 17th of March (see workshops details on: http://www.gallery4allarts.com/workshops.htm), or to be further spent when purchasing more art goods from Gallery4allarts.

Read more about 39ART Day in 2007.

Background information for 39artday from artinliverpool.com:

39 Art Day (www.39art.com) was initiated by a Japanese artist Yoshiaki Kaihatsu
( www.yoshiakikaihatsu.com )
in 2000 to foster the appreciation of contemporary art in Japan, the country where support for contemporary art is still weak at best, if not altogether absent.

In Japanese, "thank you" rhymes with 3/9 (san-kyuu), because there is no "th"
sound in Japanese and the Japanese people tend to pronounce "th" as "s." Thus,
the Day of 39 Art on March 9.

A number of art galleries/spaces, as well as individual artists and Internet-based
entities in Japan, offered special tie-in programs on March 9 (or the week of March 9).
Recent years, it has been spread out worldwide. This year, participants outside Japan
include galleries in Germany, US, Hong Kong and Netherlands. Liverpool is the first
UK city to participate.

Have a think what you can do on 39 Art Weekend 2008 and contact us!

For further queries and participation, please email: info@artinliverpool.com
Full details on 39 Art Day: Official website www.39art.com


Sarkin & McHugh

Exhibition: 27/02/08 – 25/03/08
Two artists with an extremely rare condition called Sudden Artistic Output, Jon Sarkin (Boston, USA) and Tommy McHugh (Liverpool, UK) will meet for the first time to talk and work on their art together.
Both artists had a stroke a number of years ago and have since developed a compulsion to write, paint and sculpt. They have become prolific, full time artists with exceptional talent.
There are only a handful of other cases in the world of artistic output following sudden onset brain damage, and medical science is yet to fully understand the condition.
Tommy McHugh was born in Liverpool. He worked as a builder, and had a history of violence and drug abuse and had served time in prison. Since suffering a stroke in 2001, Tommy has felt a need to create, and has experimented with painting, drawing, writing and sculpting, dealing with themes relating to his 'split-mind', which Tommy states has changed his personality.
American chiropractor, Jon Sarkin, sustained frontal lobe damage in 1988 and found that his primary impulse was to create. He went on to become a successful artist, with hundreds of drawings and numerous shows; there has been intense press interest in him and his work, and a film production company bought the rights to his life story in 1997.
Granada Productions will be filming the exhibition as part of a forthcoming documentary series for Five, charting some of the rare and unusual effects of brain injury.
Erwina A.Ghafar, Director Art & Design for the Contemporary Urban Centre - North West, says,
“ We are delighted and very honoured to be working together with Granada and two brilliant artists, Jon and Tommy. Giving out support to these artists reflects our ethos in working with and showcasing the work of people traditionally excluded from arts and cultural activity, and allows us to communicate the real issues of those struggling with or overcoming complex social issues. “

Contemporary Urban Centre North-West,
41-51 Greenland Street
Liverpool L1 0BS

tel: 0151 7066900


John Minnion and "Pool of Life" - book launch and exhibition

v Please, click image to magnify


23rd March - 20th April 2008


@ The Kitchen Gallery, Norton Priory Museum & Gardens, Runcorn

Private View Sunday 23rd March 1.30-4.
Exhibition continues to 20th April.
Opening times: Fri-Sun 1.30-4.30 and by appointment.
Paint is fascinating and flexible stuff.
The work on show displays the plurality of ideas and practices among the
regions artists. They utilise the medium in diverse ways; whether
“ figurative” or “abstract”, “naive” or “conceptual”, each artist
approaches their subject with diligent attention to their particular
process. Featuring Elaine Fox, Jane Hughes, Stanislaw Krakiewicz, Treena
Markland, Sue Millburn and Geoff Molyneux.

Entry fee to Gardens Adults £4.95, Children/concs. £3.25/ under 5s free.
For FREE Entrance please RSVP to the contact details and get your name
on the guest list (normal Norton Priory entrance fees will apply otherwise).
Visit the website for further details and directions to the Gallery.

The Kitchen Gallery
Norton Priory Museum & Gardens
Tel: 01928 577 487/ 0151 733 5986/ 0772 987 3001


Friday 22 February

The Capital of Comedy

from 7.15pm at The Slaughterhouse - Fenwick Street, Liverpool


'Spectacular'- Midlands Arts Centre

'Consistently entertaining: biting banter and quirky observations' -Metro presents

CHRIS CAIRNS - Liverpool's Comedian of the Year

" Liverpool's very own Big Yin" - Liverpool Echo

"The only act that got consistent belly laughs" - Liverpool Daily Post (from a bill which included Jo Brand and Julian Clary)


" The Boss" Chris Evans

"A Comedy King" Roland Riveron

With guest spot.

Doors open at 7.15pm - tickets £10.

See www.thecapitalofcomedy.com or call 08444 77 1000 for tickets.


Thursday February 28

6.00pm – 8.00pm
Sunday March 9
2.00pm – 5.00pm
Exhibition runs February 29 to April 10 2008

Contemporary Urban Centre North-West,
41-51 Greenland Street
Liverpool L1 0BS


Curated by Tomas Harold.

Organised by artinliverpool.com


7th March - 5th May 2008

Hawkins &Co

Preview: Thurday 6th March 2008, 7-10pm

15 contemporary artists and one 16th century sailor -

Exploring new visions of the African-Caribbean diaspora in the wake of Sir John Hawkins, Britain's first slave traider; Curated by Kimathi Donkor for Novas Arts.

Open Tue-Sun 11am-6pm. Free entry.

Contemporary Urban Centre North-West,
41-51 Greenland Street
Liverpool L1 0BS

tel: 0151 7066900


9th of February - 3 May 2008

'Fanchon Fröhlich – retrospective exhibition'

Paintings, etchings, drawings, philosophical writings and 'Creative Phenomena'

@The Grange, 36 Ullet Road, Liverpool, L17

Gallery4allarts opens new major exhibition to celebrate Liverpool's Capital of Culture year:

Private view: 9th February, 4.00-8.30pm accompanied by live music from 'FRAKTURE'

Curator: Nicole Bartos

Venue: The Grange, 36 Ullet Road, Liverpool L17 3BP

Open: Monday to Saturday from 2pm - 6pm or by appointment.
Contact: nbartos@gmail.com or telephone: 07756912911
Read more on following link: http://www.gallery4allarts.com/exhibitions.htm

Many thanks to: The Grange, Jeremy Reed, Frakture, artinliverpool.com

Read Jeremy Reed's "Neural Supernovae" about Fanchon Fröhlich

Read review written by the artinliverpool.com:

"Fanchon Frohlich at the Grange

An excellent retrospective of 5 decades of work by Fanchon Frohlich opened at The Grange, Ullet Road on Saturday. Fanchon was there of course, looking as elegant and arty as ever. Music by Frakture with whom she collaborated at Cornerstone last year and the gallery proprietor and curator Nicole Bartos read a lovely statement about the artist written by the poet, Jeremy Reed.
As well as several abstract paintings there are charcoal drawings, etchings, masses of sketch books, philosophical writings and my own favourite piece, I think, is her portrait of her late husband Herbert who for many years was Professor of Theoretical Physics at Liverpool University.
The following text is from her website...
Fanchon Fröhlich (nee Angst) was a philosophy student at the University of Chicago, where she worked with Rudolf Carnap (formerly of Vienna, and the founder of the Vienna Circle) and Oxford where she studied with Sir Prof. Peter Strawson, doing a doctorate in Primary and Secondary Qualities.
She studied at Liverpool College of Art, then moved to St Ives to work with Peter Lanyon. Later she travelled to Paris where she worked with the sculptor Szabo and finally studied at Stanley William Hayter’s etching atelier, Atelier 17, all of the time preserving her faith in Abstract Expressionism.
Fanchon’s artwork unites philosophy of science and art, evident for instance in the ‘Position of Light in Art’ and the ‘Paradoxes of Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art’ to the book she co-edited with Sylvie Le Seac'h (who was also a pupil of Hayter): ‘S.W. Hayter Research on Experimental Drawing: Systems of Oscillating Fields‘.
Fanchon has produced both representational paintings - among which is the portrait of her husband to be displayed in the Royal Society (for Scientists) in London - and abstract expressionist paintings, etchings, and more recently ‘Collective Phenomena’.
’ Collective Phenomena’ is the name for a group of abstract artists painting collectively on the same surface, using the gestures of one then another as inspiration and results (in some cases) to a unusual counterpoint.
Viewing 2-6pm, Monday to Saturday or by appointment. Exhibition runs until April 12. 2008.
http://www.gallery4allarts.com/exhibitions.htm" (artinliverpool.com)

Photographs above copyrighted to Nicole Bartos and Minako Jackson

See Fanchon Frohlich photo album with some selections from the opening and exhibiton. More images will follow soon.

Read more about the artist, her artworks and writings on the following link and websites:




4th - 7th March

Red Dot Visual Arts Festival

@ Liverpool Centre for Arts Development

The first-ever festival by the Liverpool-based artist collective Red Dot will comprise workshops and debates.
Subjects to be covered include:
• Urban and industrial landscape and photography (workshop run by photographer John Davies);
• The Liverpool art scene post 08 (debate chaired by Rachael Boaden from Splinter Design);
• Arranging and managing an art exhibition (workshop run by Jane Fairhurst from OK Studios);
• Introduction to digital photography (workshop run by Sue Milburn from Calumet Photography and Louise Spellacy, photography tutor from Liverpool Community College);
• The role of community arts in Liverpool; (debate chaired by Alex Corrina from Slaughterhouse Gallery);
• Art funding (for artists and art organisation) (workshop - leader to be finalised);
• Art and the web (debate chaired by Open Eye Gallery founder and photographer Peter Hagerty);
• Disability Arts. (debate chaired by Alison Jones from NWDAF - North West Disability Arts Forum).
• Tue 4th March, 10am – 12.30pm Introduction to digital photography
• Tue 4th March, 2pm – 4.30pm Urban & Industrial photography
• Wed 5th March, 10am – 12.30pm Art funding
• Wed 5th March, 2pm – 4.30pm Role of community arts in Liverpool
• Thur 6th March, 10am - 12.30pm Arranging/managing an art exhibition
• Thur 6th March, 2pm – 4.30pm Liverpool art scene post 08
• Fri 7th March, 10am – 12.30pm Disability Arts
• Fri 7th March, 2pm – 4.30pm Art and the Web
For further information about the timetable of events or to book a place to attend a workshop or debate, contact festival organiser Colin Serjent email: colinserjent@hotmail.com mob: 077 5952 5075.
The festival will run from 4th - 7th March and will be held each day between 10am - 5pm.
Workshops and debates will be FREE to attend.
The venue is the Liverpool Centre for Arts Development (LCAD) - LCAD is located at 2a Franceys Street (off Brownlow Hill) in Liverpool city centre. The building has disability access.
Red Dot website: www.red-dotexhibitions.co.uk


The Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth, Yorkshire is home to a
flourishing contemporary arts programme and has featured projects with
major artists and writers in recent years.

We want to run a series of arts events, involving the public, during the
summer season. We are looking for artists to create new responses to the
Parsonage and its surroundings, which will enable visitors to experience
the site in new ways.

The project will involve one or two days on site per artist and there is
a fee available.

Please send a CV and a brief proposal or idea to:

The deadline is Monday 18th February.

For background information about the Bronte Parsonage Museum and our
events visit:



Xia Lu and Chinese artists exhibition - celebrating Chinese New Year

@Eggspace Gallery, Liverpool, Egg Caffe, Newington Street

Xia Lu and leading Chinese artists' exhibition - celebrating Chinese New Year.Year of the Rat.

Exhibition opened 7th February.


Stephen Collett - Paintings

@Almiro Gallery

After an acclaimed show in New York,

Stephen will be starting his year of

International exhibitions at Almiro Gallery.

Friday 15th February, 6pm-9pm

Exhibition runs 16th February- 2nd March 2008

Tel. 0151 931 1100 Website. www.almirogallery.com

45 Mersey View

Waterloo, L 22 6QA


9th February- 22nd March 2008

'In Celebration of Trees'

@Lark Lane Atelier, 33 Lark Lane, Sefton Park, Aighburth, Liverpool, L17

Private View: Saturday 9th February 5-8pm

Open Thurday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday weekly from 2-6pm until 22 March 2008.

Tel: 0151 727 5355 or 07989432537


21 January - 27 January 2008

Sola Arts group exhibition:

' Never Again: a genocide experience'

@ The International Gallery, 34a Slater Street, Liverpool

Open 10am-6pm.


Friday 18th January

Zap Graffiti Arts

@Almiro Gallery, Waterloo

To launch Liverpool's Capital of Culture Year we have decided to host our first non-commercial show. All the work has been created by KE and CASM of Zap Graffiti Art. This show is an exciting blend of two different forms of graffiti art and 3D installations. We hope you can join us for the VIP opening on Friday 18th January between 6pm-9pm.

Both artists will be unveiling their newest pieces along with music provided by DJ Rasp. PLUS Enter our monthly raffle for the chance to WIN ARTWORK OF YOUR CHOICE!

A Message From Zap Graffiti Arts
A celebration of highly advanced ultramagnetic battle ready graffiti letterforms streamlined, hardened and mutated by the hostile climate. Join internationally renowned graffiti artists KE and CASM for the big push off. The intergalactic attack commences with super mean Shock and Awe bombardment. Huge graffiti pieces including installation video & sound. A complete sensory assault.

Join the war effort. Allies for the heave ho include live music from the wheels of steel General DJ Rasp, Ming the Mathmatics and breakdancing from the Electro Beatdroids.

Exhibition runs from 19th January until 8th February
Go to www.almirogallery.com for details or call: 0151 691 0081
Almiro Gallery, 45 Mersey View, Waterloo, Liverpool L22 6QA
(corner of Mersey View and Holden Road, Next to the Barbacoa.)


Chapel Gallery - Call for Entries (extended deadline)

Artists (any media) invited to submit work to be considered for inclusion in Liverpool linked exhibition at the Chapel Gallery, Lancashire during Spring/Summer 2008.
Artists whose work relates directly to the distinctive landscape of the city, both physical and cultural, are encouraged to contact the Gallery with C.V., Artists Statement and around 6 images (print, slides or hi-res jpg's/tif's).
We are particularly keen to hear from artists producing 3D, multimedia, print and print graphic artworks.
The deadline for submissions is: 01 February 2008.
Submissions can be posted to: Ruth Owen, Gallery Officer, Chapel Gallery, St. Helens Road, Ormskirk, Lancashire L39 4QR or Emailed: ruth.owen@westlancsdc.gov.uk


from Thursday 17th of January 2008

An exhibition of work by Susan and David Brown
@Gostins Gallery, Liverpool

Opening Thursday 17th of January, 6pm – 9pm

Gostins Gallery,
Gostins Arcade,
Gostins Building,
Hanover Street.

17 January - 9 February 2008

TOM PALIN - 'A Room with a View 2'

@ View Two Gallery, Mathew Street

Viewing - Wednesday January 16. 2008, 18.00 - 21.00

Born in Birkenhead in 1974, Tom Palin studied Fine Art at LJMU and recently completed an MA in Art History at the University of Manchester.

He has exhibited widely, including a solo show at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park entitled Pride of Place: A Painter’s Perspective and undertaken residencies in Dublin, Munich and Prague. He has won awards including The Hunting Arts Prizes - Young Artist of the Year Award and Gilchrist - Fisher Memorial Award for Landscape Painters. He lives and works in Merseyside.

For this exhibition, Tom presents an intimate body of paintings which have evolved since his previous exhibition, A Room with a View, at The Atkinson Gallery, Southport.

“Almost magically, the very stuff of paint (in this or that juxtaposition) can compel sensation or contemplation, allowing the onlooker an escape from the immobilising limitation of the present to a place outside. A painting is no more or less than a room with a view where visibility can become clear only in the act of feeling.” TP

Also on the night View Two will be launching its catalogue for 2008.

Come down and be the first to pick up a copy and see our exciting programme.



11th January - 22nd February 2008

@The Peoples Centre Gallery, 50/54 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, L3 5SD

Opening a new show of 2008 on Friday 11th January 2008 – 4pm to 6pm
Clifford Sayer, John Jennings, Dave Donnelly

The show will run from 11th January to 22nd February 2008.
Open Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm – Except Bank Holidays

Capitalists of Culture Ltd
9 Sandy Road
Seaforth Village
L21 3TN


Chapel Gallery - Call for Entries (extended deadline)
Artists (any media) invited to submit work to be considered for inclusion in Liverpool linked exhibition at the Chapel Gallery, Lancashire during Spring/Summer 2008.
Artists whose work relates directly to the distinctive landscape of the city, both physical and cultural, are encouraged to contact the Gallery with C.V., Artists Statement and around 6 images (print, slides or hi-res jpg's/tif's).
We are particularly keen to hear from artists producing 3D, multimedia, print and print graphic artworks.
The deadline for submissions is: 01 February 2008.
Submissions can be posted to: Ruth Owen, Gallery Officer, Chapel Gallery,
St. Helens Road, Ormskirk, Lancashire L39 4QR or Emailed: ruth.owen@westlancsdc.gov.uk


John Minnion - talks and presentations

15th and 24th Jan 2008

Thursday 24th January 2008 : 6.30 – 8.30pm

There is another event in the following week at Liverpool Central Library:

A Liverpool Commemoration through Arts and Literature
@The Picton Reading Room, Liverpool Central
Library, William Brown Street

A memorial event including an illustrated talk, literary readings, musical performances and dramatic interpretations
Event compere: Professor Julian Verbov

Guest speaker: John Minnion author of "Hitler’s List"
To order a ticket for this fee event contact:John Keane on 0151 233 5833 or

email to: john.keane@liverpool.gov.uk
Limited parking is available in William Brown
Street with NCP parking nearby in Old Haymarket
Admission by ticket only

Refreshments; Dress code: smart


“ Life Drawing and Sketching ” and new art workshops
Only Wednesdays and Saturdays at The Grange, 36 Ullet Road, L17 3BP (at the corner, by Sefton Park gates monument ;junction of Ullet Road with Aigburth Drive)

Wednesday: 10-12am, 2-4pm or 6-8pm; Saturday 2-4pm
To find out more new workshops please, browse the workshops page on the gallery4allarts.com website.

Contact Nicole on: 7756912911 or email to: nbartos@gmail.com

Please, click hear to view /read workshops page. All welcome


Qi Gong workshops - Tuesday and Thurdays

6.30pm -7.30pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Qi Gong sessions for all. Sessions led by Nicole Bartos (taught by Xia Lu (Qi Gong and Thai Qi Master; based in Liverpool) and Rita Flanagan.)

Qi Gong = 'ancient oriental exercise focussing on breathing and gentle exercise.'/ 'gentle flowing movements'


for Tuesday session: The Calm Room, The Calm Centre Collective, c/o The Old Police Station, 80 Lark Lane,

Liverpool L17 and

for Thursday session: The Grange, 36 Ullet Road, Liverpool L17 3BP (this session is organised through Gallery4allarts)

Contact: Nicole on 07756912911 or email mentioning "Qi Gong": nbartos@gmail.com

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"Qi gong is also known as Chi Kung, or Kiko in Japanese. Qi gong is the ancient Chinese art of energy training or practice. "Qi" (Chi) means energy and "gong" (Kung) means work or practice. In China it is used in traditional hospitals and clinics to treat a wide range of conditions from arthritis to cancer. Millions also do qi gong exercises to boost vitality, to insure against disease or to fight chronic conditions. Its energy methods are also an integral part of Tai Chi, many martial disciplines, as well as Taoist and Buddhist practices. In the West qi gong has only recently become known (over the last 20 years), but it may be the oldest of all the Chinese healing arts with roots tracing back over thousands of years. Other Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) members include acupuncture, T'un-na (a predecessor to Japanese Shiatsu) and herbal medicine." (extract from: "Qi gong: An Introduction" by Christopher Caile. Read more on: http://www.fightingarts.com/reading/article.php?id=21)





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